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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Energy sector:

Energy storage levels monitored

The long dry summer has impacted on Tasmania’s energy reserves, with storage levels down 11 per cent compared with the same time last year. Last month Tasmania imported three times more energy than it exported. 

14 February 2019, Edition 202

Home batteries light up future

The potential for home battery systems to balance the supply of electricity, thereby replacing the reliance on large generators, is the focus of a research project valued at $1.8 million being led by the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

14 February 2019, Edition 202

Electricity back in black

Tasmania is powering again – literally. The state’s electricity exports are back in the black, being once again a net electricity exporter, largely fuelled by full dams and a surge in solar power usage. This is a dramatic reversal in fortunes from 2016.

7 December 2018, Edition 201

Dam levels offer summer security

As we head into the summer months, Hydro Tasmania reports that the state’s lake storage is “very secure at 47.5 per cent full". Hydro’s Wholesale Energy Services Director, Gerard Flack, said: “This provides a very secure position with the drier months approaching…"

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Wind farm technology protects eagles

In an Australian first, a Tasmanian wind farm will employ cutting edge technology to help protect one of our most majestic creatures, the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle. 

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Wave power on King Island

The powerful waters of Bass Strait have been earmarked for the first Tasmanian trial into wave energy. The $8 million trial will see a wave energy converter unit installed off King Island next year. 

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Powering Tasmania’s future

Edition 196_Tarraleah

Tasmania’s plan to become the ‘Battery of the Nation’ is moving closer to reality with a $500 million transformation of the Tarraleah Power Station on the cards.

11 July 2018, Edition 196

Solar score for Low Head

Situated at the mouth of the Tamar River, Low Head could soon be Tasmania’s renewable energy capital after George Town Council unanimously approved a 12-hectare solar farm in the area.

3 May 2018, Edition 194

Stanley wind farm unveiled

A new wind farm has been proposed near Stanley in the wake of a decision by State and Federal governments to jointly fund a $20 million business case study into a second Bass Strait electricity inter-connector. 

8 March 2018, Edition 192

Island gets renewables hub

Flinders Island has switched on a $13.38 million wind and solar hub which will supply on average 60 per cent of the island's power. Renewable supply could rise to 100 per cent when the weather is right. 

8 February 2018, Edition 191

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