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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Manufacturing sector.

An island innovation

An island innovation - Pivot Maritime in discussion

Living on an island has forced Tasmanians to ‘think outside the box’. And a Tassie company from Legana has done just that with a high-tech innovation that’s attracting global attention – including the eye of the US navy. 

21 June 2019, Edition 206

PFG acquisition expands horizons

Hobart-based advanced manufacturer, PFG Group, has broadened its sights after acquiring Kiel Industries in regional Victoria last year. This is a strategic move for the plastics specialist that told a leading manufacturing publication it wants to grow from a medium-sized to a large business. Company C.E.O. Michael Sylvester said: “The combination of PFG and Kiel merges two industry-leading capabilities - PFG’s polymer fabrication expertise and Kiel Industries’ exceptional rotational moulding skill.” The addition of Kiel enables PFG to expand its involvement in the transport, food-handling and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. “Through the Kiel Industries acquisition we are also making around 40% of the McDonalds’ playgrounds for Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands, and we are a leading supplier of plastic pellets,” Sylvester adds. PFG is a leading supplier in the aquaculture and commercial marine sector, and exports its products, including the super-tough Aquatruck boats, around the world.

19 March 2019, Edition 203

McCain… does it again.

McCain Foods has announced it will invest $37 million upgrading its Smithton potato plant in North West Tasmania. This upgrade will see the site become the company’s primary retail French fry production facility in Australia and New Zealand. Work is expected to start in April and be completed by January next year. Potatoes are Tasmania’s highest value vegetable, worth $111 million at the farm gate and $345 million after processing, according to the latest AgriFood Scorecard. Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Guy Barnett said: “This multimillion dollar investment is a massive win for the Smithton community, and follows the addition of 17 new permanent jobs at the potato plant bringing its workforce to 95. A further 60 new jobs will be created during the construction phase, and $15 million will be injected into the Tasmanian economy in local trade and labour contracts.” He also calls it a significant vote of confidence in the Tasmanian agribusiness sector.

19 March 2019, Edition 203

Raising the bar

Edition 203_BeautyBees

As Hobart moves to ban single-use plastic, a Tasmanian ‘zero waste’ pioneer, who makes eco-friendly shampoo bars, has caught the attention of none other than Warren Buffet.

19 March 2019, Edition 203

Incat continues record run

Incat’s latest catamaran is proving, once again, that Tasmania is a world leader when it comes to high speed craft. Saint John Paul II – which will soon begin service as a fast ferry in the Mediterranean – is the 89th vessel to roll off Incat’s Hobart production line, and the company’s 44th large commercial fast ferry. After completing extensive sea trials in January, Saint John Paul II left Tasmania on February 6, bound for Malta. The vessel has been custom designed for Virtu Ferries and will be the largest Ro-Pax catamaran on the Mediterranean, with a capacity for 900 passengers over two decks, and able to carry 167 cars. Incat Chairman Robert Clifford said: “The 110 metre wave piercing catamaran, one of the largest and most revolutionary built by the yard, is the first Incat newbuild vessel to join the Virtu fleet … Virtu Ferries was seeking increased reliability, sea keeping, passenger comfort, capacity and economy … we believe we have turned that vision into reality with Saint John Paul II.”

View Videos to take a tour of Incat’s Saint John Paul II.

Watch video on YouTube

Watch video on YouTube

14 February 2019, Edition 202

The lure of export success

Edition 200_GarthWigston

The Tasmanian Export Awards have just celebrated their 25th anniversary, and a local company that makes just one product – a fishing lure that has reached cult status across the globe – has been there from the very start.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Advancing Tasmania’s manufacturing

Edition 198_Manufacturing

Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing sector has experienced a major turnaround over the past two years, with niche specialist companies – such as Storemasta – leading the way.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Wild rivers inspire artisan brew

Edition 198_BoagsWildRiver

The wild rivers and pioneering spirit of Tasmania are the inspiration behind the first major beer launch in more than a decade at Australia’s oldest brewery site.

12 September 2018, Edition 198

Best defence

Edition 198_PrinceOfWales

Momentum is building to have Prince of Wales Bay officially recognised as a defence precinct, reflecting Tasmania’s growing reputation as a leading sector supplier.

11 September 2018, Edition 198

Scoot Boots is a ‘shoe-in’

A company that produces innovative protective shoes for horses' hooves – allowing them to forgo steel horse shoes – has been named the Telstra Tasmanian business of the year. Scoot Boots is a one-piece hoof boot that is both simple and light and aims to support a natural approach to horse care by promoting a barefoot way of caring for hooves. It is the brainchild of Dave MacDonald – who has been working with horses as a farrier and trainer for more than 30 years – who says: “Our Scoot Boots allow horses to virtually go barefoot, an option that is much more suitable to their overall health.” Scoot Boots, which is based at Acton Park near Hobart, is the only Australian manufacturer of protective equine hoof boots and now has more than 400 stockists worldwide.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

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