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Antarctic and Southern Ocean stories

The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Antarctic & Southern Ocean sector:

Chimu tour to Antarctic Festival

Edition_174_Aurora Australis

Tourism business Chimu Adventures is offering a four-day tour from Sydney to coincide with Tasmania’s first Antarctic Festival.

2 August 2016, Edition 174

Canberra invests in Antarctic gateway

Edition 171_ Aurora Australis ... into retirement at a cost of $1 billion.

The Australian Government is to spend $255 million on its Antarctic programs over the next decade and will fund a National Climate Research Centre in Hobart.

3 May 2016, Edition 171

Brain storming for Antarctica

Antarctic guru Denzil Miller will spend 11 days this month brain storming on the future of the icy continent while cruising from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the Antarctic Peninsula with a hand-picked party of his peers from many nations. Dr Miller, who heads up Antarctic Tasmania in Hobart and served for many years as Director of the Commission for the Conservation of Marine Antarctic Resources, was thrilled to be invited to join what amounted to a world summit. “There are issues that need to be confronted on the future of the Antarctic Treaty and the people booked on the Akademik Ioffe have a formidable array of skill and experience for this task,” Dr Miller said. “As well as looking to the future, we will enjoy the present with opportunities for land visits to the peninsula as well as Curverville, Petermann and South Shetland islands. I thought I had made my last visit to Antarctica and I’m delighted to have been given an opportunity like this.”

1 March 2016, Tasmania’s Stories Edition 169

Antarctic blast strands icebreaker

Hobart-based icebreaker Aurora Australis was driven on to rocks near Mawson Station while on a mission in February to resupply the Antarctic outpost. The Australian Antarctic Division said the ship had broken free of its mooring lines during a fierce blizzard on 24 February. The 67 expeditioners and crew escaped injury, but the ship’s hull was damaged on the rocky shore. The ship was refloated two days after the incident and most of the personnel are likely to be evacuated by a Japanese ice-breaker. On charter from P&O Maritime Services, Aurora Australis made its first Antarctic voyage in 1989 and is due to be replaced by a new $500 million icebreaker in 2019.

1 March 2016, Tasmania’s Stories Edition 169

PM unveils new ice-breaker

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, released details of Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker in October during his first visit to Tasmania since taking over the national leadership. Speaking in Hobart, Mr Turnbull said the sophisticated ship, believed to carry a $500 million price tag, would offer scientists unprecedented and extended access to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. The new ship will be faster, larger and stronger than the ageing Aurora Australis and will be capable of longer voyages. The unnamed ship will be built by icebreaker specialists in the northern hemisphere, but a shipyard has not yet been named.

3 November 2015, Edition 166

Hobart plans polar party

A new five-day festival, Spring THAW (The Hobart Antarctic Week) will be launched in September 2016 to celebrate Tasmania’s Antarctic connections. Initiated by the not-for-profit Mawson’s Hut Foundation, the biennial event will feature photographic and art competitions, an open day on the Aurora Australis and science-linked events aimed at drawing interstate and international audiences. The Hobart City Council approved THAW in September.

7 October 2015, Edition 165

Our brand is flying in China

Edition 165 Premier Hodgman, Minister Groom and Tim Hess from Petuna with Mr Tang Qiqing  the Chairman of Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation (Group) at the Savour Tasmania dinner

Tasmania’s brand is on the rise in China, the leader of Tasmania’s largest trade mission to our biggest export customer said in September.

6 October 2015, Edition 165

Gales takes over at Antarctic HQ

The Australian Antarctic Division has appointed Dr Nick Gales as its new Director, replacing Dr Tony Fleming who retired in August after four years in the position. Dr Gales was previously the division’s Chief Scientist and also held the position of Chief Science Adviser to Australia’s Department of the Environment.

2 September 2015, Edition 164

Shanghai savours Tasmania’s best

Edition 164 Andre Kropp ... under the spotlight in Shanghai

Tasmania’s world-class produce took centre stage in Shanghai this month in a dinner that was a highlight of an eight-day China Trade Mission.

1 September 2015, Edition 164

US trials Antarctic Airbus

Australia’s Antarctic Airbus was used for a trial flight in April, transporting American expeditioners from Hobart to the United States’ McMurdo base on Antarctica’s Ross Sea. The A319 carried 13 US expeditioners. Up to 6,000 US personnel transit each year to and from McMurdo, mainly using Christchurch, New Zealand, as a transit base. Australia’s Airbus undertakes 10-15 flights each season, carrying about 400 passengers involved in the Australian Antarctic program.

4 May 2015, Edition 160

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