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Manufacturing stories

The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Manufacturing sector.

The lure of export success

Edition 200_GarthWigston

The Tasmanian Export Awards have just celebrated their 25th anniversary, and a local company that makes just one product – a fishing lure that has reached cult status across the globe – has been there from the very start.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Advancing Tasmania’s manufacturing

Edition 198_Manufacturing

Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing sector has experienced a major turnaround over the past two years, with niche specialist companies – such as Storemasta – leading the way.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Wild rivers inspire artisan brew

Edition 198_BoagsWildRiver

The wild rivers and pioneering spirit of Tasmania are the inspiration behind the first major beer launch in more than a decade at Australia’s oldest brewery site.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Best defence

Edition 198_PrinceOfWales

Momentum is building to have Prince of Wales Bay officially recognised as a defence precinct, reflecting Tasmania’s growing reputation as a leading sector supplier.

11 September 2018, Edition 198

Scoot Boots is a ‘shoe-in’

A company that produces innovative protective shoes for horses' hooves – allowing them to forgo steel horse shoes – has been named the Telstra Tasmanian business of the year. Scoot Boots is a one-piece hoof boot that is both simple and light and aims to support a natural approach to horse care by promoting a barefoot way of caring for hooves. It is the brainchild of Dave MacDonald – who has been working with horses as a farrier and trainer for more than 30 years – who says: “Our Scoot Boots allow horses to virtually go barefoot, an option that is much more suitable to their overall health.” Scoot Boots, which is based at Acton Park near Hobart, is the only Australian manufacturer of protective equine hoof boots and now has more than 400 stockists worldwide.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Defence contract a Tassie win

The news that BAE Systems has won the contract to build nine Australian naval frigates in Adelaide is also a big win for Tasmania with a number of local advanced manufacturing companies in line as suppliers. Hobart-based Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) is the first to announce it has secured a contract with the British naval ship-builder. In a 10-year, $10 million deal, LSA will provide advanced Marine Evacuation Systems – liferafts and evacuation slides – for the Hunter Class global combat ships. LSA will most likely increase its full-time workforce, from 70 to 80 employees, as a result. Other Tasmanian companies are also primed to secure lucrative contracts with BAE Systems. These include naval interior fit-out specialists Taylor Brothers; fire-barrier manufacturer CBG Systems; and metal components company Direct Edge. Tasmania Maritime Network Chairman, Rob Miley, said: “The BAE announcement is great news for the state, as a number of Tasmanian advanced manufacturers have built-up strong relationships with the British naval ship-builder, and are likely to secure defence supply work as a result.” He added that “it is a natural development for our advanced manufacturing sector to move into the defence industry supply chain”. The Tasmanian Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries, Jeremy Rockliff pointed out, with LSA having secured the contract with BAE Systems, “it demonstrates to the broader global business community that the Tasmanian advanced manufacturing sector can deliver advanced products of high quality that are globally competitive for large-scale, high-value, defence contracts".

10 July 2018, Edition 196

Mission accomplished for delegation

Representatives of an important Tasmanian Government trade mission to the US have returned confident important doors have been opened, which will help grow the State’s defence industries sector. Tasmania has about 30 businesses already operating in the defence sector generating sales revenues of $340 million a year, in areas including design and manufacture. Tasmanian businesses are also involved in the service of maritime parts for naval ships and submarines for the Australian, New Zealand, Singapore, US and Israeli defence forces. Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff led the trade mission, accompanied by representatives from these companies, including Pivot Maritime International, which manufactures state-of-the-art simulation systems. The group attended the Sea Air Space Expo in Washington. They also held private meetings with key US Defence representatives, including US Navy Under-Secretary Thomas Modly: “The United States spends trillions of dollars on defence capability and the opportunities for Tasmanian businesses are virtually limitless, especially when it comes to the United States Navy,” Mr Rockliff said. An invitation has been extended to Mr Modly to visit Tasmania and tour the State’s ports and advanced manufacturing facilities.

3 May 2018, Edition 194

Burnie wins $190m timber mill

Edition 192_Plantation

Construction of Australia's biggest hardwood mill — to be fed with plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens — will begin in Burnie by the end of this year.

8 March 2018, Edition 192

National fillip for marine sector

Edition 191_Incat

Tasmania's maritime engineering capability has been given valuable national exposure following a Brand Tasmania-backed visit to the State by magazine editor and specialist writer Simon Enticknap.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Our brand has 'come of age'

Edition 191_Miley

Tasmania's brand has come of age and the future is looking positive, according to the new head of the Tasmanian Maritime Network, Robert Miley.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

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