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Forestry and timber partners

Britton Timbers

Bush mill marks a century… Britton Timbers is a family company that has grown from a small bush mill in the early 1900s, to a major exporter of fine Tasmanian timbers.

Using Tasmanian oak, blackwood and myrtle, the company creates high-quality veneers for furniture and commercial outfits, plus floorings, skirtings and architraves from processed timber. As the largest privately owned hardwood sawmill in Tasmania, Britton Timbers employs 50 people and exports to Singapore, New Zealand, United States and China.

Contact name Glenn Britton
Phone 03 6452 2522
Email tassales@brittontimbers.com.au
Website www.brittontimbers.com.au

Craig Howard & Son

Fine furniture maker and designer.

Craig Howard & Son creates traditional and contemporary one off pieces of fine furniture, using traditional construction methods like hand cut dovetails. Tasmanian special species timber is sourced from a chain of custody supplier, which we cut from logs ourselves to achieve the best grain and colour patterns. The logs are then air and kiln dried on site. 

My son Jack and myself are fifth generation timber workers. We have received two Business East Awards for Excellence, and a Salamanca Rotary Club Award for Excellence.
I was also awarded the Tasmanian apprentice of the year award from 1980 to 1983.

We have sold fine furniture all over Australia and several pieces have been sold oversees.  Delivery is not a problem as we box and wrap the furniture.
 We are currently producing 3 mm thick sustainable eco timber in Tasmanian special species which makes this resource more sustainable for future generations.

Contact name Craig Howard
Phone 0408 335 696
Email info@heritagefurniture.com.au
Website www.heritagefurniture.com.au

Denman Marine

Denman Marine specialises in Wooden boat construction, repair and restoration using Tasmania's world renowned boat building timbers.

Kettering based Denman Marine was founded by Andrew Denman in 2005 and since establishment, Denman Marine has built or restored nearly 50 vessels, which are now spread throughout Tasmania, mainland Australia and overseas.

Denman Marine utilises both traditional and modern timber boat building methods and is renowned for their high levels of finish and ability to custom build vessels to suit client needs.

Denman Marine has experience in providing vessels for film and television production - an example of which was the production of custom vessels for the Hollywood film Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Denman Marine also holds exclusive agencies for the following international companies;
• Swallow Boats(UK)
• Barton Marine Products (UK)
• Bruynzeel Plywood (France)
• Chesapeake Light Craft (USA) – the world’s largest kit boat producer

Although one of Australia’s southern most boat builders, transport of completed vessels is easily arranged to any mainland or worldwide destination.

Contact name Andrew Denman
Phone 0413 765 984
Email andrew@denmanmarine.com.au
Website www.denmanmarine.com.au

Design Tasmania

Design Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision for a successful Tasmania where 'Design makes the Difference' to enterprises, the community, and individuals.

Design Tasmania operates from the Gary Cleveland Galleries in Launceston as a state-wide organisation to inform, educate, and expose the public, designers, and opinion leaders to the best in design and design thinking. It houses five beautiful interconnected gallery spaces and adjoins Price Hall which is home to our Retail Store.

Design Tasmania's vision is to engage and enable the Tasmanian design community. Design Tasmania exhibits, promotes, and provides mentoring support for Tasmanian designers and craftspeople.

We lead a vibrant and engaged design community connected to contemporary issues such as resources and material, skills, and industry. We encourage tacit benefits for the success and career sustainability of individuals in the design and wider Tasmanian community.

Design Tasmania is positioned to further promote Tasmania as a dynamic leader in the Australian design landscape through commitment to collaboration, innovation, and meaningful action at a state, national, and international level. This is articulated through the presentation of our seasonal exhibitions, design development programs, forums and talks, awards, workshops, the Design Tasmania Wood Collection, place-based camping retreats as professional career enhancements, the retail environment, participation in festivals, and presentation of events.

Our legacy is a state-wide craft and design awareness and expertise, based on research and advocacy within a context of international best practice.

Contact name Claire Beale
Phone 03 6331 5506
Email director@designtasmania.com.au
Website www.designtasmania.com.au

Fine Timber Tasmania Inc

Fine Timber Tasmania is a not-for-profit association, with membership reflecting all components of the special timber supply chain; growers, processors, makers and retailers.

It is the owner of a Chain of Custody certificate, certified to AS4707 and recognised under the Australian Forest Certification Scheme. This provides an assurance of the legal and sustainable origin of logs, being a key selling point for high value timber products.

The FTT Chain of Custody is managed on behalf of Fine Timber Tasmania Inc by Tasmanian Quality Assured and independently audited by Global Mark, an assurance of quality and integrity. The system is growing in acceptance and now has the main special timber processors either as licencees accredited to use the system or applicants. It is present in high profile sites such as the Salamanca Market where a majority of woodcraft stalls have applied to become licensees. It is becoming a requirement of entry into discerning markets within Australia and internationally.

Furniture manufacturers, designer makers and other commercial users are joining as the system grows in acceptance as an assurance that special timber purchased or within product is legally sourced from sustainably managed forests certified to the Australian Forest Certification Scheme.

No matter where you are in the chain, the Fine Timber Tasmania Chain of Custody has the potential to add value to your fine timber product.

Contact name Steve Whiteley
Phone 03 6235 8385
Email steve.whiteley@forestrytas.com.au
Website www.chainofcustody.com.au

Horticultural And Landscape Supplies

Horticultural Supplies is the largest garden supply businesses in Tasmania, with representation in both the north and south of the state.

We also package potting mixes, composts, mulches and fertilisers under contract for mainland companies. We are developing a number of products that have under the HALS brand that will have innovative Tasmanian inputs.

Contact name Troy Cook
Phone 03 6263 4688
Email tcook@horticulturalsupplies.com.au
Website www.horticulturalsupplies.com.au


Below the waters of Tasmania’s west coast dam lies a treasure hidden for over 25 years. An ancient forest lost to the deep, dark waters. Lost, that is, until today.

Below the waters of Tasmania’s west coast dams lies a treasure hidden for over 25 years. An ancient forest lost to the deep, dark waters. Lost, that is, until today.

A treasure that includes some of Tasmania’s rarest and most sought after specialty timbers. Most species we harvest are in short supply and almost never found as intact logs. And they certainly don’t come with such a unique story.

This isn’t recycled wood already used and full of rusty bolts and nails. And it isn’t reclaimed wood found on a musty forest floor, years dead and scavenged from amongst the leaf litter.

This is real wood. Solid timber that comes untouched and intact. Wood that craftsmen and master builders dream of working with.

Wood with a story to tell, a character like no other and in quantities thought never to be seen again.

This is Hydrowood.

And now it is available to you.

Contact name Darryn Crook
Phone 03 6223 3536
Email dcrook@sfmes.com.au
Website www.hydrowood.com.au

Linii Tasmania

Boutique Souvenirs made from finely milled Huon Pine

The brand has been developed around the last five letters of its botanical name. LAGOSTROBOS FRANKLINII.

The Huon Pine is Australia's oldest living tree and is endemic to Tasmania.

Linii Tasmania sell innovative boutique finely milled packaged Huon Pine. We are Tasmanian owned and operated; all raw product is legally sourced from the West Coast.

It has been certified Australian Made.

With our main product packaged in 70gm and 285gm Jute Bags with contemporary screen printing, information tags and “ON POINT” presentation.

The product is vacuum packed to ensure it is as fresh as the day it left the sawmill. Our products have traveled through several international ports and have always cleared customs.

Our range offers generous profit margins and will add product diversity and new customer engagement to any business stocking Linii.

Our manufacturing process supports people with intellectual disabilities.

Contact name Joris Roell
Phone 0414 612 580
Email linii.tasmania@gmail.com
Website www.linii.com.au

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop specialises in Contemporary Furniture design and manufacture from native Tasmanian timbers.

Contact name Mark Bishop
Phone 0419 271 136
Email mark@markbishop.com.au
Website www.markbishop.com.au

McKay Timber

McKay Timber was established in 1947 and has grown from being a small timber merchant into a major truss manufacturer, sawmiller and timber supplier. We are 100% Tasmanian family owned and operated.

Using Chain of Custody Certified Tasmanian Oak produced from our state of the art sawmill at Brighton and kiln dried and processed at our Glenorchy plant providing a full range of quality Tas Oak timber for, furniture, flooring, lining, architraves and F17 framing. We are also stockists of treated pine, radiata pine, Australian wormy chestnut, American Oak and BAL fire resisting timbers including , blackbutt, spotted gum and jarrah.
With sales outlets in Glenorchy and Prospect we cater for general public and the building industry. Also service market Australia wide and export to New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

McKay Timber employs 97 full time employees on three site state wide and operates Truss Plant in the north and south of the state.

Contact name Brett McKay
Phone 03 6272 6941
Email mckaytimber@mckaytimber.com.au
Website www.mckaytimber.com.au

Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP)

NSFP is one of the largest and most advanced processor of sustainable regrowth forest and wood products in Australia, specialising in one of the world's most beautiful and durable cool climate timbers, Tasmanian Oak.

Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) is a family owned and vertically integrated enterprise operating within Tasmania.

NSFP's Tasmanian footprint consists of two individual forest and wood processing businesses, located at each end of the state of Tasmania. They are a purpose built green mill designed to process smaller regrowth hardwood logs located in the Southern Forest (south of Huonville) and a Millworks operation in the north of the state (Launceston) that specialises in the drying, reconditioning and machining of the green timber sourced from the southern green mill.

These businesses operate with a collective goal of maximising the value of Tasmania's most sustainable and renewable resource: regrowth Tasmanian Oak logs.

NSFP's core business of processing and manufacturing high value appearance grade timber products for the interior design and home decor market is one of the largest in Australia, supplying both domestic and overseas markets.

NSFP employs 70 staff across Tasmania and has been operating within the Timber industry since 1924.

Contact name Drew Freeman
Phone 03 6326 1181
Email drewf@nsfpgroup.com.au
Website www.nevillesmithfp.com.au

PFG Group

The PFG Group Pty Ltd (PFG) is a Tasmanian owned and operated company with almost four decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic solutions and commercial products

The PFG Group Pty Ltd (PFG) is a Tasmanian owned and operated company with almost four decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic solutions and commercial products to the marine, aquaculture, mining, civil construction, industrial services and agriculture sectors. PFG also owns and operates Prairie Signs, Tasmania’s only statewide graphics company.
PFG currently has three factories in Tasmania and two in South Australia and we distribute products and services globally. Our head office is located on the waterfront in Goodwood and with factory/warehouse infrastructure exceeding 12,000 square metres, we have the facilities and logistical expertise to service the local Tasmania market while further expanding our national and international opportunities. PFG employ approximately 50 staff across all sites.

Contact name Rob Miley
Phone 03 6274 0222
Email robm@pfg-group.com.au
Website www.pfg-group.com.au

SFM Environmental Solutions

Established in 2001, SFM is committed to achieving sustainable forest management and natural resource management in Tasmania, Australia and globally.

100% Tasmanian owned and through employing graduates from Tasmania we are keeping Tasmania's quality in Tasmania.SFM is able to offer a diverse range of forestry, environmental planning and project management services to a broad range of cliental. SFM exports our services nationally and we have undertaken studies for a broad spectrum of clients including individual landholders, regional land use committees, natural resource mangers, water supply authorities, local government and state and federal land management agencies.

We pride ourselves in maintaining quality operating systems to ensure the viability of our company and the natural resources we manage - true sustainability in action.

Contact name Andrew Morgan
Phone 03 6223 3536
Email amorgan@sfmes.com.au
Website www.sfmes.com.au

Sustainable Timber Tasmania

Sustainable Timber Tasmania is focused on: sustainably managing the forest estate, sustainably supplying timber, and sustainably growing its business. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Sustainable Timber Tasmania does. Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a Government Business Enterprise responsible for managing over 800,000 hectares of public production forests, know as Permanent Timber Production Zone land (PTPZ), and undertaking forest operations to produce wood products from these forests.   

Sustainable Timber Tasmania objectives are to:

  • Achieve and maintain financial sustainability for Sustainable Timber Tasmania;
  • Efficiently and effectively make available agreed wood volumes and other services to its customers;
  • Professionally manage public production forests to maintain wood resource and other environmental, cultural and economic values; and
  • Achieve zero harm to its people and contractors.

Contact name Steve Whiteley
Phone 03 6169 2800
Email stakeholder@sttas.com.au
Website www.sttas.com.au

TAS Essential Services

TAS Essential Services supports a range of family owned businesses in Tasmania to grow and thrive.

Acting as a corporate shared services Hub for Tasmanian family-owned businesses, we provide financial, marketing, sales, operations and HR support services.

The businesses operate in a broad range of sectors including food services, agriculture, manufacturing, irrigation, marketing, hospitality, building and construction.

Contact name Lesley Aitken
Phone 03 6319 6384
Email admin@tasessentialservices.com.au

Tasmanian Ports Corporation

Tasports is a State-Owned Company responsible for 11 of Tasmania's key ports. Our purpose is to facilitate trade for the benefit of Tasmania with a focus on customers as business drivers.

Tasports formed on 1 January 2006 following the merger of the Hobart, Devonport, Burnie and Launceston port corporations. The statewide organization was established to improve logistics solutions and rationalise resources to deliver a more efficient and consistent service to customers.

Tasport's main services include pilotage, security, navigation, port control, and emergency response. Tasports also provides cold storage and warehousing, quarantine services, along with towage, salvage and floating plant for marine engineering, construction and coastal haulage.

Not restricted to seaports, Tasports also operates the Devonport Airport as well as the Burnie and Bell Bay woodchip loader infrastructure.

In recent years Tasports has worked to prioritise investment in our ports. Tasports has developed port precinct and land use strategies that support a long term vision of port use. Tasports is cognisant of both commercial and community uses of ports and has therefore developed a four year plan to re-invest in high use community assets around the state.

Contact name Matt Frodsham
Phone 1300 366 742
Email reception@tasports.com.au
Website www.tasports.com.au

Tasmanian Salvaged Resurrection Timbers Pty Ltd

Supplier of Tasmanian Minor species Timbers for musical instruments supplier to Taylor guitars in the U.S.A. Plus Fender.

 Supplier to Warwick in Germany and numerous custom build luthiers world wide.

Contact name Robert Mac Millan
Phone 03 6268 6638
Email robert@tasmaniantonewoods.com
Website www.tasmaniantimbers.com

Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board

The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board promotes the use of Tasmanian timber and timber products.

Tasmanian Timber is a thing of beauty. Grown locally and sustainably, Tasmanian Timber is processed to the highest standards, and backed by the technical support of Australia's leading timber experts.

The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board (TTPB) supports research into the use of wood and its derivatives (sawn timber and timber products), markets timber and timber products, and disseminates information on using timber and timber products.

The TTPB marketing program includes a website and content campaign that promotes the use of Tasmanian Timber to architects, interior designers, furniture makers and designers, specifiers and builders.

The campaign provides a combination of inspiration through case studies, and technical information and support provided by the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) at the University of Tasmania.

Contact name Tasmanian Timber
Phone 0419 319 789
Email terry.edwards@fiatas.com.au
Website www.tasmaniantimber.com.au

Wagner Framemakers

Fine art framing for institutions and individuals

A second-generation family business now run by Jemima and Felix Wagner, founded by Luke Wagner, WAGNER FRAMEMAKERS offer a refreshing and contemporary approach to Fine Art Picture Framing.

Available for on and off-site consultations, our range of services is vast, from private heirloom pieces, through to museum work. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in the arts industry, our cutting edge equipment and our artisan finish.

We employ artists, so our entire team have a sensitivity to specific requirements within the visual arts. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

Contact name Jemima Wagner
Phone 03 6234 8599
Email info@wagnerframemakers.com.au
Website www.wagnerframemakers.com.au

Wild Wooden Creations

We make cutting and serving boards, coasters and wooden spoons from one piece of premium Tasmanian timber.

We are makers at The Makers Workshop in Burnie and specialise in custom-made corporate gifts as well as special occasion items for weddings and other celebrations. Our wooden spoons are made from Celery Top, a resilient and stylish Tasmanian native conifer, that has no smell or taste. They come in right and left hand models.

The timbers we use are all sustainable and sourced ethically from registered sawmills as well as salvaged from trees removed during farm clearing operations.

The timbers used include Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood, Huon Pine, Celery Top, Sassafras, Leatherwood, Myrtle, Native Olive, Dogwood and Macrocarpa.

We also sell our products through our Facebook page and ETSY shop.

We are presently developing another product range under the trading name Smoko to make use of residue created during the preparation of our products. Tasmanian timbers have unique qualities in relation to smoking of food and are more than a substitute for imported wood shavings, pellets and blocks.

Phone 0418 182 800
Email wildcreations@iinet.net.au
Website www.etsy.com/au/shop/WiLDwoodencreations

Witt Design

Excellence in design and manufacture – ready for export… Witt Design in Hobart, works in close collaboration with some of Tasmania's leading furniture designers to produce contemporary, high quality furniture that is ready for export.


The precision, computer-controlled manufacturing process allows the product to be flat packed for efficient freight.

A long-standing relationship with recognised designer, Peter Costello, has seen the emergence of furniture for both office and residential settings, using Tasmanian speciality timbers. The company exports to the United States and New Zealand and is keen to source new markets.

Contact name Alan Witt
Phone 03 6273 0254
Email allan@wittdesign.com.au
Website www.wittdesign.com.au

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The demand for Tasmanian forestry products is buoyant, and largely driven by an international market with strong prices for both soft and hardwood. Against this background, Tasmanian farmers are being urged to fully consider the many benefits of plantation timber on their properties. Private Forests Tasmania [PFT] recently hosted a field day where farmers heard there is so much more than just the value of the timber itself. PFT manager of business development, Martin Moroni, told Tasmanian Country that some of the biggest benefits actually come from better productivity in surrounding paddocks: “Often trees are thought to be in the way of farming, rather than supporting it.” He highlighted environmental and aesthetic benefits, such as animal habitats and wind breaks, with his key message being: “It’s worthwhile checking the market at the moment because it is at a high and there might be good returns, much bigger than they were a few years ago.”

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11 December 2018, Edition 201

Accolades for Tassie timber designs

Tasmania has been lauded for its stunning architectural designs featuring timber. The much-acclaimed Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions, by Liminal Studio, took out the Excellence in Timber Products category at the recent Australian Timber Design Awards in Sydney.

7 December 2018, Edition 201

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Forestry grows strong

Hot on the heels of news that Timberlink is investing $100 million in its sawmills – including at Bell Bay – Tasmania’s state-owned forestry company has turned a profit for the first time in a decade.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

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Global accolades for designer who is blind

It is an incredible feat. Young Hobart designer, Duncan Meerding, is blind, yet he has just won an international award at the ‘Oscars of lighting’.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Timberlink investment boost

Tasmania’s timber industry has been given a big boost with a $100 million investment from Timberlink in production assets. This is set to be rolled out over the next three years and will be invested at Timberlink’s Bell Bay facility, in the state’s north, as well as it’s Tarpeena Mill in South Australia. The money allocated for Bell Bay will be used to install new planer mill equipment, improve existing site infrastructure and improve safety with an upgraded internal road system. Timberlink CEO, Ian Tyson, says this demonstrates that the timber industry is thriving: “It supports the investment strategy of the soft wood sector for Tasmania. It shows the enormous future the timber industry has, both globally and within the domestic market.” Timberlink is the leading producer of plantation timber in Tasmania, sustainably growing quality pine in certified plantations.  

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Stunning architectural features and bespoke furniture are being crafted out of an innovative timber veneer, which is also helping to preserve Tasmania’s specialty woods.

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