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The following stories relate toTasmania’s Infrastructure sector:

PM signs on for Hobart deal

Edition 191_Stem

UTAS's proposed STEM project in the CBD and an Antarctic research precinct at Macquarie Point looked more likely after a Federal Government City Deal was signed in Hobart in January.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Our brand has 'come of age'

Edition 191_Miley

Tasmania's brand has come of age and the future is looking positive, according to the new head of the Tasmanian Maritime Network, Robert Miley.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

National fillip for marine sector

Edition 191_Incat

Tasmania's maritime engineering capability has been given valuable national exposure following a Brand Tasmania-backed visit to the State by magazine editor and specialist writer Simon Enticknap.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Island gets renewables hub

Flinders Island has switched on a $13.38 million wind and solar hub which will supply on average 60 per cent of the island's power. Renewable supply could rise to 100 per cent when the weather is right. The picturesque island at the eastern end of Bass Strait is home to about 800 people who have previously depended on shipped-in diesel for power. The new hub uses sophisticated controls to manage a fluctuating mix of wind, solar and diesel power and is likely to be replicated in other remote Australian communities. The project was predominantly funded by Hydro Tasmania, with a $5.5 million contribution from the Federal Government's independent Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Similar hybrid technology has been installed on Tasmania's King Island, at Coober Pedy in South Australia, on Rottnest Island in Western Australia and at several smaller off-the-grid communities in the Northern Territory, but Flinders Island's system is the only one to have been built in shipping containers which were then taken to the island before being "plugged-in" to one another. There are plans to add tidal power to the Flinders Island mix over coming years and Hydro Tasmania's CEO, Steve Davy, said there was international interest in the project.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Lonnie takes 'smart city' lead

Edition 191_Campus

Launceston grabbed national leadership as a smart city, received a Federal funding go-ahead for its Inveresk campus project and successfully hosted its first Mona Foma festival in a hectic first month of 2018.

7 February 2018, Edition 191

20pc rise tipped for Hobart homes

Edition 190_Houses

Property prices in Hobart could rise by 20 per cent in the coming 12 months, according to Propertyology researchers.

11 December 2017, Edition 190

$20m for 2nd power cable study

Edition 190_Daly

The State and Federal governments will jointly fund a $20 million business case study into a second Bass Strait electricity inter-connector that will be needed if Tasmania is to become the battery of the nation.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Bigger, cleaner ships for TT-Line

Edition 190_TT-Line

TT-Line is set to order two new, bigger and cleaner ships to boost capacity and heighten customer appeal on its Bass Strait service.

4 December 2017, Edition 190

Eslake values STEM at $2.75b

Respected economist Saul Eslake believes the University of Tasmania’s proposed but unfunded STEM project in Hobart’s CBD would add about $2.75 billion to the State’s gross product over 10 years. Mr Eslake said the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project — which has been praised by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and has received priority status from Infrastructure Australia — would bring similar benefits to Tasmania as have been delivered by similar projects overseas. “The proposal will create 755 jobs during construction, and at least 190 on-going academic and other staff jobs, increase student numbers by around 1,500 (including 600 international or interstate students),” Mr Eslake said. “Hobart has much in common with regional cities in Europe and North America where the development of education and innovation precincts has demonstrably helped to revitalise urban areas, create jobs, enhance skills, foster collaboration between educational institutions and industry and accelerate economic growth.” The project, set for the corner of Melville and Argyle streets, is the centrepiece of a likely Federal Government City Deal for Hobart and has been endorsed by 11 southern Tasmanian mayors as the region’s top funding priority.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

Mac Point is trending polar

Macquarie Point’s Cold Store was demolished in September as a $40 million Antarctic and Science Precinct was promoted as a priority for the urban-renewal project. The precinct will be put forward alongside UTAS’s STEM project as a key driver of an expected Hobart City Deal with the Federal Government. The Minister for State Growth, Matthew Groom, said: “We have the capacity to further cement Tasmania’s position as a world-leading scientific research location. An Antarctic and Science precinct would complement other Federal investments in Tasmania, such as the Hobart airport runway extension and investment in other Tasmanian-based research organisations.” The Antarctic and Science Precinct will also complement the Eden Project’s plans for an Antarctic experience at the site. The Deputy Chair of the Tasmanian Polar Network, Richard Fader, said: “The Antarctic and Science precinct is a key growth opportunity for the sector and our members are highly supportive and will continue to be pro-active in its development. The Antarctic and Southern Ocean sector has been a long-term winner for Tasmania. It returns an economic benefit in excess of $180 million per year to the Tasmanian community and employs over 750 people … the sector is experiencing a buoyant time and a precinct development at Macquarie Point would be an internationally visible focus point of the Hobart Antarctic Gateway.”

3 October 2017, Edition 188

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