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Education partners

Australian Maritime College (AMC)

As Australia’s national institute for maritime education, training and research, the Australian Maritime College (AMC) sits amongst the top 10 maritime training institutions in the world and attracts an international and national student cohort.

AMC is a specialist institute of the University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia’s fourth oldest university, and was one of seven founding members of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), which represents five continents. AMC offers qualifications in the fields of maritime engineering; marine conservation and resource sustainability; coastal and international seafaring; and maritime business and logistics management.

AMC is located across three purpose-built campuses in Australia’s southern-most state, Tasmania. At the heart of its strength lies a suite of state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, including a fleet of training vessels; ship simulators; engineering workshops; firefighting, survival and damage control facilities; as well as the unique cluster of hydrodynamic facilities that include a towing tank, model test basin, circulating water channel and a cavitation research laboratory. Many of these facilities are also used commercially by maritime, marine and allied organisations – cementing AMC’s close links with industry. This means that students and graduates are able to access work experience and possible employment opportunities with these organisations.

Contact name Alicia Perry
Phone 03 6324 9484
Email marketing@amc.edu.au
Website www.amc.edu.au


Arts & Craft shop and classes.

The purpose of the shop opening is to support local artists and craft persons. By holding classes and personal development courses, the aim is to enhance community spirit in the area by encouraging individuals to find their own way of expressing their inner creative self.

Contact name Rachel Bonney
Phone 0409 718 622
Email Bonneybird3@gmail.com
Website www.Bonneybird.com.au

Campo de Flori

Campo de Flori is a 52 acre sustainable boutique farm business high in the mountains of the Huon Valley.

This farm was carved out of the bush in 2010 by David Peck and Lisa Britzman. They grow and produce extra virgin olive oil, table olives, several varieties of lavender, purple garlic, raspberries, blueberries and extra category 1 grade saffron. They built an Alan Scott design wood fired oven and pottery studio on the property.

Crops were selected and planted to have produce in the different seasons on the farm. Lavender, berries and garlic are harvested in the summer, saffron in autumn, and olives in late autumn to winter.

The ethos of Campo de Flori is to be self-sufficient while maintaining a balance ecosystem on the property. Sustainable uses of resources are considered as well as implementing biological farming techniques on the farm. This form of sustainable farming practice not only benefits the environment but delivers top quality farm produce.

Lisa maintains a pottery practice on the farm and sells her ceramic art in several galleries in Hobart, the Cradle Mt. Lodge and online. David enjoys filling the air with the aroma of his fresh baked breads, which pop up at local markets.

Their lavender is used in products created on the farm and sold through the Salamanca Market, the Huon Visitor Centre, and galleries in Hobart. Other farm products can be found at their open farm gate and studio days throughout the year.

Contact name David Peck & Lisa Britzman
Phone 03 6266 6370
Email Lisa@campodeflori.com.au
Website www.Campodeflori.com.au

Eloise Emmett

Chef, Cookbook Author, Photographer, stylist, recipe writer, recipe & photography website, online store of Tasmania food products, books and kitchen ware.

eloiseemmett.com Cooking, writing, styling and photographing food in Tasmania with Tasmanian produce, over 150 recipes. Online store of Tasmanian Produced cookbooks and Tasmanian products and gifts.

Contact name Eloise Emmett
Phone 0416 220 505
Email info@eloiseemmett.com
Website www.eloiseemmett.com

Engineers Australia (Tasmania Division)

Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the profession. We are the global home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.

Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of our members. With over 100,000 members embracing all disciplines of the engineering team, Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in Australia. Engineers Australia Tasmania Division is based in Hobart and has approximately 1300 members statewide. The Tasmania Division advocates for the recognition of the role Engineering plays in the Tasmanian economy and community and provides opportunities to advance knowledge to the benefit of the state

Contact name Paul Hurworth
Phone 0419 549 931
Email phurworth@engineersaustralia.org.au
Website www.engineersaustralia.org.au

Festival of Golden Words Inc

Festival of Golden Words Inc is an all-volunteer Tasmanian organisation which organises the biennial Tamar Valley Writers Festival.

Festival of Golden Words Inc launched the inaugural Festival of Golden Words, Tasmania's biggest writers festival, in 2014. It ran to packed house in the Tamar Valley town of Beaconsfield, attracted some of Australia's finest writers and received wide community support and acclaim. The second festival, renamed the Tamar Valley Writers Festival, will be from March 18-20, 2016 and already the list of invited writers is impressive -- Phillip Adams, Don Watson, William McInnes, Sophie Laguna, Michael Robotham, Gideon Haigh, Julian Burnside, David Hill among them.

The festival is backed by the West Tamar Council and the Tasmanian Government, key corporate backers including the Brown Brothers wine conglomerate, and local businesses. Tourism Northern Tasmania regards the festival as a signature event for the region.

Contact name John Farrar
Phone 0427 743 419
Email info@tamarvalleywritersfestival.com.au
Website www.tamarvalleywritersfestival.com.au


Our drive is simple, Inspire and Teach others how to improve their lives and achieve lasting results.

Forte is a business built on passion, vision and a strong purpose. We Teach, Coach and Inspire Tasmanians to achieve lasting results. Our strategy is simple, share the messages that matter!

Our 3 pillars are to be Passionate, Purposeful & Practical Our promise is to do this through trust, transparency and adding real value to our clients, students and partners.

We deliver the following services:

  1. Training Workshops, seminars, 1:1 and B2B
  2. MyBusiness Coach, 1:1, Small groups 
  3. Small Business Bootcamp, '9 steps for getting your business in shape'
  4. Employee Development Systems

Contact name Nic Stephen
Phone 0438 278 391
Email nic@yourforte.com.au
Website www.yourforte.com.au

Glen Dhu Children’s Services Pty Ltd

Education and care service for 0–5 yr old children

A small family owned Tasmanian business in operation for over 20 years
Rated on the highest Australian assessment exceeding national quality standards, we run an education service for children in our purpose build natural setting. Employing 18 highly qualified professional educators and early childhood teachers. We also facilitate conferences with interstate presenters for local educators

Contact name Mel Reid
Phone 03 6344 4628
Email glendhuchildcare@gmail.com
Website www.glendhuchildcare.com.au

Government Education and Training International

Government Education and Training International (GETI) Tasmania operates within the Department of Education and represents Tasmanian Government education and training providers to the world.

GETI Tasmania specialises in connecting international students and businesses with flexible education and training development solutions, from our local government education providers.

Education and training programs for full fee paying international students are delivered through Tasmanian Government schools and TasTAFE, the Tasmanian Government's vocational education and training provider.

GETI Tasmania also has a strong partnership with the University of Tasmania, enabling pathways with credit towards university study. GETI Tasmania also delivers Government education overseas as well as in Tasmania. GETI Tasmania can adapt training solutions to a variety of needs and has a history of coordinating targeted, innovative international programs.

If you are interested in learning more about studying in Tasmania or wish to work with the Government in delivering Australian education overseas please contact GETI Tasmania.

Contact name James Burrows
Phone 03 6165 5727
Email info@geti.tas.gov.au
Website international.education.tas.edu.au

Hobart Technology

Australian Registered Training Organisation that delivers AQF vocational education and training locally and overseas with a focus in Indonesia.

Successfully delivered many programs across a range of skill areas, including Training and Assessment resulting in the issue of Qualifications and Statements of Attainment. Approved by DFAT to receive EMDG grants

Contact name Rupert Badcock
Phone 0408 138 279
Email info@hobarttechnology.org

Honey Tasmania - The Beehive

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Come taste uniquely different varieties of pure raw honey made by millions of industrious bees.

Watch the queen laying eggs, see a new baby emerge from a cell and experience the delight of the bees communicating through their waggle dance from two wonderful new display beehives.

Sample unique honey alcohol, as well as Tasmanian whisky and gin. Discover beauty products made from honey and beeswax, honey- and bee-related handmade gifts, books on bees and honey, as well as many more honeybee focused products.

Come enjoy a delicious honey ice cream in the garden while watching the bees fly amongst the flowers.

Contact name Rebecca Campbell
Phone 03 6331 9300
Email honey@honeytasmania.com
Website www.honeytasmania.com

Industrylink: Culinary School of Excellence

Industrylink is Tasmania's Culinary School of Excellence.

A multi award-winning Registered Training Organisation, the school is solely dedicated to the provision of Tourism and Hospitality qualifications relevant to the Tasmanian marketplace. Headquartered in Hobart's exceptional Guilford Young Trade Training Centre, we also deliver training in the stunning new Regional Trade Training Centres around the State. Industrylink currently delivers a range of full qualifications, including Certificates I- IV in Hospitality, Kitchen Operations, Commercial Cookery and Patisserie, as well as master classes for seasoned industry professionals. Industrylink offers an ever-increasing range of elective Units of Competency and Skills Sets, developed in response to industry and learner requirements for diverse, specialised training relevant to the growing niche and artisan market in Tasmania's Tourism and Hospitality industry. Our promise to our learners and the industry is that our qualifications count.

Contact name Tony Kennedy
Phone 0419 551 064
Email tony@industry-link.com.au
Website www.industry-link.com.au

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), established in 2010, comprises the University of Tasmania's internationally recognised expertise across the full spectrum of temperate marine, Southern Ocean and Antarctic research and education.

Contact name Tracey Cochrane
Phone 03 6226 6379
Email imas.directorate@utas.edu.au
Website www.imas.org.au

Kiss A Fish Cookery School

Kiss A Fish Cookery School specialises in teaching seafood cookery, and promoting Tasmanian seafood and produce through its classes.

Based in St Helens known as the commercial and recreational fishing capital of Tasmania.

Contact name Roslyn MacAllan
Phone 0418 433 667
Email info@kissafishcookeryschool.com.au
Website www.kissafishcookeryschool.com.au

Mark Smith, writer, marketer and wine educator

Freelance communications specialist with more than 20 years's experience across print and online platforms. Experience primarily across Tasmania's wine, food, and tourism sectors.

I am a communications specialist, freelancing across print and online platforms. My work is underpinned by a commitment to sharing the achievements and innovations of Tasmania's wine, food, and tourism sectors.

First employed in 1994, I have contributed 20 years and more than 1700 published articles to reporting on all major developments in Tasmanian/Australian wine and wine tourism.

Publications include

  • mastheads owned South Australia's Winetitles Pty Ltd (2005-2014);
  • Tasmanian Farmer (2002-2014);
  • The Examiner and Sunday Examiner (2000-2010);
  • Tasmania 40° SOUTH (1998-2010);
  • The Advocate (1994-1998).

In 2010, I was honoured with a Tamar Valley Wine Route Award:   - Service from an outside organisation/person. -  The award acknowledged 14 years of promoting the valley as a wine destination.

Also wine marketing; thematic interpretation; media/industry liaison; wine education; company communications, inc PR, newsletters, web pages, government grant applications and research. Clients included Stefano Lubiana Wines; Kreglinger Wine Estates; Domaine A; Riversdale Estate; Winstead Vineyard; Tasmanian DPIWE.

Contact name Mark Smith
Phone 03 6243 1102
Email winesmith@bigpond.com
Website www.riversdaleestate.com.au

Singleton Consulting and Training

Founded in 2001, Singleton Consulting & Training is a Tasmanian based business owned and operated by Kirsten Singleton.

Our mission is to deliver quality learning and consulting services that enable our clients to achieve workplace success and encourage lifelong learning in workplaces.

We specialise in strategic human resource management, workforce planning and organisational development. In 2008 we established a registered training organisation with a focus on delivering leadership and human resource management qualifications. In response to client demand, we also provide disability qualifications.

Contact name Kirsten Singleton
Phone 03 6236 9994
Email kirsten@singletonconsulting.com.au
Website www.singletonconsulting.com.au

Tasmania Chinese Business Association (TCBA)

TCBA is the first and the only non-for-profit Chinese business association in based Tasmania.

We have formed strategic cooperation with the state government, local councils, business associations, multicultural groups, and some local service providers.

TCBA aims to better promote Tasmania towards all the Chinese both in China and mainland Australia, and to attract more tourism and investors for this wonderful state.

Most of our members are local service providers and Chinese investors, who also passionate about promoting Tasmania and improving the economic development of Tasmania.

TCBA has organised and sponsored some important events for the local community with the aim to facilitate culture exchange and to contribute to the economic development.

Contact name Rebecca Hua (Secretary of TCBA)
Phone 0418 136 841
Email admin@tcbatasmania.com.au
Website tcbatasmania.com.au

Tasmania Maritime Network

The Tasmania Maritime Network comprises the heart of the maritime industry, boasting innovative and world leading companies with leading edge products, technology and services, supported by highly adaptive and skilled workforces.

Contact name Richard Lowrie
Phone 0419 504 227
Email rlowrie@incat.com.au
Website www.tmn.org.au

Tasmanian Storyboard Group

The Tasmanian Storyboard Group provides writing, editorial and publication services for corporate, tertiary-education and government clients.

Our aims are to hear your story, know your strategic vision, and write content that broadens and deepens your stakeholder engagement.

We add value by crafting accurate, clear, concise and ethical material that captures the audience, promotes the brand and helps to realise organisational goals.

The consultancy generates, reviews and manages projects in traditional and digital publishing environments. As professional and innovative specialists, we are connected to a respected community of publishing creatives and corporate stakeholders.

Tasmania is our inspiration; words are our business!

Contact name Stuart Gillies
Phone 0407 178 076
Email stuartgillies@internode.on.net
Website www.tasmanianstoryboardgroup.com

Tasmanian Whisky Academy

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy is an education experience celebrating the growing distilling and brewing industries in Tasmania. 

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy runs whisky distilling courses in Tasmania, which celebrate the emerging craft distilling and brewing scene in Tasmania. This includes the General Certificate of Distilling with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, and the Introduction to Distilling course - run at the internationally celebrated Sullivans Cove Distillery and the Moo Brew Brewery, students are guided through the process from grain, to brewing, to distilling to barrel to bottle.

The Academy holds a range of courses, and the Tasmanian Introduction to Distilling is designed as the ideal starting point for people at all stages of whisky interest. Run over 1-2 days, the course showcases Tasmanian whisky and visits iconic distilleries, including Sullivans Cove and Nonesuch Distilleries and the landscapes around Hobart.


The Tasmanian Whisky Academy provides a pathway for people interested in learning about distilling in the Asia-Pacific region. Courses are available for beginners, enthusiasts and industry people who want to learn distilling skills or improve their position in the industry. The Academy also provides a link to the Tasmanian distilling industry and is proud to provide connection to the Tasmanian and Australian whisky industry.

Contact name Anne Gigney
Phone 0419 431 280
Email Info@whiskyacademy.com.au
Website www.whiskyacademy.com.au

Tasmanian Wool Centre

The Tasmanian Wool Centre is an established attraction in Ross promoting the heritage aspects of the village and the benefits of the woollen fibre that brought wealth to many early settlers in the region.

Established in 1988, the Tasmanian Wool Centre is a not-for-profit organisation with an honorary board of Directors who oversee the direction of the business. The prosperity of Ross was secured by the export of wool in its early days and therefore wool is a prime feature of promotion in the business today.

A large retail area within the Centre is stocked with many woollen garments, accessories and homewares, made from Australian wool. Sales from the retail area support the operation of the whole business and profits are used to promote Ross and support heritage projects within the village.

Two museum spaces complete the Centre. The story is told in the Wool and Heritage galleries with many artefacts, pictures and documents on display.

The smell of sheep’s wool pervades the air as you enter the Wool exhibition. A re-created shearing shed complete with sorting table and manual wool press provide a glimpse of past times. Many breeds of sheep’s wool are on view to feel and inspect. Included as permanent exhibits on loan from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston are “The Canticle, 1966” a large woollen tapestry by John Coburn, “Primary Bind” 1985, a sculpture by Les Kossatz and Stephen Walker’s Ermenigildo Zegna Perpetual Trophy 1963.

In the adjoining room, the History Gallery provides snapshots of significant milestones in Ross’ development. The Ross Bridge, Female Factory and Horton College are permanent exhibits together with changing short-term exhibitions.

Contact name Debra Cadogan-Cowper
Phone 03 6381 5466
Email info@taswoolcentre.com.au
Website www.taswoolcentre.com.au


Every year more than 26,000 students pass through the doors of the TasTAFE around the State. If offers a diverse training environment where people from different backgrounds and ages enter training for all sorts of reasons.

Some people are working full-time, others are part-time or school leavers launching into a career, and some are training to get employment. A great many students are taking up the challenge of a dramatic career change, others are sharpening their skills in their chosen professions. Much of the training happens in the workplace, so the skills passed on are relevant and up to date.

Contact name Anne Ripper
Phone 03 6233 7443
Email anne.ripper@education.tas.gov.au
Website www.tastafe.tas.edu.au

The Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania 2019

The Australian Ceramics Triennale Tasmania 2019 - (TACTT2019) Holding Space Making Place - in Hobart, will bring together local, national and international practitioners to share knowledge, skills and build a strong community relationships.

The Australian Ceramics Triennale 2019 Tasmania: Holding Space Making Place, will see over 500 ceramic artists and associates descend upon the Hobart waterfront for four intense days of discussions, demonstrations, exhibitions and more. Satellite exhibitions, workshops, master classes and kiln firings around the state will transform Tasmania, for the months of April and May.
A well-structured program including lectures and demonstrations from some of the world’s most inspiring practitioners alongside trade fairs, sales, exhibitions and informal gatherings, will generate a snapshot of the Australian ceramic landscape in a broader global context. In providing a platform for rich and engaging discourse, TACTT2019 will give ceramic artists from around Australia, and the world, the opportunity to meet and form new (and strengthen existing) networks of dialogue, encouragement, skill sharing and support.

Contact name Bronwyn Clarke
Phone 0410 343 077
Email tasmania2019@australianceramicstriennale.com.au
Website www.australianceramicstriennale.com.au

The Jellyfish App Pty Ltd

A Global GPS based App, that informs /identifies/location based alerts and provides first aid advise for a jellyfish species around the world.

This product was designed and created totally within Australia, Tasmania to be specific.

This innovative App is the only one of its kind in the world whereby through a feature of the paid version allows the user to interact with the worlds leading authority on the species of Jellyfish.
the app has been in operation since dec 2016 and has now been downloaded into 61 different countries, and through its News section is attempting to partner with Tasmanian businesses to help promote their story and therefore obtain global exposure.

the App is available for both iPhone, iPad or Android phone devices, the app has just been converted to include a Chinese language version and is currently being adapted for the French language.

To obtain further information please visit www.thejellyfishapp.com

Contact name Neil Johnson
Phone 0418 133 608
Email neil@thejellyfishapp.com
Website thejellyfishapp.com

University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania is one of Australia's oldest and most respected universities. It teaches a wide range of bachelor, masters and PhD programs as well as English Language and Foundation Studies programs.

UTAS teaches a wide range of bachelor, masters and PhD programs as well as English Language and Foundation Studies programs.Utas offers a generous scholarship scheme to international students and is ranked in the top 10 for research in Australia. Tasmania’s low cost of living and the university’s attractive tuition fees make Utas a popular choice for international education.

Contact name Alicia O'Grady
Phone 03 6226 6312
Email Alicia.OGrady@utas.edu.au
Website www.international.utas.edu.au

Work & Training Ltd

Work & Training is a statewide, not-for-profit company providing employment and training serivces to Tasmania.

The company was established in 1988 and our vision is to be the provider of choice for quality employment and training services in Tasmania.

We are a specialist provider of
•Group Employment Services (trainees and apprentices)
•Nationally Recognised Training
•Permanent Recruitment
•Labour hire
• Foundation Skills and Literacy and numeracy training

We are the largest company in Tasmania providing employment of apprentices and trainees.

Our company was formed by business people and industry leaders, who foresaw that traditional methods of recruitment and training would eventually leave Tasmania with a skills shortage.

We have offices in Hobart (Moonah), Launceston and Ulverstone, employing 50 core staff covering the state. We also employ approximately 270 trainees and apprentices on behalf of businesses across Tasmania.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice for quality employment and training services in Tasmania.

Our Purpose

To work with individuals, businesses and communities in creating pathways to employment across Tasmania.

Contact name Leanne Wallace
Phone 03 6214 5177
Email leanne.wallace@workandtraining.com.au
Website www.workandtraining.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Edition 191_Stem

PM signs on for Hobart deal

UTAS's proposed STEM project in the CBD and an Antarctic research precinct at Macquarie Point looked more likely after a Federal Government City Deal was signed in Hobart in January.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Edition 191_Farquhar

30 Tasmanians share honours

Expatriate Tasmanian scientist, Graham Farquhar, AO, was named Senior Australian of the Year, while 29 other local people were honoured in the 2018 Australia Day Awards.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Devil of a show at TMAG

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) is using three galleries for an exhibition exploring the ecology and biology of the beleaguered Tasmanian devil, along with changes over time in the public perception of the largest surviving marsupial carnivore. The Remarkable Tasmanian Devil exhibition took two years to assemble and will continue until 6 May. Senior Curator, Kathryn Medlock, said "The history of the animal is quite interesting because it really was perceived as being a pest, a threat to livelihoods and agriculture, fierce and nasty. Over time that's changed. I'm really hoping the public will gain a new respect of this animal and broaden their perspective on why it is such a remarkable species that has overcome the odds." Wildlife biologist and TMAG Honorary Curator, Nick Mooney, said it was important that a new attitude towards devils was consolidated in light of their survival struggle against Devil Facial Tumour Disease. "Now that they've had a brush with extinction and they're very rare, people are more interested," he said. An educational program has been created alongside the exhibition and school programs are planned.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Quolls are on a mission

Twenty captive-bred Tasmanian eastern quolls are set to become the first of their species to live in the wild in continental Australia for more than 50 years. Raised at Trowunna Wildlife Park and Devils@Cradle in Tasmania, they will be released into Booderee National Park in southern NSW in April. Once found across much of south-eastern Australia, the animals have become extinct outside Tasmania, with blame allocated to foxes, cats, poisoning and habitat destruction. Adult quolls are about 37cm long (excluding the tail) and weigh about a kilogram. They feed on insects, small mammals, birds and reptiles. WWF-Australia’s Head of Living Ecosystems, Darren Grover, said: “The loss of native species like eastern quolls has disturbed nature’s balance. The goal is to see some eastern quoll populations permanently re-established in the wild on mainland Australia and it all starts at Booderee National Park ... We hope they settle in quickly, stay healthy and start to breed immediately." The park has been the scene of extensive fox-control programs. If the release is successful, a further 40 quolls will be released in 2019 and another 40 in 2020. The released quolls will be GPS collared and monitored by Parks Australia staff and Australian National University ecologists.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

$14.7m boosts UTAS research

UTAS researchers will map the Milky Way, use our convict history to explore the impact of solitary confinement, analyse how best to influence corporate tax strategies and complete other projects, thanks to 27 grants totalling $14.7 million in recent Australian Research Council allocations. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Brigid Heywood, said: “This is an outstanding result for the university, and for Tasmania, in what is a highly competitive process. Our research delivers significant social and economic benefits to the State, but more importantly it creates new knowledge which drives creativity and innovation. The projects funded today highlight the breadth of the University of Tasmania’s expertise and confirm our place as a research-led institution boldly exploring new frontiers.”

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Academy honours two locals

Two University of Tasmania scientists have received prestigious career honorific awards from the Australian Academy of Science in recognition of their lifelong achievements. UTAS Professor David Cooke (ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits) won the 2018 Haddon Forrester King Medal and Lecture, while his colleague, Professor Matt King (School of Land and Food), was awarded the 2018 Mawson Medal and Lecture. Professor Cooke's investigations into the geological processes that produce copper-gold deposits, as a result of fluids released from magma deep within the Earth's crust, have transformed geochemical exploration techniques around the world. Professor King's work has helped reveal the dynamic nature of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica and how they contribute to sea-level change. Nationally, 18 academics were honoured and most of them will be presented with their awards at the academy’s annual signature science event, Science at the Shine Dome, on 24 May in Canberra. In a further tribute to UTAS, three senior staff have been named in this year's Clarivate Analytics' Highly Cited Researchers list, ranking them in the top 1 per cent in their subject fields globally. They are Professor Reg Watson (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies); Associate Professor Tim Brodribb (Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology) and Professor Sergey Shabala (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture).

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Edition 190_Maynard

Ancient ash inspires fire plan

A core sample taken from a secluded lake on lungtalanana/Clarke Island in Bass Strait suggests Aboriginal people were using fire management there at least 41,000 years ago.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

Highest honour for Rathjen

Academic Peter Rathjen left Tasmania in December with the highest honour the University of Tasmania could bestow: Doctor of Letters honoris causa. Professor Rathjen had been the university's Vice-Chancellor since March 2011, making a significant impact on its operations and its place in the community. Chancellor Michael Field, AC, said the period had been marked by:

  • Significant growth in domestic student numbers;
  • A sustained climb in global rankings driven by strengthening research excellence;
  • Heightened global engagement and an associated increase in international student numbers, now a key economic sector for the State;
  • Significant capital investment in each of the university’s communities; and
  • The emergence of a new model of higher education aimed at lifting productivity and prosperity by addressing the State's poor educational outcomes.

Professor Rathjen is returning to his alma mater, the University of Adelaide, as Vice-Chancellor.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

New head targets prosperity

UTAS's in-coming Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rufus Black, wants to make Tasmania more prosperous and will continue the move from the 50-year-old Sandy Bay campus into Hobart's CBD. A high achiever despite dyslexia, Professor Black, 48, values non-conformity and will encourage a "healthy craziness" on campus. The son of an activist lawyer, he is an alumni of Melbourne University. He has been a Rhodes Scholar, a theologian and ordained Uniting Church minister, ethicist, philosopher, strategic advisor and management consultant. He completed the Black Review into defence force morality in 2010 and was co-author of an Independent Review of the Australian Intelligence Community in 2011. Neither report pleased all stakeholders. UTAS Chancellor, Michael Field, AC, described Professor Black as a standout in a distinguished group of candidates for the UTAS role. "He demonstrated a rare mix of high intellect, academic standing and commercial experience that we feel will be necessary to lead a period of cultural transformation here," Mr Field said. Professor Black told the ABC: "My family and I have been very regular visitors to the island, and indeed my two [twin] daughters ... feel that Tasmania is more home than anywhere else."

5 December 2017, Edition 190

West, 24, is a Rhodes Scholar

Medical student Henry West, 24, is the 2018 Rhodes Scholar for Tasmania. He is undertaking post-graduate medical training at the University of Tasmania and is passionate about preventing cardiovascular disease. Mr West, who received a first-class honours degree in Medical Sciences from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in 2015, will undertake a doctoral degree at the University of Oxford, with a focus on developing new imaging tools for examining blood vessels, enabling early detection of cardiovascular disease. The Governor of Tasmania, Professor Kate Warner, AM, announced Mr West's scholarship at Government House. Out-going UTAS Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen, said: "To become a Rhodes Scholar is a life-changing experience, with the program hosting one of the world's most prestigious awards. Henry's on-going dedication and commitment to his studies, and personal achievements, are to be commended and I wish him the very best in his academic career." Mr West has spent time in Uganda providing public health education and intervention. He volunteers locally with the Heart Foundation and in his leisure time runs ultra-marathons, sings and plays the trombone.

5 December 2017, Edition 190

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Tasmania's Stories Edition 191

Edition 191_Campus

Launceston taking the lead in the race to be Australia's "smartest city" is the top story in your first Tasmania's Stories newsletter of 2018.  I hope you find lots to interest you in your latest edition of Tasmania's Stories.

15 February 2018, Edition 191

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