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Cadbury Schweppes

Contact name Damian Carden
Email damian.carden@cadbury.com
Website www.cadbury.com.au

Cakes By Chelle

We are a Cake Decorating Business, producing, supplying and teaching people in the art of cake decorating. We specialise in all things sweet, in particular a Delectable Hot Chocolate.

Cakes By Chelle handcrafts personalised cakes and sweet things for any occasion. We also run classes for both children and adults, teaching various techniques and working with varied materials. We also supply all the equipment and materials required for you to make your own cake creation.

Our newest product is a Delectable Hot Chocolate, on a stick. Made with high quality Belgium chocolate, this is a extremely decadent hot drink. Stir into hot milk, and enjoy!

We are located in the Huon Valley. Michelle is a stay-at-home Mum, with a Degree in Hospitality from RMIT University, Victoria. The business commenced in 2007, with some 'maternity' breaks along the way.

Contact name Michelle Ewikowski
Phone 0423 902 966
Email ewikowski@yahoo.ca
Website www.cakesbychelle.com.au

Callington Mill

Callington Mill is a working Georgian windmill built in 1837. The restoration of Callington Mill to its former glory was completed in 2010 and the first turning of its sails after being dormant for so many years was a magnificent sight.

The Callington Mill, in the township of Oatlands, Tasmania and was fully restored to full working condition in 2010 after may years of lying dormant. The mill is the only fully working wind driven tower mill in the Southern Hemisphere. Callington Mill was built in 1837, here is the story behind this iconic structure…

John Vincent was born in 1779 in Cornwall, England. In 1803 he married in London Susannah Rivers who was the same age. Over the next twenty years the couple had seven children while they were living in England. In 1823 at the age of 44, they decided to move to Tasmania. They immigrated with their children on the ship Elizabeth which arrived in Hobart in 1823. After they came to Tasmania they had two more children.

Over the next decade John became the proprietor of two licenced hotels, one in Bothwell called the Norwood Inn and one at Spring Hill called the London. His eldest son John Jubilee Vincent was also an innkeeper and ran the Lake Frederick Inn (later Lake Dulverton Inn) at Oatlands. This hotel still stands today.

In about 1836, at the age of 57, John decided to build the flour windmill at Oatlands. He used the best technology available in this project. It seems that he was very proud of this investment and he announced its opening in the newspaper in 1837. However, his interest in the mill was short-lived and the following year he tried to rent it. He advertised it in the newspaper giving a good description of the mill and its surrounds, it said:

“In its early years, it was considered one of the first rate windmills in the country, and surpassed by none in its situation for business. Fitted up with two pair of good stones, (French burrs,) dressing and smut machines; together with a very respectable dwelling house, attached to which is a counting house and small store, washhouse and servants’ bedroom. On the premises is a good granary, stable, chaise and cart houses, with piggeries and fowl house, and about two acres of garden ground in cultivation. Also, to be let with the above are six Cottages, all occupied, and paying good rents. Application to be made to Mr. John Vincent, the proprietor.”

Contact name Southern Midlands Council
Phone 03 6254 1212
Email tourism@southernmidlands.tas.gov.au
Website www.callingtonmill.com.au

Campo de Flori

Campo de Flori is a 52 acre sustainable boutique farm business high in the mountains of the Huon Valley.

This farm was carved out of the bush in 2010 by David Peck and Lisa Britzman. They grow and produce extra virgin olive oil, table olives, several varieties of lavender, purple garlic, raspberries, blueberries and extra category 1 grade saffron. They built an Alan Scott design wood fired oven and pottery studio on the property.

Crops were selected and planted to have produce in the different seasons on the farm. Lavender, berries and garlic are harvested in the summer, saffron in autumn, and olives in late autumn to winter.

The ethos of Campo de Flori is to be self-sufficient while maintaining a balance ecosystem on the property. Sustainable uses of resources are considered as well as implementing biological farming techniques on the farm. This form of sustainable farming practice not only benefits the environment but delivers top quality farm produce.

Lisa maintains a pottery practice on the farm and sells her ceramic art in several galleries in Hobart, the Cradle Mt. Lodge and online. David enjoys filling the air with the aroma of his fresh baked breads, which pop up at local markets.

Their lavender is used in products created on the farm and sold through the Salamanca Market, the Huon Visitor Centre, and galleries in Hobart. Other farm products can be found at their open farm gate and studio days throughout the year.

Contact name David Peck & Lisa Britzman
Phone 03 6266 6370
Email Lisa@campodeflori.com.au
Website www.Campodeflori.com.au

Candy Ab

Producer of high end dried greenlip and blacklip abalone for both domestic sales to all states of Australia and export into SE Asia.

Candy Ab began operations late 2011 as a direct result of the devastation caused by the Japanese Tsunami that destroyed the worlds best supply of dried abalone. Candy Ab is being regarded as a producer able attain the same high end standards of Japanese production.

Candy Ab harvests only wild caught abalone from the cleanest greenest waters from all the coasts of Tasmania. Our product is produced with abalone and sea salt, no other ingredient, totally natural.

Candy Ab has set up on the water side of the Barilla Bay Oyster site adjacent to Hobart Airport where together with Barilla Bay offer visitor experiences with tours, tastings and direct sales.

Contact name Mike Vecchione
Phone 0419 562 716
Email info@candyabalone.com
Website www.candyabalone.com

Cape Bernier Vineyard

Cape Bernier is a family owned and operated property dedicated to the production of fine food and wine.

Cape Bernier is a family owned and operated property dedicated to the production of fine food and wine. Located on the slopes of an ancient volcanic range with expansive ocean views and modulating sea breezes, Cape Bernier's maritime climate and rich soils provide the ideal growing conditions for cool climate varietals and fine quality produce.  Our long, slow ripening period in cool, dry, sunny condition produces wine with intense fruit flavours and high natural acids. Consequently, our Chardonnay displays citrus and stone fruit, Pinot Gris apple, pear and honey, while our Pinot Noir is elegant, perfumed and spicy with berry, dark plum and savoury spice characters. Our sparkling wines, made in the méthode traditionelle, are dominated by fresh fruit characters, crisp acidity and smooth creamy bubbles – heavenly! Our approach to wine-making is simple – that of minimalist intervention. We believe that growing the best quality grapes will produce the best quality wines. Using the best of both old and new world methods our wines are made to showcase the intense and zesty fruit flavours unique to Cape Bernier.


Contact name Andrew and Jenny Sinclair
Phone 03 6253 5443
Email info@capebernier.com.au
Website www.capebernier.com.au

Cape Grim Beef

Tasmania is world-renowned for its rugged wilderness, pristine beauty and landscape of vivid contrast.

Cape Grim in the far northwest corner, shaped by wild Southern Ocean swells, abundant rainfall and the cleanest air in the world, is the perfect place to grow superior beef. Our proud collective of beef farmers has a commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices. They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment. Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour – made by nature.

Contact name Peter Greenham
Phone 03 9644 6500
Email info@capegrimbeef.com.au
Website www.capegrimbeef.com.au

Cape Grim Water

Cape Grim Water collects, stores and bottles the world's purest rainwater.

Cape Grim is located on the north-west tip of Tasmania in close proximity to the CSIRO Baseline Air Pollution Station. The next landmass directly west of Cape Grim is not Africa, but the southern tip of Argentina, over 16,000kms away. The south-westerly winds that make their way to Cape Grim from Antarctica and the Indian Ocean hit no significant land mass.

The Cape Grim facility has a strict hygiene and maintenance program and only collects and stores rainwater when the prevailing winds drive the rain from the south-west.

Cape Grim Water is bottled in Tasmania and is available in both glass and PET bottles. Cape Grim Water is sold in fine dining establishments throughout Australia and worldwide.

Contact name Petra Maher
Phone 02 8215 1534
Email info@capegrim.com.au
Website www.capegrim.com.au

Captain Bligh’s Brewery

Small Independently own Brewery rediscovering the beers of Tasmania’s colonial past.

Situated in one of Tasmania’s historic Brewery buildings, Captain Bligh’s Brewery produces ‘Colonial Ale’. Still using the rules of 1880s Colonial Ales are made from only water, yeast, hops and malt that are grown in the Colony. Small batch brewing at its best, producing popular stock beers, seasonal favourites and celebration brews.

Contact name Steve Brooks
Phone 0404 051 750
Email steve@captainblighs.com.au
Website www.captainblighs.com.au

Casa Paella Ltd

Casa Paella is a specialty paella, Valencian trained Onsite Catering business, we specialize in authentic Valencian Paella and Mediterranean cuisine,using only the best and freshest ingredients we can source.

Casa Paella LTD was established in New Zealand and has been transferred to Tasmania. The transition was seamless. We specialise in preparing an authentic Valencian paella using the ingredients set down by the Concurso Internacional Committee of Sueca in Valencia. we have gained 5th place 2012 and 4th place 2013 in the International Paella Competition the most prestigious food competition in Spain, this competing against the top Spanish and Valencian and International restaurants. We were made International Partners with the Concurso Internacional 2014 and won the Tetsuya Award for Excellence at Taste of Tasmania 2014-5 for our new recipe Paella de Mariscos Estilo de Tasmania, sourcing and using, apart from Valencian rice, entirely Tasmanian produce. This is true for all our paellas and rice dishes, tapas and Mediterranean cuisine.

Phone 0400 296 777
Email edrick@casapaella.com.au
Website www.casapaella.com.au

Cascade Brewery

Cascade’s First Harvest Ale 2002 was the first of a range of seasonal ultra premium beers to be added to the company’s famous Tasmanian products.

It is brewed entirely with new season barley, hop flowers and pure water from kunanyi / Mount Wellington. Easily identifiable by its Tasmanian tiger logo, Cascade beers continue to win award after award.

Contact name Max Burslem
Phone 03 6221 8300
Email max.burslem@fostersgroup.com
Website www.fostersgroup.com

Cavanough Spring Water

Cavanough Spring Water where natural spring water, three centuries old, slowly filters through fine quartz gravel before being bottled at the source in the mist-covered mountains of Tasmania's north east.

We offer two premium products; a 750ml naturally rock filtered Soft Bead water which is lightly carbonated and a 750ml naturally rock filtered Beadless water which is still. Natural purity is guaranteed. Absolutely nothing is added, so you can be sure you are enjoying the very best nature has to offer. Both are a wonderful accompaniment to food and wine.


Contact name Stephanie Cavanough
Phone 0407 797 926
Email stephanie@cavanoughwater.com.au
Website www.cavanoughwater.com.au

Cherry Hill Coolstores Pty Ltd

Cherry Hill Coolstores, in north-west Tasmania, supplies 20 varieties of premium quality seed and commercial potatoes, as well as Tasmanian cherry varieties for wholesale domestic and export markets.

Contact name Andrew Langmaid
Phone 03 6426 1590
Email cherryhillcoolstores@bigpond.com
Website www.cherryhillcoolstores.net.au

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe

A fully operational raspberry farm with a 100+ seated Cafe and Retail Shop selling raspberry products directly to the public from the farm gate. 

A fully operational raspberry farm with a 100+ seated Cafe and Retail Shop in a lakeside setting, selling raspberry products directly to the public from the farm gate. A family business where raspberries have been grown on the farm since 1984. The cafe opened in 1995 and has over 250,000 customers seated each year. Open all year round 7 days a week with exception of Good Friday and Christmas Day. The Cafe focuses on value adding Raspberry products which are developed , produced packaged onsite. Products range from Raspberry Ice Cream to Raspberry Beer and even have introduced a raspberry cosmetic line featuring raspberry lip balm and moisturiser. Products can be purchased through the farm shop or visit the online shop at www.raspberryfarmcafe.com/shop. ALL RASPBERRY CRAVINGS CATERED FOR !

Phone 03 6362 2186
Email info@raspberryfarmcafe.com
Website www.raspberryfarmcafe.com

Cider Tasmania Inc.

Cider Tasmania represents our cidermakers in driving sustainable cider tourism in the State through promotion of cellar doors, cider bars, markets and festivals and industry research and development.

It's the people that make Tasmanian cider special. Discover these characters and the stories, the love and the passion that goes into crafting every bottle of Tasmanian cider.

Tasmanian ciders can be tasted all around the State in a cider-led revival of the Apple Isle. Cider Tasmania is a membership organisation with objectives to:

  • Promote real cider and perry made from apples and pears grown primarily in Tasmania.
  • Run and participate in cider events that promote brands and provide customer education and sales opportunities.
  • Encourage sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • Work in conjunction with government and research institutions to support and develop the industry. 
  • Provide opportunities for producers to network, benchmark different ciders and cider styles to improve understanding, collaborations and product excellence.

We welcome full membership from Tasmanian commercial cidermakers and associated membership from affiliated businesses and interested cider drinkers or hobbyist cidermakers wanting to discover more about cidermaking.

Contact name Lynne Uptin, Secretary
Phone 03 6292 1685
Email lynne@redsails.com.au
Website cidertasmania.org

Clover Country Meats

Contact name Brian and Jan Bonde
Phone 03 6425 3433
Email Elise30@live.com.au
Website www.wildcloverlamb.com.au

Clover Hill/Taltarni Vineyard

Contact name Adam Torpy
Phone 03 5459 7900
Email atorpy@goeletwineestates.com
Website www.taltarni.com.au

Coal Valley Vineyard

The Coal Valley Vineyard produces Reisling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Merlot wines. Wines of each variety have won gold medals at the Tasmanian Wines Show in recent years. The vineyard is open seven days a week for tastings, functions and lunches and specialises in menus that highlight Tasmania's seasonal produce. Wines can be supplied through mail order.

Wines of each variety have won gold medals at the Tasmanian Wines Show in recent years. The vineyard is open seven days a week for tastings, functions and lunches and specialises in menus that highlight Tasmania's seasonal produce. Wines can be supplied through mail order.

Contact name Gill Christian
Phone 03 6248 5367
Email gill@coalvalley.com.au
Website www.coalvalley.com.au

Coles Supermarkets

Major supermarket chain that sells fresh food, groceries and non food items.

Contact name Robert Wilson
Phone 0428 176 275
Email robert.wilson@coles.com.au
Website www.coles.com.au

Cornerstone Farm

Family owned and operated farm, located in the Tamar Valley, that sustainably and ethically produces grass fed Angus Beef and Suffolk Lamb and certified PROOF (Pasture Raised On Open Fields) pork.

OUR MISSION: To Provide, Direct from the Farm, Clean and Sustainable Food, Created with Care, Honesty and Passion; and Connect Customers to their Food Source.
Cornerstone Farm is all about producing sustainable, grass fed beef and lamb and pastured raised pork, free from hormones and antibiotics and raised in a natural environment. The local community should have access to the best food that farmers can produce, and for Cornerstone Farm that is produce grown in harmony with nature, in a sustainable, regenerative circular farming system. Cornerstone Farm holistically manage their pastures which will improve the soil as the years pass, building humus, increasing fertility and capturing carbon. Cornerstone Farm are passionate about producing beef, lamb and pork that is not only sustainable, but full of good fats and health benefits. We currently sell our produce in bulk orders direct to customers. All animals are processed through a licensed abattoir and butcher.

Contact name Lisa Harper
Phone 0439 087 603
Email cornerstonefarmau@gmail.com
Website www.cornerstonefarm.com.au

Cradle Coast Olives

Olive grower and boutique processor of multi award-winning extra virgin olive oils based at Abbotsham, near Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Winner of the coveted Carol L'Heureux Perpetual Trophy for 'Best Australian Olive oil' 2007 and 2011.

Contact name Tony O'Neil
Phone 03 6425 3449
Email info@cradlecoastolives.com.au
Website www.cradlecoastolives.com.au

Cradle Coast Quinoa

Cradle Coast Quinoa produces local Australian summer grown quinoa.

Cradle Coast Quinoa provides an alternative crop for local Tasmanian farmers.
Quinoa is a nutrient rich grain originating high up in the Andes.
We supply a pre-washed product which has had the bitter saponin coating removed.
We focus on summer grown quinoa which has a large seed size and is free from any gmo contaminations.
We produces pre-rinsed quinoa, polished quinoa and quinoa flour.
We can supply products in a range of bag sizes and filaments to suit the needs of our customers.

Contact name Peter Damen
Phone 0437 361 182
Email peter_damen@ymail.com
Website www.facebook.com/Cradle-Coast-Quinoa-576155495852238

Cripps Nubake Pty Ltd

Cripps Nubake is Tasmania's Master Baker, with a history dating back to 1878.

Cripps Nubake is the Tasmanian market leader in bread and roll manufacture, with a strong reputation for producing fine Tasmanian Shortbread and Mrs McNallys Anzac Biscuits. Cripps Nubake prides itself on its Food Safety policy and strong Tasmanian heritage.

Contact name Jim Horne
Phone 03 6271 1000
Email jhorne@cripps.com.au
Website www.cripps.com.au

Cupboard Love Tasmania

Gourmet Condiments made from fresh Tasmanian produce. Spray, chemical and additive free. We use Tasmanian organic whenever we can and you can taste the sweet difference. Try it for yourself!

We have been working in hospitality for more that thirty years and have now launched into retail.

Our product range includes relishes and chutneys, conserves, dessert sauces, quince pastes and jellies.

All made with spray free, chemical free Tasmanian fresh produce.

Contact name Rose Crane
Phone 0459 674 208
Email cupboardlovetas@bigpond.com
Website www.cupboardlovetas.com

Cygnet Garden Larder

Growers of Specialty Mushroom

Based in the Huon Valley, Cygnet Mushroom Farm grows specialty mushrooms for retailers and restaurants. Our Mushrooms are grown with out the use of chemicals using clean Tassie sawdust.

Mushrooms are available year round.

Personal customers can find us at the Hobart Farmers Market each week.

Contact name Bec Bovell
Phone 0467 633 027
Email contact@cygnetmushroomfarm.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Edition 191_Lawrenny

Lawrenny infuses spirits with place

The Mace family at Ouse has given new scale to the concept of using colonial built heritage to market Tasmanian single-malt whisky.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Tetsuya’s tops nation again

Tetsuya’s, the Sydney restaurant owned by Tasmania's Brand Ambassador, Tetsuya Wakuda, AO, has been named 2017 Restaurant of the Year at the National Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence in Melbourne. It was the fourth time the Japanese-born Australian master chef has taken the award's top gong. He said: “I’m very grateful, of course - it’s a real privilege, from the bottom of my heart. But it’s not me. It’s my staff. I congratulate my staff. The team won this, not me.” Restaurant critic Simon Thomsen said: “Tetsuya is the epitome of the Japanese concept of takumi - craftsmanship. He’s always stayed true to his standards; his Japanese sense of excellence.” Tetsuya has remained at the pinnacle of his profession for 25 years, earning comparisons with tennis great Roger Federer. His Singapore restaurant, Waku Ghin, was awarded two stars in the 2017 Michelin Guide, Singapore, making him the first Australian chef to have two Michelin stars. "There's no such thing as perfection," the great chef said. “But we try to be close.”

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Edition 190_Duval-Leroy

Sparklers reach 'champagne level'

When sparkling wine expert Tyson Stelzer lined up Tasmanian offerings with champagne at an Effervescence dinner in November, he had an heroic tale to tell.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Edition 190_Phillips

Food story has been a Tassie epic

Brand Tasmania's long-serving Food and Wine Writer, Graeme Phillips, taps out his final story for our newsletter: serving up a 37-year Tasmanian gastronomic saga.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Riesling stars in Halliday list

Ten of Australia's top 100 wines are Tasmanian, according to guru James Halliday, and one of the stars of his 2017 listing was a Devil's Corner 2016 Riesling awarded 97 points despite being in an under-$20 category. Brown Brothers Chief Executive, Ross Brown, said: “We bought our Tasmanian vineyards and wineries in 2010 because we ... wanted to have access to cool-climate-grown grapes and wine varieties such as pinot noir, riesling and pinot grigio that grow so well in Tasmania. We have found Brand Tasmania to be far stronger than we had anticipated. People are now looking for lively and refreshing wines and this exceptional Devil’s Corner 2016 Riesling superbly personifies the crisp minerality and the clean, green image that Tasmania is so known for.” Earlier, Tasmania winery Heemskerk won the James Halliday Trophy for Best Pinot Noir at the 2017 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards for its 2016 vintage. The Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for Best Young Red Wine was awarded to Turkey Flat Vineyards in the Barossa Valley for its 2016 Grenache, the first time a wine of that variety has taken out the award.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Boag lionises Tassie water

Pioneer Tasmanian brand-builder James Boag & Sons has launched a new multi-channel advertising campaign using the State's quality water as its central theme. Promoting James Boag Premium beer, the Born of Tasmanian Waters campaign devised by the Host/Havas agency, sets out to show that some of life's most extraordinary and fantastic components are found in Tasmania, with pure water as their common element. Without it, they wouldn't exist. A spokesman for Lion, owner of the Launceston Brewery, said: "James Boag has been brewing its beers continuously and exclusively in Tasmania since 1888, and it's our Tasmanian provenance that makes our beers truly special and unique among other premium beers. Of all the natural riches Tasmania offers, its pure water is the most special — so many remarkable and renowned things are born of it — and we are excited about our new campaign that highlights the quality of the water that goes into our beers". The campaign rolled out nationally in time for James Boag Premium's major sponsorship of the Melbourne Cup racing carnival.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Spanish glory for local cider

Willie Smith's is basking in the glory of its inaugural international award. The Huon Valley business's limited-edition Somerset Redstreak Single Varietal cider won its class at the Spanish Cider Awards in November. The competition, in Hernani, near San Sebastian, was judged by an international committee of renowned cider tasters from the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Willie Smith's co-owner Sam Reid said: "It’s a massive thrill to be selected as Best Traditional English Cider at a European awards competition. In Australia we’ve got a bit of a tradition at beating the English at their own game and, so, it’s nice to be able to do this in cider now too!" Willie Smith's was the only Australian product to collect a trophy at the event.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Edition 190_PieVan

'Tazzy' pies a hit in Bonn

When Australian visitors to Bonn, Germany, feel a craving for a hot meat pie, help is at hand: Tasmanian Gareth Patterson's Tazzy Food Truck is doing a roaring trade in meat pies and other treats from Down Under. "We offer the best out of Australia," Mr Patterson, formerly of Hobart, said. "Try our handmade gourmet pies and be delighted. Fresh baked, delicious and hot ... smash one down! Fair Dinkum good!" Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer, took up the invitation in November. “It was uplifting and energising to enjoy great Tazzy Food on the left bank of the Rhine in Bonn,” Mr Fischer said. The van is one of several offering locals and visitors lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee options on the former West German capital's busy Kennedyallee. There was a queue at the Tazzy Food Truck at the time of Mr Fischer's visit. “As a former Trade Minister, I was delighted to indulge and to spread the word about Tasmania and Australia — something I have been doing since 1996 when I had to eat a Tasmanian oyster in Tokyo at 6am at a key fish market.” Mr Fischer was in Bonn in his new role as Chairman of Crop Trust, an international organisation dedicated to safeguarding the world's crop biodiversity.

Image courtesy of Weekly Times Now

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Chromy named tourism champion

Tasmanian tourism titan, Josef Chromy, OAM, was inducted as a Tasmanian Tourism Champion at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards in November. He was recognised for his contribution to the State’s tourism industry and on-going investment in accommodation projects. The CEO of the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania, Luke Martin, said “Joe’s impact on the wine industry in Tasmania is nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the '90s he purchased, cultivated and on-sold vineyards throughout the Tamar Valley that are now home to some of Tasmania’s most celebrated labels. His signature wine label and wine centre ... is among the finest wineries in Australia and has established a truly iconic wine experience on the doorstep to Launceston. Joe’s impact on the tourism industry in Launceston is unrivalled.” Josef Chromy Wines also won a gold medal in the awards' Tourism Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries category. Port Arthur Historic Site was judged top Major Tourist Attraction.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Insect farmer's flavour focus

Louise Morris, a Tasmanian insect farmer, believes insects can play an important role in feeding a growing global population but cautions about how insect protein is produced. "What they eat impacts so much on how much greenhouse gas impact, how much water went into that," Ms Morris told the ABC. "If you're essentially feeding them chicken food … you're not really making a huge impact [on the environment]." Ms Morris, who co-founded the Insect Protein Association of Australia, farms crickets, mealworms and Queensland wood cockroaches in northern Tasmania. She uses vegetable waste from local farms to feed her insects and said feeding insects different vegetables can affect their taste. "We're really focused with a few restaurants who are wanting to work with our insects … on bespoke insect flavours," she said. "It's creating a whole new income stream, employment opportunities and a product which really is 'brand Tasmania', because we are closed-looping it." According to some research about 80 per cent of the world's people consume insects as part of their regular diet. Ms Morris aims to have her insects on Tasmanian dinner plates in 2018.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

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Tasmania's Stories Edition 191

Edition 191_Campus

Launceston taking the lead in the race to be Australia's "smartest city" is the top story in your first Tasmania's Stories newsletter of 2018.  I hope you find lots to interest you in your latest edition of Tasmania's Stories.

15 February 2018, Edition 191

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