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Survey confirms brand health

Edition 182 word cloud web

Brand Tasmania's second annual Brand Health Survey confirms that the State's brand is in good shape.

6 April 2017, Edition 182

Ginger brewery moves to Burnie

Strong demand has encouraged Henry’s Ginger Beer to upgrade from a shed in Penguin to a disused but spacious carpentry workshop at the old Burnie paper mill. Owners Carolyn and Marc Watson-Paul launched the business in 2013 in the kitchen of their Penguin home. "We took it out to a three-day event at Sheffield,” Ms Watson-Paul told The Advocate. “We only had a couple of hundred bottles, which we thought was a lot, and I think they lasted about two hours.” Since then, rapid expansion has driven a constant search for more space, culminating in the move to Burnie. “It’s a cool-looking building, with the industrial aesthetics and the history of the place as well,” Mr Watson-Paul said. “Once we’re up and production is at full capacity, we want to go to the next level and hopefully open a cellar door by next tourist season. We’d like to get it a bit closer to being able to meet demand, being able to produce enough to have it all over the State for the people who want to have it in their cafes and restaurants.” Henry’s is sold on the Spirit of Tasmania, but there are no plans for interstate expansion.

6 April 2017, Edition 182

Hill Farm clinches Korean deal

Tasmanian mustards will soon be gracing the shelves of premium patisseries in Seoul following confirmation of an order from a large South Korean company for Hill Farm Preserves' products. An initial shipment of Seeded Mountain Pepper Mustard and Pub Mustard from the Sisters Creek kitchen will be retailed in more than 20 Paris Croissant outlets. Hill Farm owner, Karin Luttmer, was among business delegates on the recent Tasmanian Government Trade Mission to East Asia. She said: "Meeting face to face after negotiating the business deal via email and phone was crucial to consolidating the relationship. [Paris Croissant] scouts had discovered our premium products in Japan where the brand has been on high-end department store shelves, in restaurants and in luxury hotels for over 15 years. What Japan has, other countries want.”

6 April 2017, Edition 182

Of witchetty grubs and giant pumpkins

Edition 182_Shane Newitt

Witchetty grubs and giant pumpkins were on the agenda as Food and Wine Writer, Graeme Phillips, visited two distinctive autumn rural festivals in southern Tasmania.

4 April 2017, Edition 182

Dairy industry lauds our brand

Edition 181_Kim Seagram  the Tasmanian brand has never been stronger

The Tasmanian brand is more significant for dairy producers than regional or company brands and should be used more widely, a Legislative Council inquiry has been told.


9 March 2017, Edition 181

Super stars join chef series

Edition 181_Alain Passard ... three Michelin stars for 20 consecutive years

Some of the world's best-credentialed chefs will cook in Tasmania when TasTAFE Drysdale resumes its The Great Chefs Series in 2017.

9 March 2017, Edition 181

Juicy Isle squeezes extra jobs

Juicy Isle has generated 15 new jobs (five direct and 10 indirect) in a $3 million upgrade of its beverage plant at Cambridge. The company employs more than 100 staff and produces more than 180 beverages. The project was supported with $1.25 million from the Federal Government's Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Package. The main power supply and bottling line in the factory were upgraded, opening the way for an 11 million litre a year increase in production. Managing Director, Michael Cooper, said: "This will allow Juicy Isle to take its well-known brands, including Hartz, Juicy island, Earth Juice and Good Apple, to new markets interstate and overseas."

9 March 2017, Edition 181

Canberra backs ferment centre

Fermentasmania has received $50,000 in Federal funding for its planned world-class fermentation centre in northern Tasmania. The funds will be used to develop a business case and scoping study  “Tasmania is increasingly becoming known as a destination for fine dining experiences, with growing renown for our fermentation products, including boutique beer, whisky, ciders and cheeses,” Tasmanian Senator David Bushby said. “This is a growing sector within the economy, with fantastic opportunity for grassroots economic benefit.” Fermentasmania was established in 2015 to promote the State's many fermented products.

9 March 2017, Edition 181

Wallaby kebabs wow Sydney foodies

Tasmanian wallaby has been voted the number one dish at the Taste of Sydney. Skewers of wallaby eye fillet marinated and cooked over charcoal and served with a spiced cashew sauce wowed the judges at the Centennial Park event in early March. John Kelly of Lenah Games Meats in Launceston, said: “Bouche on Bridge came and inspected our production system last year looking for something really special for the Taste. After several trials and discussions they settled on our eye fillets and are using them in kebabs, something we’ve done ourselves often at both Festivale and the Taste of Tasmania. Sydney always has been a bit behind Tasmania in culinary terms, so it is rather nice to see them catching up a bit.” Lenah supplies wallaby to restaurants and retail outlets as far afield as Cairns. Home consumption is soaring too, with Tasmanians now eating more wallaby than duck or any other "alternative" meat.

9 March 2017, Edition 181

Tassie maintains cheese supremacy

Edition 181_Ueli Berger

For the fourth year running and the ninth time this century, a Heidi Farm cheese produced at Lion's Heritage Cheese operation in Burnie has been declared Grand Champion Cheese at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

8 March 2017, Edition 181

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19 April 2017, Edition 182

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