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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Food and Beverage sector:

Top gong for Farmers’ Market

Launceston Farmers’ Market won a trophy for best market of its type in the land at the delicious. Produce Awards in Melbourne in August. The popular weekly event is held in Cimitiere Street on Saturday mornings from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Tasmanian businesses also collected six gold medals at the prestigious national awards, including four in the From the Earth category where Cygnet Mushroom (Farm Gourmet Specialty Mushrooms), Wellington Apiary (Leatherwood Pure Tasmanian Honey), Weston Farm (Smoked Paprika) and Meru Miso (Sweet White Miso) were all successful. Chris and Meagan de Bono started Meru Miso in Melbourne four years ago, before relocating to Launceston last year. Pyengana Dairy Company won a From the Dairy gold medal for its 12+ Months Tasty Cheddar, while Mole Creek’s Springfield Deer Farm won a From the Paddock gold medal for its venison.

6 September 2017, Edition 187

Rustic eateries right on trend

Edition 187_AgrarianKitchen

The recent opening of two paddock-to-plate eateries in the Huon and Derwent valleys is right on trend in the national food scene.

6 September 2017, Edition 187

Salmon farmer looks north-west

Edition 187_PetunaWeb

North-west Tasmania, including King Island, emerged in August as a likely option for continued expansion of salmon farming in Tasmania.

6 September 2017, Edition 187

Cherry pioneer says it’s time

Edition 186_Tim Reid ...time to step off the treadmill

Australia’s biggest cherry grower and biggest cherry exporter, Reid Fruits, was offered for sale in July by Expressions of Interest.

1 August 2017, Edition 186

Farm acquires an urban café

Weston Farm, north of Hobart, is a family business specialising, in peony roses, extra virgin olive oil, smoked paprika and other fresh farm produce. It now operates Hobart’s Pigeon Hole Café to showcase its quality, seasonal produce. The Goulburn Street café’s menu is ever evolving, driven by the chefs’ knowledge of what the farm is producing through regular visits to source food and to join in farming activities. To keep the café and farm connected, even in lean times, fruit and vegetables are bottled and preserved and made available for purchase by café customers. “Everything at Weston Farm conforms to organic and sustainable farming practices,” co-owner Richard Weston said. “Our business focus is on a true paddock-to-plate experience, based on quality, freshness and customer service. Most of all we love what we do.” Pigeon Hole Café is open on weekdays from 7.30am to 4pm and on weekends from 8am to 3.30pm.

31 July 2017, Edition 186

Riversdale has top medal winner

Riversdale Estate Crater Tasmania Chardonnay has become the State’s most awarded chardonnay. The Coal River Valley wine won a gold medal at the recent International Cool Climate Wine Show in Victoria, bringing its gold medal tally to 30 since its first release in 2008. It has also won numerous trophies and several best-in-show awards. Winemaker Ian Roberts told The Examiner: “I didn’t realise until someone did the numbers. I knew it was up there with awards, but it’s the most awarded chardonnay produced in Tasmania. It makes it one of Australia’s most celebrated portfolio of wines; and it just so happens that it comes from Tasmania.” Riversdale Estate is in a north-facing position fronting Pittwater. It enjoys all-day sun which creates an ideal micro-climate for grape ripening.

31 July 2017, Edition 186

Victorians tasting ‘proper pies’

Tasmanian Bakeries’ iconic National Pies are now available from Woolworths’ Victorian stores. The Pie with the Superior Interior will be supplied to 240 supermarkets across Victoria. National Pies CEO, Shaun Hancock, said: “Our team was extremely busy in July building 150 pallets to fill eight freezer containers in preparation for the product launch.” A family-owned business established in 1942 by Alfred Gough, the Hobart bakery employs 95 people and still bakes its "proper pies" and pastries fresh every day before distributing throughout Tasmania and interstate. Mr Hancock said all their products proudly displayed a Tasmanian Bakeries Quality Guarantee on the packaging. “This reinforces our Tasmanian heritage and our strong commitment to use Tasmanian-sourced ingredients where possible,” he said. “At our core, we believe wholeheartedly in Tasmania and supporting other Tasmanian businesses and Tasmanians. While we directly employ a team of local butchers, bakers and pastry makers, just as importantly, we have always supported Tasmanian farmers and suppliers, and understand the critical role they have played in our journey and in our future.”

31 July 2017, Edition 186

Tetsuya offers Tassie tartare

Brand Ambassador Tetsuya Wakuda has included Tasmanian Cape Grim Beef Tartare in an extended menu at his Bar at Waku Ghin. Soon after his Singapore restaurant Waku Ghin was promoted to two Michelin Stars, Tetsuya unveiled new dishes for the exclusive, adjoining bar which serves a selection of more than 85 cocktails, along with premium sake and spirits, including Tasmanian whiskies. The Tasmanian tartare is a light version of a traditional French-style tartare, with a lively acidity to complement the clean flavours of grass-fed and hormone-free beef from Cape Grim. Dishes at The Bar at Waku Ghin are designed to be light on the palate, with well-balanced flavours. Guests are encouraged to try a variety of dishes to create their own elegant dining experiences. Tetsuya said: “When I see good, fresh ingredients, my imagination starts to grow. Many of the new dishes introduced to the bar menu are inspired by the quality ingredients that we bring in from small-batch producers.”

31 July 2017, Edition 186

Junction wins State’s support

Launceston’s Junction Arts Festival, originally a one-off event to coincide with a Regional Arts Australia National Conference in 2010, has secured state funding for the next five years. The Tasmanian Government has committed $1.25 million to the festival until 2021. In addition, the City of Launceston will provide $45,000 a year over the next three years. Festival Creative Director, Greg Clarke, told The Examiner: “We can’t give too much away yet, but the 2017 program will definitely have something for everyone. What I can tell you is that there will be over 30 events with a real focus on showcasing Tasmanian music, art, performance, food and wine.”

4 July 2017, Edition 185

Fruit skins become superfood

Derwent Valley blackcurrant farmer Richard Clark has found a use for several tonnes of blackcurrant skins that are left after the dark purple berries are juiced for popular blackcurrant cordial. “Blackcurrants contain more anthocyanins and antioxidants and all those good things than just about every other superfood,” the Westerway Raspberry Farm proprietor told Tasmanian Country. “It has actually got about a third more anthocyanins and antioxidant than a blueberry.” Samples of the skins have been freeze-dried to produce a powder that can be added to smoothies, used as a topping for yoghurt or as a cooking ingredient. “What the research found was that the skin is where all the good stuff is, or most of the good stuff,” Mr Clark said. “All of a sudden we had this wonderful product, lovely colour, lovely flavour, lovely mouth feel that’s super full of these anthocyanins and antioxidants. So it is almost a concentrated bout of blackcurrants in a single teaspoon … It is only very, very small at the moment, but it is exciting that there can be a use for food waste, knowing how much food waste is occurring in our society.”

4 July 2017, Edition 185

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