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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Food and Beverage sector:

A lamb passion

A lamb passion - Matt Lang

Delicate almond flavour…mmm, freshly baked cakes spring to mind. But that’s not what Matt Lang is describing. In fact, what Matt is passionately talking about and taking to the world may surprise you…

23 June 2019, Edition 206

Syrah set to stun

Steve Lubiana’s Tasmanian wines have taken the global stage by storm. His exquisite pinots have thrice been named the world’s best biodynamic wines. Now, with the release of the 2017 Syrah Biodynamic, Lubiana vineyard, just north of Hobart, has introduced a new Tasmanian wine to its impressive list.

20 June 2019, Edition 206

Sam’s vintage move

Sam's vintage move - Sam Connew

Top winemaker, Sam Connew, packed her bags and headed south in search of the perfect grape – and the perfect lifestyle.

26 May 2019, Edition 205

Spirited guide

That ultimate travel tome – Lonely Planet – has given Tasmania’s world-class spirits a big wrap, not to mention invaluable international exposure! Seven Tasmanian distilleries have made the cut to feature in Lonely Planet’s Global Distillery Tour guide that was published this month. 

26 May 2019, Edition 205

Dairy deal

Tasmania’s buoyant dairy sector has sparked a sizeable acquisition, with a mixed agribusiness and a Burnie Whisky distillery both winners. Launceston based TasFoods has just forked out $11.5 million to acquire a chunk of Betta Milk, including its Burnie milk processing assets. 

26 May 2019, Edition 205

Tassie’s golden tea

Tassie’s golden tea – saffron threads

There’s an exciting new Tasmanian niche export that is literally worth its weight in gold — Saffron Tea.

24 May 2019, Edition 205

An ancient brew

Tassie twist to ancient brew - bottle

What do you get from a secret blend of Tassie’s world-class honey, whisky and an ancient recipe?

22 May 2019, Edition 205

New York to new gin

From Wall Street to the Tamar Valley. It’s a big change for Justin Turner who has turned his hand to artisan spirits. The former New York Financier recently launched his Three Cuts Gin at his Turner Stillhouse: “I fell in love with a Tasmanian and then I fell in love with Tasmania”, Turner explains. Turner calls this his “passion project” adding that he is inspired by Tasmania’s fresh produce, clean environment and incredibly welcoming people: “I’m so lucky to be living my dream every day. Tasmania has such a unique sense of community – even ‘competitors’ within the industry are always willing to share advice or a helping hand." Turner grew up on a family winery in the US and hopes to become a significant player on the local spirits scene. In the meantime, he is proud of his Three Cuts Gin which is described as a handcrafted blend of botanicals, juniper, fresh lime, cinnamon bark, a hint of white peppercorn and three cuts of rose.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Showcasing Tassie lamb

Our premium lamb is being showcased to the world through a new branding program by Tasmanian Quality Meats (TQM). After starting the Three Rivers brand about two years ago, TQM domestic sales manager, Matt Lang, told Tasmanian Country the time is right to launch an official Tasmanian-branded program.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Whisky maker toast of Australia

Hellyers Road Distillery has been named Australia’s Champion Distiller of the Year. The Tasmanian company won the prestigious top gong at the recent Australian Distilled Spirits Awards which was held in Melbourne. Located in lush dairy country in Tasmania’s northwest, Hellyers Road Distillery is Australia’s largest boutique whisky distillery and exports its premium product to more than 20 countries. The distillery was set up in 1999, near Burnie, by a group of dairy farmers and whisky aficionados who operated one of Tasmania’s largest milk processing companies, Betta Milk. Their first bottles of whisky were released to the public in 2006. Hellyers Road Distillery is renowned for its single malt whisky, and prides itself on producing a tipple that “captures the very taste and character of Tasmania".

23 April 2019, Edition 204

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