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The unbroken string

The unbroken string - Lola Greeno

Against a backdrop of both raw beauty and dark history, the shell necklaces of indigenous artist, Lola Greeno, keep the stories of the Furneaux Island women alive. And for that she has just been awarded a great honour.

26 June 2019, Edition 206

Symphony for the soul

Symphony for the soul - Mini Maestro

It’s Tasmania’s Symphony Orchestra and it belongs to our whole community, which is why the orchestra is on a mission to inspire more Tasmanians – young and old – through music.

24 June 2019, Edition 206

Tunnels to nowhere

Tunnels to nowhere - MONA tunnels

Millions of dollars spent on tunnels that serve no practical purpose? Tunnels inspired by art? That’s quirky, off-beat and outrageous. That’s Tasmanian. 

22 June 2019, Edition 206

Curating kids’ art

Proving it’s never too young to start, kids are literally running the show at one of Tasmania’s most prestigious museums. Not only are the youngsters’ paintings featured in the latest exhibition at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery, but kids are also curating the event.

20 June 2019, Edition 206

Hanging at Dark Mofo

Tasmania is in the grip of Dark Mofo fever. The dim streets are bathed in red… gothic delights draw sell-out crowds… families trek through forests lit by flares… and revellers are eating and drinking their way through the Winter Feast! 

20 June 2019, Edition 206

Something to crow about

Imagine walking through an ancient forest at sunset, as a cacophony of birds swamps your senses. The noise of thousands of ravens bellowing out from tall trees. This is another unique MONA experience, but one that’s been especially designed to help the bushfire ravaged Huon Valley get back on its feet.

20 June 2019, Edition 206

Elder defends Nightingale

Tasmanian Aboriginal elder, Jim Everett, has joined the controversy over The Nightingale praising it as a sad story, but one that needs to be told.

20 June 2019, Edition 206

Trashy art

It seems Tasmania’s famous creativity knows no bounds. And that includes making stunning art from recycled rubbish! A striking stag’s head created with old spanners, springs and screws rummaged from farm sheds and tips was a star attraction at this year’s Art from Trash Awards. 

26 May 2019, Edition 205

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland - bonfire

Bang on a beanie. Pull out the puffer. Get ready to hit the streets as Tassie’s quirky winter festivities fire up.

25 May 2019, Edition 205

Breath of fresh ideas!

Breath of fresh ideas - Sam Neill

When a Tassie film festival attracts the likes of star, Sam Neill, you know it’s having a big impact.

23 May 2019, Edition 205

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Tasmania’s Stories Edition 206

Tunnels to nowhere - SIloam

Over the past two years I’ve spent a lot of time in Tasmania. I’m honoured to be here, learning how to be Tasmanian.

27 June 2019, Edition 206

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