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Noma visits the realm of MONA

Edition 163 René Redzepi outside his world-beating Copenhagen restaurant

The world’s most awarded chef, René Redzepi, has been foraging in Tasmania.

The man whose Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, has been named the best restaurant in the world four times was searching for special products to serve during a 10-week stint on a harbour-side site in Sydney in January.

Mr Redzepi and a team of research chefs from Noma travelled the State in July, meeting Bay of Fires sea urchin diver Dave Allen and James Ashmore of Hobart’s seafood specialists Ashmore Foods Tasmania.

They also visited Flinders Island and, of course, MONA.
“This will be fantastic because Noma will identify the source of the food and beverages they serve up in Sydney,” the Executive Director of Brand Tasmania, Robert Heazlewood, told The Mercury.

“People will know they’re eating the best that Tasmania can produce.”

The Premier, Will Hodgman, said “exposure that no amount of money can buy” would flow if the Noma team chose Tasmanian produce.

“There’s little wonder why our island is captivating the attention and the taste buds of a renowned chef like René Redzepi,” Mr Hodgman said.

“To see René marvelling at our landscape and foraging in our waters is amazing.”

Noma says its Sydney season will focus on producers with “respectful and passionate engagement with the sea and the land.”

Mr Redzepi said: “Australia combines strong influences from its indigenous people, with new communities from around the world. When you mix it all together, the result is something truly inspiring.

“It really is the perfect place to come and learn.”

Mr Heazlewood said last year’s choice of MONA to host Invite the World to Dinner was a milestone built on years of hard work.

The dinner had cemented the State’s gourmet reputation and led to visits like the one from Noma and an earlier familiarisation visit by a sommelier from Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck.

Rémi Cousin described Tasmania as “a paradise".

Noma will set up its temporary Australian operation in the Anadar building in Sydney’s Barangaroo harbourside precinct.

Its famous Copenhagen restaurant will close for 10 weeks.

Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, said Noma’s initiative was a natural extension of last year’s Restaurant Australia campaign.

“A big part of Restaurant Australia has been about improving Australia’s perception as a food and wine destination,’’ Mr O’Sullivan said.

“And with one of the world’s top-ranked restaurants about to open in Sydney, I’d say our country’s culinary standing has never been higher.”

5 August 2015, Edition 163

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