Brand Tasmania

What we do

Our mission is to inspire and encourage Tasmanians, and those who want to be Tasmanian, to quietly pursue the extraordinary.

Quiet: Tasmanians are humble, quietly confident, and cool while the rest of the world is increasingly loud and hot.

Pursuit: We’re isolated, so we’ve had to be inventive. We were underestimated, so nothing is ever “good enough.” We’ve had to work harder together, to make determination a core of our culture. The Bass Strait means everything from here is more expensive, so we have learned to focus on the boutique, the bespoke, on “better, not more.”

The extraordinary: This is about quality taking precedence over quantity, on privileging the unusual, and on our choice to protect the wilderness and our environment.

Brand Tasmania is industry and community led, and government enabled.

Because of the enormity of our ambition and the size of our team here at Brand Tasmania, we are a client-service organisation empowering Tasmanians to tell their story.

We are the first statutory place-branding authority to be established in Australia, created under the Brand Tasmania Act 2018. We are responsible for taking a best practice approach to ensure the Tasmanian brand is strengthened locally, nationally and internationally, and is promoted as a key asset of the Tasmanian community. These are our broad objectives:

  • To develop, maintain, protect and promote a Tasmanian brand that is differentiated and enhances our appeal and competitiveness nationally and internationally;
  • To strengthen Tasmania’s image and reputation locally, nationally and internationally; and
  • To nurture, enhance and promote the Tasmanian brand as a shared public asset.

The Tasmanian brand is so much more than a logo or a tagline. It’s about our people and what they’ve achieved through struggle, hard work, and ingenuity. Our role is to express this unifying story, to help you tell your own stories through the lens of the Tasmanian brand story, and to invite all Tasmanians to be a part of it.