It’s different in Tasmania.

We didn’t always see this as a strength. But in today’s globalised world, as places feel more and more alike, we can use our difference to attract talent, investment, trade and visitors to our state. Let’s bring more value to everything Tasmanian.

The best, most enduring, and most productive place-brands are about people. A place-brand is a unifying cultural expression. That’s why we interviewed hundreds of Tasmanians across these islands to get past superlatives and clichés, to understand what makes this place and its people unique. Some of them had just arrived. Others told us about connections to this place lasting six generations or sixty thousand years.

What can only happen here? What are you most proud of? What drives you crazy? If you grew up here, what makes you stay – or inspired you to move back, if you’d left and returned? If you’re a new Tasmanian, what made you choose this place?

What we heard was powerful, compelling and consistent.

You helped us understand that everything that was once a negative is now a positive: your humility, the fact that you have to work harder to compete in a price-sensitive global market, that you have to earn your price premium through a focus on quality, that you want to protect and preserve the unusual – our wilderness, towns, cities and culture – and that you are really, really connected to each other and to our land.

Tasmanians have a strong history of making the impossible possible.

We’ve used your stories to build an evolved expression of what makes Tasmania so special. An expression that involves every one of you – our partners and friends. You are the brand. And we’re building a strategy that invites you all to bring the story to life, through your work, your travels, and in the choices you make every day.

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