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Antarctic and Southern Ocean stories

The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Antarctic & Southern Ocean sector:

Antarctic footprint

How big is the human 'footprint’ on one of our last frontiers, Antarctica? Thanks to Tasmanian scientists, we now know the answer – 93,000 km2. That’s the ‘visual footprint’ on the icy continent, in other words, the area from which human activity can be seen. 

26 May 2019, Edition 205

Tassie shines in Japan

Premier Will Hodgman has returned from his trade mission to Japan calling it “an important opportunity to showcase the best of our state and support Tasmanian businesses in this key export market". 

19 March 2019, Edition 203

Antarctic flights take off

Want to take a sightseeing flight over Antarctica? Well, very soon you will be able to do that from Hobart airport. 

14 October 2018, Edition 199

Hobart’s Antarctic vision

Edition 196_EmpPenguins

As Hobart excitedly prepares for the second Antarctic Festival, a recent Senate Inquiry unveiled a bold vision for the city as the gateway to the frozen continent.


11 July 2018, Edition 196

New Antarctic runway

The Federal Government has announced the location of a new Antarctic runway to provide year-round access to the frozen continent. Serviced by a permanent air-link from Hobart airport, this would further position Tasmania as an Antarctic hub. 

12 June 2018, Edition 195

‘Memorable’ farewell for Aurora Australis

Hobart’s Antarctic Festival in August will be especially ‘memorable’ as it will also be the final farewell for icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis. The distinct red ship has been a popular sight on Hobart’s waterfront for years.

12 June 2018, Edition 195

Polar adventurer home in Hobart

Edition 194_OlivierHawkins

Hobart is gateway to the Antarctic and home to a passionate group of polar experts. Among their ranks the intrepid Dr Frederique Olivier – adventurer, scientist and documentary film-maker.

8 May 2018, Edition 194

Navy ship bid

The Bay of Fires is already a tourist drawcard with its stunning beaches and orange lichen-covered boulders. But it is hoped this East Coast destination could soon have a new attraction – under the water. 

3 May 2018, Edition 194

Hobart hosts international scientists

Hobart further cemented its role as the Antarctic gateway, as scientists from across the globe gathered to take the ‘temperature’ – or geothermal heat flow – of the icy continent. Accurate ‘temperatures’ are needed to understand how the Antarctic Ice Sheet contributes to rising sea levels.

11 April 2018, Edition 193

Icebreaker namers win trip

Six students at Hobart’s St Virgil’s College are heading for Antarctica after winning a competition to name Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker. The Hobartians worked with six youngsters from Secret Harbour Primary in Perth, WA, to suggest the winning name RSV Nuyina (noy-yee-nah). 

6 November 2017, Edition 189

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