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Shellfish Culture Ltd

Sheelfish Culture is an oyster hatchery with operations in Tasmania and South Australia.

We sell oyster seed in Tasmania, SA, NSW and the Asia-Pacific region. Our unique product and competitive advantage is the triploid oyster. 

Contact name Kerry Wells
Phone 03 6248 9441
Email info@shellfishculture.com.au
Website www.shellfishculture.com.au

Shima Wasabi Pty Ltd

Shima Wasabi is a small and innovative food producing company located in northwest Tasmania. The company grows and markets pure Japanese wasabi (Wasabia japonica) and currently supplies over 80 of Australia’s leading restaurants with premium grade fresh wasabi products every week of the year.

Shima Wasabi also produces 100% pure wasabi spices for food manufacturers. These concentrated spices are used by customers in Australia, Asia and Europe in an ever-expanding range of food products including Ashgrove Cheese’s famous Wild Wasabi Cheese and Brand Tasmania Ambassador Tetsuya Wakuda’s Tasmanian Wasabi Mustard.

In 2013 Shima Wasabi launched a Pure Wasabi Powder for retail sale to home food enthusiasts, making it one of the very few companies worldwide able to offer 100% pure, authentic wasabi for home use.

Shima Wasabi produces all its wasabi on their own farm in the pristine Tasmanian environment. Using rainwater captured on site and fed via a unique hydroponic production system, the business’ fresh wasabi is said to rival the very best wasabi produced in Japan.

In 2012 the company invested $1.5 million in a new state-of-the-art climate-controlled shadehouse, tripling its production capacity and making Shima Wasabi the largest producer of authentic Japanese wasabi in the southern hemisphere.

Shima Wasabi was named Australian Micro Business of the Year 2012 at the Telstra Australian Business Awards and also was awarded the prestigious ABC Delicious Magazine award for best Australian food product “From the Earth” in 2011.

Contact name Stephen Welsh
Phone 0488 556 678
Email info@shimawasabi.com.au
Website www.shimawasabi.com.au

Simplot Australia

Contact name Nick Roden-Smith
Phone 02 9741 2872
Email nick.rodensmith@simplot.com.au
Website www.simplot.com.au


We’re a team of export specialists that brings Australia’s finest seafood products to the world.

Soareast was founded by Managing Director, Cindy Yuan, in 1999. We started by exporting rock lobster, and quickly expanded into many other seafoods including Greenlip and Blacklip Abalone, Eel, and Pacific Oyster.

Our strength is our unique, long term approach to business. Our customers are our partners. They trust us to provide the highest quality products at the best prices.

It’s this approach which has allowed us to create the premier Asian distribution network for seafood. Soareast can sell and deliver the largest variety of seafood to a vast network of customers.

Contact name Cindy Yuan
Phone 0438 369 688
Email mail@soareast.com.au
Website www.soareast.com.au/about/index.html

Southern Sky Dairy

Contact name Hajo and Petra Tanck
Phone 03 6344 7813
Email southernskydairy@gmail.com
Website www.facebook.com/southernskydairy

Speckle pies

We are a new business selling 100% tasmanian produce in our pies, using only the best quality tasmanian products available

Speckle pies is a new business, Kim and Geoff jones breed speckle park cattle on their farm in lower Barrington Tasmania, we are currently in the process of building a commercial kitchen on our farm premises where all our pies will be made using all local ingredients from our farm and other farms around the north west of Tasmania. In our packaging we would like to use the logo and Tasmania on the bottom of our packaging to let all our customers know that our product is Tasmanian. Our pies are Honey Whiskey beef pie, Speckle park Beef, Pork and Apple Cider, chicken ,Tarragon and Wholegrain Mustard
We will be using the whiskey from hellyer, Honey from mole creek, apple cider from Spreyton fresh, pork from Mount Gnonnom farm, chicken from Nichols and beef from our farm.

Phone 0417 396 066
Email specklepies@gmail.com

Spring Bay Distillery

Single Malt Whisky Distillery on Tasmania's East Coast

Spring Bay Distillery is a craft whisky distillery located at Spring Bay on Tasmania's East Coast. The distillery specialises in hand crafted single cask single malt whisky using locally sourced rainwater that is soft and sweet. Using Tasmanian barley, local rainwater and influenced by its coastal environment the whisky is uniquely Tasmanian.

Contact name Cam Brett
Phone 0417 351 663
Email cam@springbaydistillery.com.au
Website www.Springbaydistillery.com.au

Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd

Spring Bay Seafoods produces, processes and markets blue mussels, scallops, abalone and Pacific oysters that are sought after by connoisseurs of fine food from around the world.

The company's blue mussels and most of its scallops are produced in its 3,500 hectare marine farm, which lies four miles offshore in pristine, sheltered waters adjacent to Tasmanias Maria Island National Park. This unique facility, which is the largest sub-surface marine farm in Australia, is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of strong cold local currents, providing exceptional conditions to produce a range of mussels and scallops that are considered by many culinary experts to be the best in the world.

Spring Bay has recently become the first company in Australia to market clean shaven mussels. The company has installed an innovative system at its state-of-the-art processing facility in Triabunna that removes the beard and leaves the mussel looking well groomed and ready for the pot.

Contact name Phil Lamb
Phone 03 6257 3614
Email plamb@springbayseafoods.com.au
Website www.springbayseafoods.com.au

Spring Vale Vineyards

We are a small 5th generation family owned vineyard since 1875, located in Cranbrook on Tasmania's stunning Freycinet Coast.

At Spring Vale, our grapes are grown with an in depth knowledge of our local terroir.  Intimate attention to quality and flavour, allows us to produce premium, award-winning wines at our on-site winery.

Our cool-climate wines are grown and made on-site here in Cranbrook, on Tasmania's stunning Freycinet Coast.

The Freycinet Coast is the driest part of the state, with an average annual rainfall of 550mm. Warm days and cool nights are a result of this climate and ideal for slow ripening and excellent flavour development. The soil at Spring Vale is mostly a fertile clay loam, with the subsoil varying from porous friable loam with rock to medium-heavy clay. 


Contact name Tim Lyne
Phone 03 6257 8208
Email tim@springvalewines.com
Website www.springvalewines.com

Stanley Fish

Contact name Barry Charles
Phone 03 6458 1153
Email stanleyfish@craigmostyn.com.au
Website www.craigmostyn.com.au

Stefano Lubiana Wines Pty Ltd

Stefano Lubiana Wines is a vertically integrated company that strives for continual excellence in making handcrafted, cool-climate wines in the Super Premium class.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes are grown without insecticides or artificial fertilisers. Strict focus on quality ensures return custom.

Contact name Steve Lubiana
Phone 03 6263 7457
Email wine@slw.com.au
Website www.slw.com.au

Stoney Rise Wine Company

Contact name Joe Holyman
Phone 03 6394 3678
Email info@stoneyrise.com
Website www.stoneyrise.com

Strait Brands Pty Ltd

Tamar Valley-based producer of international award winning spirits since 2006 with flagship brands Strait Vodka, Strait Dry Gin and Strait Tasmanian Sloe Gin.

Strait Brands launched as the only specific premium white spirits producer in Tasmania, in 2006, with Strait Vodka and Strait Dry Gin.
The business introduced Strait Tasmanian Native Pepperberry Vodka (2006), Strait Tasmanian Lemon Vodka (2008) and Strait Twenty, a range of four hibiscus-based spirits at 20% abv (2008) - for the Chinese female market - and Strait Tasmanian Sloe Gin (2010).
It has exported to China, and sponsored six Business Council of Australia events at the Beijing Olympics, attended by 3,000 guests, and has also sold into Vietnam, Indonesia and Russia.
Strait Brands’ business is built on partnerships with Tasmanian growers of fruit, nuts and other produce and it recently launched Strait Tasmanian Hazelnut Gin, a world’s first.
The company is building a new, high volume production facility at York Town, the third oldest settlement in Australia, at the source of the soft spring water used in its spirits.

Contact name Philip Ridyard
Phone 0418 318 000
Email philip@straitbrands.com
Website www.facebook.com/straitvodka

Sugarloaf Ridge

Contact name Julian Colvile
Phone 0422 247 992
Email info@sugarloafridge.com
Website www.sugarloafridge.com.au

Sullivans Cove Whisky

Sullivans Cove is the leading Tasmanian whisky and was recently named the world's best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in London.

Sullivans Cove produces a quintessential small batch luxury whisky, made by traditional methods using only Tasmanian ingredients and the whisky is not chill filtered nor are any flavours or colours added. Each barrel is bottled individually to capture subtle variances that occur from barrel to barrel and the result is one of the best new whiskies on the market – inspired by nature and distilled with conviction. Sullivans Cove Whisky is heavily in demand and product is supplied on allocation, please contact the distillery for further details.

Contact name Patrick Maguire or Bert Cason
Phone 03 6248 5399
Email office@sullivanscovewhisky.com
Website www.sullivanscovewhisky.com

Summerlea Farm Tasmania

A family run Tasmanian business, we grow premium Angus cattle that's 100% grass fed, free from hormones and antibiotics. Ethical, traceable, sustainable beef.

Our farm at North Lilydale produces high quality Angus beef that is 100% grass fed and free from antibiotics or growth hormones. Summerlea Farm cows are born and raised exclusively on our property giving our customers peace of mind about the traceability of their food. We provide our cows with a quiet, low stress environment to produce a quality product. The herd is deliberately kept on the small size, so there's plenty of room to move. We love where we live and are proud of what we do. We work hard to respect and care for the land for generations to come. We're investing in land management practices to preserve our river system and regenerate vegetation for shelter and habitat. We are committed to ethical, traceable and sustainable farming and are accredited producers in two national quality assurance programs (Meat Standards Australia and Greenham's "Never Ever").

Contact name Elizabeth Mahnken
Phone 0419 378 949
Email summerleafarmtas@outlook.com
Website www.summerleafarmtasmania.com


Contact name George and Sharon Smith
Phone 0429 161 220
Email info@sweet-as.com.au
Website www.sweet-as.com.au

Swinging Gate Vineyard

'The gates are swinging again’ After a period of 15 years the vineyard has reopened with a new identity and we can again sample the complex wines from vines that were planted over 30 years ago.

The vines at Swinging Gate Vineyard have a honoured history in Tasmania’s premium wine growing region. Having been planted in the last millennium, some of the most iconic names in Tasmanian viticulture have tended to the Development of the vines.

A variety of exclusive wines showcasing the best in Tasmania’s Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Frontignac, and Pinot Gris, all created with passion and pride. With rich earth, clean air and cool climate, the Northern wine district of Tasmania has produced exclusive world class champion wines that only a select few people ever have the privilege of experiencing.

Swing Gates Vineyard invites you to share our lifestyle and passion at our cellar door and day spa – taste, experience, relax – you are one of the privileged few.

Contact name Doug cox
Phone 0419 599 710
Email swinginggatewine@gmail.com
Website www.swinginggatewines.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Edition 198_PatrickMaguire

Whisky pioneer a ‘global icon’

A pioneer of Tasmania’s whisky industry has been officially declared an ‘icon’ by being honoured with one of the highest international accolades.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Edition 198_BoagsWildRiver

Wild rivers inspire artisan brew

The wild rivers and pioneering spirit of Tasmania are the inspiration behind the first major beer launch in more than a decade at Australia’s oldest brewery site.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Global kudos for sparkling wines

Another ringing endorsement for Tasmania’s world-class sparkling wines. One of France’s most respected champagne authorities has proclaimed our bubbly offerings to be amongst the best anywhere. Fourth generation French champagne maker, Cyril Brun, Chef de Caves for Charles Heidsieck, has likened our sparkling wines to those of the great champagne houses. During a recent visit to Tasmania, he told The Mercury: “Every time I taste the sparkling wine from Tasmania I feel like it is the one that could be potentially the closest to champagne.” About one third of all wine made in Tasmania is sparkling. The local industry is also booming, with latest figures estimating it is now worth $100 million to the local economy each year. Another $15.2 million is also generated by wine-related tourism.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Bellamy’s back in black

Tasmanian based baby food and formula company, Bellamy’s, has put the tough times behind, and is reporting healthy profits. The Launceston based company reported a net after-tax profit of $42.8 million for 2017-18. Revenue also jumped by 37 per cent to $329 million. This represents a major turnaround from the $800,000 loss the company had recorded for the previous financial year, and a previous share price crash. Bellamy’s Chief Executive, Andrew Cohen told The Advocate: “…the Bellamy’s turnaround plan continues to demonstrate results in terms of revenue growth, profitability, cashflow and the balance sheet…Beyond the numbers, the business has transformed over the period in terms of process and disciplines, but, more importantly, in terms of culture and capability.” He adds, growth is focused on selling organic infant nutrition into China and wider Asia.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Edition 197_Insects

The insect rebellion

Fried crickets sprinkled on tostadas. Insect infused elderberry sauce. Snapper topped with mealworms. These are just some of the ‘Rebel Foods’ appearing on Tasmanian menus, as locally-farmed insects push food frontiers.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Edition 197_CulturedCondiments

The culture club

A fermentation revival is taking Tasmania by storm with kombucha, kimchi and kefir moving into our everyday lexicon.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Sparkling wine festival adds fizz

Tasmania’s celebration of all things sparkling – Effervescence Tasmania – has unveiled this year’s program and there are plenty of reasons to pop the cork in celebration. The Launceston-based festival, which bubbles into life on November 11, has included Hobart in the mix for its fifth festival. Effervescence Tasmania is described as one of the world’s best sparkling wine festivals, and all featured producers are by invitation only, ensuring all wines presented to guests are the best Tasmania has on offer. More than 1,200 enthusiasts took part in master-classes and attended dinners at last year’s event. And, as with every year, the highlight will be the Grand Tasting in the gardens of Launceston’s Josef Chromy winery. Australia’s first sparkling wine was produced in Tasmania from the 1826 harvest. Today, the island state is widely recognised as the country’s home of premium sparkling wine, with that market now accounting for about one third of all local wine production.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Gold for Van Diemens Land Creamery

The Pepperberry and Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream, from the Van Diemens Land Creamery, has taken out top gong at the recent Hobart Fine Food Awards, being named best ice cream. The artisan ice creamery also won a swag of 11 medals. Some of the flavours that scored gold included: Peach and Lemon Myrtle, Blood Orange Sorbet, and Whiskey Cream Ice Cream. The company, which is based in Elizabeth Town in northern Tasmania, has been producing premium ice cream for more than 12 years. To keep their ice cream authentically Tasmanian, they use as much local produce as possible – from local berries to olive oil and Tasmanian peanut butter. As well as retail outlets and restaurants, their award-winning ice cream can also be purchased at their punt on Hobart’s Constitution Dock.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Mures rewarded for excellence

One of Tasmania’s top seafood restaurants has just received a top award. Mures Tasmania was named Best Tourism Restaurant at the Victoria and Tasmania Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence. Mures Upper Deck Restaurant was also named best seafood restaurant for the second year in a row. The awards, which celebrate exceptional service and culinary talent, are nationally recognised. They are also independently scored by a team of anonymous judges who visit the various venues. Mures owners, Jude and Will Mure, said: “It’s humbling to be honoured with these awards by this panel of industry influencers who understand the challenges and opportunities facing business today.” Mures Tasmania will now compete at the national awards for excellence to be held in Sydney in October.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Edition 196_HillFarm

Taste of the Tarkine

Artisan food crafted on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness is in big demand the world over, and further evidence that the north-west really is ‘Tasmania’s Pantry’.

11 July 2018, Edition 196

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Momentum grows for a special defence precinct. Please enjoy your September newsletter.

16 September 2018, Edition 198

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