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Tasmania is Australia’s renewable energy state.

 For more than a century, we’ve used hydropower to grow Tasmania’s communities and build our economy.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia's leading clean energy business. Publicly-owned, the business is also the nation’s largest generator of renewable energy and the largest water manager. It has built 55 major dams, 30 hydropower stations and some of Australia’s largest wind farms here in Tasmania.

Tasmania now stands on the cusp of being able to play a far greater role in supporting the country’s energy needs. Through the Battery of the Nation proposal, Tasmania has the potential to provide achievable and competitive solutions to Australia’s looming energy challenge.

Tasmania is already connected to mainland Australia through the privately-owned Basslink, which enables the State to export surplus electricity to the mainland and import electricity to best manage its generation portfolio efficiently and economically. Additional interconnection could trigger the unlocking of Tasmania’s full renewable energy potential.

Project Marinus is investigating the case for further Bass Strait interconnection as part of Australia’s future electricity grid. The project is being undertaken by TasNetworks, Tasmania’s publicly-owned electricity transmission business that supplies power from the generation source to homes and businesses across the State through a network of transmission towers, substations and power lines.

Tasmania’s public electricity system is completed by Aurora Energy, which retails electricity and gas to households and businesses throughout Tasmania.

While hydropower is the dominant source of electricity generation in Tasmania, wind energy, gas and solar play their part. Tasmania has wind farms operating in the north east and north west of Tasmania, with additional private large-scale wind projects under construction and expected to deliver additional generation from late 2019.

The gas-powered Tamar Valley Power Station at Bell Bay is an important contributor to Tasmania’s overall energy security.


Facts and figures

  • Hydro Tasmania has total generating capacity of 2,568 MW and assets worth about $3 billion.
  • Geoscience Australia has estimated that thermal energy could generate 25,000 times Australia’s present electricity requirements.
  • Licences for geothermal exploration in Tasmania total 19,457 sq km.
  • Drought reduced hydro storages to a record low of 12.8 per cent of capacity in early 2016.
  • Hydro Tasmania has been operating for more than 100 years and employs more than 800 people.
  • Tasmania’s three major wind farms have total generating capacity of 308MW.

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