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Textile, clothing and footwear partners

Bag Bakery

Tasmanian made vintage-inspired handbags and purses.

Contact name Sarah Beardshall
Phone 0419 256 215
Email sarah@bagbakery.com
Website www.bagbakery.com


Benni is a range of limited edition items inspired by the marine environment. Unique underwater images applied to bags, clothing and accessories. Hand made in Hobart.

Taking a closer look at marine plants and animals reveals beautiful patterns, textures and colors only seen by the keen eye and revealed by macro photography.

I have been scuba diving and taking underwater photos for many years, a passion of mine that has no sign of waning...and one of my first jobs was as a dressmaker and I have always enjoyed making and designing things.

......so I have decided to combine these interests to create my range 'Benni'

Each photograph was taken by me while scuba diving - many of these are from Tasmania, others from Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, the images are then printed to fabric. I design the items with practicality in mind, match the fabric to the image make them myself in Hobart.

I am working on a new bag design, and classic clothing styles - these will soon be added to the collection.

Contact name Benni
Phone 0407 338 030
Email marinedesignsbenni@gmail.com
Website www.marinedesignsbenni.com

Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd

Blundstone Boots is an iconic Tasmanian brand, dating back to the 1840s as one of the oldest family companies in Tasmania.

Today the Blundstone name is synonymous with quality footwear. Markets stretch to all areas of the globe and 'Blunnies' are just as likely to appear on Parisian catwalks as in the mines of Western Australia.

The Blundstone group operates on a set of values that have stood the test of time. Blundstones strives to meet, where possible, and exceed community expectations.

For a company that has been operating for more than 160 years, Blundstone is a testament to responsible and effective business practices.

Contact name Steve Gunn
Phone 03 6271 2200
Email sgunn@blundstone.com.au
Website www.blundstone.com.au

Daewon Co. Ltd

Daewon is manufacturer of worsted and woolen fabrics and yarns branded as 'Versen'.

Our products are used for mensuits and uniforms and we are selling to domestic market and exporting to USA, Japan and EU. Acquired the 18th Korea Textile Grandprix and Export Prize (Sept08). Awarded the Top Quality Goods Prize (Versen) for April 2008.

Contact name Angus Hooke
Phone 82-43-264-1115

Joanna Gair Paper

Tasmanian handmade paper studio, specialising in Tasmanian botanical and recycled textile papers

Handmade in Tasmania by artisan papermaker Joanna Gair (of Roo Poo Paper fame) this tiny, eco friendly paper mill specialises in papers made from Tasmanian plant fibres blended with recycled cotton.*

Using first century techniques and traditional equipment, each sheet of paper is made entirely by hand with the utmost dedication to environmental practices. Offering a core range of wholesale greeting cards and fine art prints, as well as specialty corporate ranges such as Whisky Paper for Lark's distillery and Beer Paper for Boags Brewery. Joanna also makes bespoke paper products, and includes Tetsuya Wakuda, Sean Connery and as clients.

*Recycled cotton sourced and processed by Vincent Industries, an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Contact name Joanna Gair
Phone 0405 742 174
Email info@joannagairpaper.com
Website www.joannagairpaper.com

Ms Katt’s Kustom House

Welcome to Ms Katt’s Kustom House, Hobarts most exclusive vintage inspired clothing boutique.

Much adored by our regular clientele, we are not just a destination for vintage loving fashionistas, but for any woman that wants to look and feel fabulous. Our customers return to us again and again because they know they’re going to love what they find here!

At Ms Katt’s Kustom House we know that while fashions and fads come and go, style always prevails and we encourage every woman to find and then own theirs. With our stock we aim to draw upon the fine lines, flattering cuts and beautifully feminine tailoring of the 1940s and 1950s to find wonderful clothing that fits and flatters real women’s bodies.

All too often we hear women saying “I was born in the wrong era!” We believe that no woman was born in the wrong era, because we know they’ll find what they’re looking for at Ms Katt’s Kustom House! Our style is classic and elegant, just like that of the eras that women feel they have missed out on.

You don't need a passion for a particular bygone era to love our stock. Our individually selected range of flattering frocks, skirts, tops and knitwear has wide appeal, regardless of it being vintage inspired or a mid-century design. The most important thing to us is you, our customer, and being able to provide you a great range of styles and looks.

We are fully aware that no woman is the same as another and we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to many different shapes and sizes, ranging from XS–4XL. Our dresses look just as amazing on curvy women as they do petite women.

So, please, come on in. Spend some time in store with us, and we can guarantee, you'll leave looking and feeling fabulous!

Contact name Katt Strachan
Phone 03 6228 5288
Email mskattskustomhouse@hotmail.com
Website www.mskattskustomhouse.com

RebeccA’s Studio Gallery

In Sheeps Clothing: Artisan Handmade Wearable Natural Fibre Clothing incorporating Tasmanian Sheep, Alpaca and Mohair Fleece.

Contact name RebeccA Kissling
Phone 0421 544 328
Email info@rebeccas.com.au
Website www.rebeccas.com.au

Smitten Merino

Smitten Merino produces and markets lightweight, itch-free pure merino wool clothing for the fashion and outdoor markets.

Contact name Malte Musik
Phone 03 6227 9266
Email admin@smittenmerino.com
Website www.smittenmerino.com

Tasmanian Clothing Company

Manufactureres and Suppliers of Garments to Schools, Clubs, and Businesses

Starting 37 years ago by Graeme and Eunice Davis as a home based industry Tasmanian Sportswear had the aim of only supplying sporting uniforms to Tasmanian teams but after enquiries came for different garments the name was changed to Tasmanian Clothing Company to better reflect the expanded range.
With one of the best designer/patternmakers in the industry the business now manufacture the Smitten range and the range for The Maker as well as many Schools Sporting Teams and Businesses
Now employing 16 permanent and 6 casual staff it has its own embroidery and screen print divisions so are a one stop shop.

Contact name Angela Davis
Phone 03 6427 2256
Email tascloth@ozemail.com.au
Website www.tasclothing.com.au

Tasmanian Wool Centre

The Tasmanian Wool Centre is an established attraction in Ross promoting the heritage aspects of the village and the benefits of the woollen fibre that brought wealth to many early settlers in the region.

Established in 1988, the Tasmanian Wool Centre is a not-for-profit organisation with an honorary board of Directors who oversee the direction of the business. The prosperity of Ross was secured by the export of wool in its early days and therefore wool is a prime feature of promotion in the business today.

A large retail area within the Centre is stocked with many woollen garments, accessories and homewares, made from Australian wool. Sales from the retail area support the operation of the whole business and profits are used to promote Ross and support heritage projects within the village.

Two museum spaces complete the Centre. The story is told in the Wool and Heritage galleries with many artefacts, pictures and documents on display.

The smell of sheep’s wool pervades the air as you enter the Wool exhibition. A re-created shearing shed complete with sorting table and manual wool press provide a glimpse of past times. Many breeds of sheep’s wool are on view to feel and inspect. Included as permanent exhibits on loan from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston are “The Canticle, 1966” a large woollen tapestry by John Coburn, “Primary Bind” 1985, a sculpture by Les Kossatz and Stephen Walker’s Ermenigildo Zegna Perpetual Trophy 1963.

In the adjoining room, the History Gallery provides snapshots of significant milestones in Ross’ development. The Ross Bridge, Female Factory and Horton College are permanent exhibits together with changing short-term exhibitions.

Contact name Debra Cadogan-Cowper
Phone 03 6381 5466
Email info@taswoolcentre.com.au
Website www.taswoolcentre.com.au

Techwool Trading Pty Ltd

One of the largest buyers of Australian wool and the largest buyer of Tasmanian wool.

Largest exporter of greasy wool to china. We are working closely with mills in India /china – promoting Tasmanian wool. We have a client who recently purchased a consignment from Tasmania who has applied to use the “Brand Tasmania” logo – through Saunders wool

Contact name Ken Welsh
Phone 03 9360 9177
Email kwelsh@techwool.com.au
Website www.techwool.com.au

Tier Gear

Tier Gear is a Tasmanian manufacturer of lightweight camping hammocks and accessories, and a supplier of other specialised outdoor products.

Tier Gear manufactures lightweight camping hammocks and accessories, and is a supplier of specialised lightweight hiking products to the Australian market. Tier Gear also supplies the materials and guidance for people to make, modify or repair their own lightweight outdoor gear including tents, hammocks, tarps, sleeping bags and backpacks.

Contact name Simon McGuire
Phone 0409 262 460
Email Simon@tiergear.com.au
Website www.tiergear.com.au

Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

Jewellery and homewares designed and made in Tasmania

Original designs are laser cut from Tasmanian timber and vibrant coloured acrylics and are then transformed into jewellery pieces - some are hand painted or decorated with beautiful patterned Japanese chiyogami. A lot of my designs are inspired from my love of Japanese culture and art and some of my products include origami cranes, koi fish, bamboo and cherry blossoms and many items are decorated with the paper I have sourced when travelling in Japan. Other designs are inspired from vintage and folk art and various current trends.
My work can be found at many gift shops and galleries in Tasmania (and nationally) and I often have stalls at various local markets including Salamana Market.
My work has been featured in various publications in Tasmania, Australia and internationally including The Mercury, Catalogue Magazine. Frankie and Vogue UK.

Contact name Jacqueline Rodemann
Phone 0437 126 847
Email contact@shadeofabonsai.com
Website www.ShadeOfABonsai.etsy.com

Waverley Australia Pty Ltd

Waverley Australia has been making blankets, quilts, throws, travel rugs and underblankets since 1874.

Waverley Australia exports 100% Tasmanian-made products to Asia, Europe the US and New Zealand under the export brand Waratah. Waverley is a Woolmark licensee and its products are certified Australian Made.

Contact name Maria Cafici
Phone 03 6339 1106
Email mariac@waverleyaustralia.com.au
Website www.waverleymills.com

Wild Island

Wild Island is a vibrant retail, gallery, online, interactive and informative space that celebrates Tasmania’s magnificent natural heritage. It brings nature and wildness to the city and takes people to wild places.

Wild Island offers an inviting and dynamic gallery that features the imagery of Peter Dombrovskis and a wide range of other artists, and a unique selection of high quality, ethically produced, primarily Tasmanian, nature-based goods. Wild Island also hosts in-house workshops and entertainment that pertain to nature and photography and leads authentic, themed trips to Tasmania’s wild places. These range from simple guided day tours to kunanyi / Mount Wellington, and Mt Field, through to week-long immersive workshops in remote wilderness.

Contact name Rob Blakers
Phone 03 6224 0220
Email info@wildislandtas.com.au
Website www.wildislandtas.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Hollywood meets Tassie sheep farmers

It was a brush with Hollywood royalty for a sheep-farming couple from southern Tasmania. Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin run 8,000 sheep and hundreds of cattle on their 6,400 hectare property near Dunalley. But, they definitely got more than they bargained for when they travelled to Italy to collect a Green Carpet Fashion Award in Milan. Much to their surprise, Australian star Cate Blanchett presented them with their Eco Stewardship Award for sustainable farming and conservation practices. As she did, the home-grown Hollywood superstar told the audience: “An ambitious program of reform has seen the best Australian woolgrowers set new benchmarks for producing this most precious natural fibre. Of course, nobody tells this tale better than those working to progress this critical movement.” The awards are considered one of the world’s top fashion and sustainability events.

14 October 2018, Edition 199

Runaway Cecil grows a 38kg fleece

Cecil, a Tasmanian sheep lost in the bush for several years, has fallen 3kg short of the world record for the heaviest fleece. The very woolly wether underwent a major trim in Launceston in June after being rescued from a cliff ledge in a disused quarry at Heybridge in the north-west. He had been trapped for about a week. The five-year-old went missing from a property near Bothwell in the Central Highlands two years ago, but it’s not known how he travelled the 200km to Heybridge. His 38kg fleece just missed the 41.1kg record set by another stray wether near Canberra two years ago. Cecil’s fleece was wet when shorn and the weight is unofficial. It took shearer Susan Gunter about half an hour to relieve Cecil of his coat — 10 times longer than an average 6kg fleece. “I was surprised that he just sat there,” she said. “Maybe he figured out the game was up and this might help him a lot.”

4 July 2017, Edition 185

One-farm woollen suits on sale

A range of men’s suits created solely from wool grown on one Tasmanian property was launched by menswear specialist MJ Bale in May. Matt Jensen, the founder of MJ Bale, told Glynis Traill-Nash, Fashion Editor of The Australian, that the Kingston Collection was conceived in a meeting four years ago with Tasmanian grazier Simon Cameron, who owns Kingston, near Conara, and is President of the Australian Superfine Woolgrowers Association. “We spoke about this idea and the merits of it for everybody,” Mr Jensen said. “I explained to him how passionate I am about Australian wool and the vertical integration of Australian fibres through to the consumer.” The complexity of the supply chain in fashion, from raw wool through to milling in Italy, made it a time-consuming project. The reward is provenance and premium pricing. Mr Cameron said: “There are consumers out there concerned with provenance, whether it’s beef or cheese. They [want to] know where it came from, where the raw materials came from. A line like this is the ultimate in traceability. People can come to the farm and meet the sheep that provided the wool.”

6 June 2017, Edition 184

Edition 161 The Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, shows off Princess Charlotte's Tasmanian merino cot blanket.

Two Tassie gifts for Princess Charlotte

Official Tasmanian-made gifts from the Australian and Tasmanian governments have been selected for Britain’s newest gurgling celebrity, Princess Charlotte.

2 June 2015, Edition 161

Itch-free wool has users Smitten

Polar expeditioners and discerning fashionistas are beating parallel paths to the doors of Smitten Merino, a niche Tasmanian business built on itch-free superfine merino wool fabric and a stringent commitment to quality.

11 May 2013

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