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Hansen Orchards

Hansen Orchards are a 4th generation family owned vertically integrated business growing, packing and marketing cherries and apples. Located in the pristine environment of the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania, Australia.


Tasmania has a cool climate ideal for growing large, firm premium cherries and firm, sweet premium red apples.

It is our vision at Hansen Orchards to strengthen the growing global demand and recognition for premium Tasmanian cherries and apples. We invest heavily into all aspects of our business to ensure we consistently provide our valued customers with the premium product we so proudly produce.

Contact name Howard Hansen
Phone 03 6264 0200
Email howard@hansenorchards.com.au
Website www.hansenorchards.com.au

Hartzview Vineyard

Harvest Launceston

Every Saturday morning in the heart of the Tamar Valley, Harvest Launceston Community Farmers' Market brightens a quiet inner city car park and brings the farm gate to you.

Meet the farmers, connect with locals and feast your eyes on baskets brimming with Tasmania's freshest seasonal produce, artificial hormone-free meat, organic dairy, artisan bread and pastries, bright summer berries or blushing autumn apples.

Savour a locally roasted coffee and taste your way around our foodie State at this vibrant weekly event before collecting a myriad of premium produce, cool-climate wines, artisan ciders and home-made preserves for the journey home.

Awarded Australia's Most Outstanding Farmers' Market by ABC Delicious Magazine in 2013. Harvest Launceston Community Farmers' Market is held every Saturday from 8.30am - 12.30pm at 71 Cimitiere Street (car park opposite Albert Hall), Launceston.

Contact name Curly Haslam-Coates
Phone 0417 352 780
Email info@harvestmarket.org.au
Website www.harvestmarket.org.au

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon, based in north-west Tasmania, supplies high quality fresh vegetables to anywhere in the world.

 The company prides itself on customer service and its ability to meet customer expectations. Harvest Moon's vegetable range includes broccoli, carrots, potatoes, onions, swedes, squash/kabocha, celery and corn.

Contact name Neil Armstrong
Phone 03 6428 2505
Email info@harvestmoon.com.au
Website www.harvestmoon.com.au

Hawthorne Hill Farm

At Hawthorne Hill Farm, we grow and make seriously delicious food. When we discovered the Hawthorne plant, our products were born and our business began soon after.

Our first and flagship product is our Tasmanian Hawthorne Paste. It is similar in use to fig or quince paste but has its own unique wild zingy flavour. It partners perfectly with cheeses and meats and can form the basis of a very special jus or glaze. It is available in Original and Sugar Free recipes.
Our Sugar Free range of products uses pharmaceutical grade xylitol to replace cane sugar. This makes them ideal for diabetics and those who are trying to take sugar and carbs out of their diet. Xylitol is a great, all natural sweetener that is sourced from birch trees our corn cobs. We use the corn cob variety because it suits our recipes very well and is a sustainably sourced product.
We also make a range of jams and jellies, including Hawthorne jam from fruit grown on our farm our sourced from local producers. These are also available in Original and Sugar Free recipes. We also use our Hawthorne jam to make some lovely little shortbread cookies in two styles.
We've recently launched a food van with a view to bringing a paddock-to-plate experience to the people of North East Tasmania.
We love living and working on our little farm and are really pleased that people love the food that we make.

Contact name Jason Henderson
Phone 03 6395 6338
Email hawthornehillfarm@gmail.com
Website www.hawthornehillfarm.com.au

Hazelbrae Hazelnuts Tasmania

Hazelnuts on Hythe

Grower and seller of hazelnuts located in Northern Tasmania

'Hazelnuts on Hythe' is a medium sized hazelnut grove consisting of more than 500 maturing trees which are now producing nuts in a quantity that is marketable, growing rapidly and doubling in production over the last three seasons. All our nuts are hand picked, hand cracked and prepared for roasting ensuring a premium quality product. The Australian dietary guidelines recommends 30 grams of nuts per day in each persons diet. Our ambition is to supply the local market whereby 96% of current Australian hazelnut consumption is imported (more than 2700 tonnes).

We attend conferences and professional learning to support our knowledge and growth and one business partner is the secretary of the Australian Hazelnut Growers Association. We are inclusive in our business model ensuring a cohesive Tasmanian grower network.

Contact name Bruce and Lisa O'Toole
Phone 0418 329 766
Email hazelnutsonhythe@gmail.com

Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees

We hand bake treats using only unrefined sugars in a 100% gluten free kitchen

Our products have come from a passion for creating treats that our children will like without containing refined sugar. They also cater for a variety of dietary sensitivities and are good for the body, without compromising on taste. We believe that everyone deserves a special treat every now and then!

There are a number of principles we won’t compromise on:

• We run a gluten-free kitchen
• We use only unrefined, natural sugars
• We will only use free-range eggs
• We use Tasmanian ingredients wherever possible and are committed to minimising food mileage
• We use organic ingredients wherever possible
• We are inclusive – we cater for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, and paleo lifestyles
• We believe in looking after our health and the health of the planet
• We believe in hand-made products and will always opt for employing a person rather than buying a machine

Contact name Charlotte Rees
Phone 0400 193 590
Email treats@healthytreatsbymrsrees.com.au
Website www.healthytreatsbymrsrees.com.au

Heazlewood Seeds

Contact name Brenton Heazlewood
Phone 03 6397 3458
Email mail@heazlewoodseeds.com.au
Website www.heazlewoodseeds.com.au

Hellfire Bluff Distillery

Tasmania's First Potato Vodka. Potatoes that are grown on our own land.

The love and dedication that is found in every bottle of Hellfire Vodka can be traced right back to the day our first potato was planted.

Our farmers pride themselves on the produce they grow, only providing the finest ingredients so that we can produce the most premium quality vodka, ultimately providing you with elegant smooth hand-crafted vodka
straight from the paddock to the bottle.

Our distillery overlooks Hellfire Bluff, a rocky outcrop above Marion Bay in Tasmania — one of the world’s last remaining wild and remote regions. The Bluff gets its name from the unusual colour of its sandstone cliffs.

Contact name Ruby Daly
Phone 0437 548 055
Email ruby@hellfirebluff.com.au
Website www.hellfirebluff.com.au

Hellyers Road Distillery

Hellyers Road is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest boutique whisky distillery.

Located in pristine dairy farming country on the outskirts of Burnie, the distillery is a fully-owned subsidiary of Tasmania’s second largest milk processing company, Betta Milk.

Its reputation for developing high quality single malt whisky, vodka and cream liqueur is continually emerging, adding further credence to Tasmania’s lofty position as one of the world’s very best destinations for fine food and beverage.

Hellyers Road’s dedication and perseverance to craft premium single malt products, using predominantly local produce, has been recognised at home and abroad including recognition as ‘Best New World Whisky’ (Pinot Noir Finish variety) at the prestigious Whisky Live event in Paris, 2013 and’ Best Single Malt in Australia’ in the 2010 Malt Whisky Society Awards for Excellence.

In 2012 the Distillery released its first aged statement whisky – 10 Year, followed in 2014 with the release of its 12 Year. Both are stunning single malts.

Contact name Sharon Deane
Phone 03 6433 0439
Email sales@hellyersroaddistillery.com.au
Website www.hellyersroaddistillery.com.au

Henry’s Ginger Beer

Crafting traditional ginger beer in small batches in North West Tasmania

Based in the North West, we make a traditional style ginger beer with fresh, raw ingredients, naturally brewed and bottled on site. Real ginger beer, how it’s meant to taste.

Henry’s Ginger Beer Original is available throughout Tasmania in cafes, restaurants, cellar doors and providores.


Contact name Marc and Carolyn Watson-Paul
Phone 0477 044 022
Email info@henrysgingerbeer.com.au
Website www.henrysgingerbeer.com.au

Hill Farm Cygnet

We are a small producer of heritage breed pasture raised eggs as well as rhubarb.

We sell fresh grown rhubarb and pasture raised heritage breed Barnevelder eggs.

Contact name Christine Galbraith
Phone 0487 849 364
Email chrisgal3@bigpond.com

Hill Farm Preserves

Artisan condiments and preserves made in Tasmania from natural ingredients free from added colours, artificial flavours or preservatives. All products are made in small batches, and hand bottled and labelled.

The product range includes seeded and paste mustards, jam, marmalade, chutney, relish, jelly, fruit paste, flavoured apple cider vinegars and GM-free cold-pressed canola oil (sold plain or infused five different ways). Hill Farm’s GM-Free Cold Pressed Canola Oil has been recognised as a state winner in the Australian delicious. magazine Produce Awards in 2017 and 2018.

The kitchen where owner Karin Luttmer makes these beautiful products is located in lush farming country in north-west  Tasmania at Sisters Creek. Labels on our vinegars, mustards and oils are hand painted by a local Tasmanian artist to capture the beauty of the ingredients within. Canola and yellow mustard seeds are all grown and harvested on nearby farmland. HACCP quality assurance and the use of natural ingredients, ensures the creation of products of the highest quality and taste experience. Artwork on our beautiful labels have been created by a local Tasmanian artist to capture the beauty of the ingredients within.

Hill Farm Preserves products are available  throughout Australia and exported to Japan and South Korea. The company has also produced designer mustards for Brand Tasmania Ambassador Tetsuya Wakuda and international restaurateur Luke Mangan for retail under their own exclusive labels.

Contact name Karin Luttmer
Phone 03 6445 1504
Email info@hillfarm.com.au
Website www.hillfarm.com.au

Hobart Brewing Company

Superior local ingredients, skilled brewers & flavoursome beer!

While we are inspired by Hobart's rich brewing heritage, we're driven to brew unique, high quality and delicious Tasmanian beers. Come visit our brewery and taproom down at the Red Shed, Macquarie Point in central Hobart.

Contact name Brendan Parnell
Phone 0423 550 311
Email brendan@hobartbrewingco.com.au
Website hobartbrewingco@gmail.com

Holm Oak Vineyards

Holm Oak Vineyards is a boutique wine producer in the Tamar Valley.

Operated by two experienced wine business professionals Rebecca (Winemaker) and her husband Tim (viticulturist), Holm Oak produces an extensive and interesting range of estate grown, made and bottled wine.

Contact name Rebecca Duffy
Phone 03 6394 7577
Email admin@holmoakvineyards.com.au
Website www.holmoakvineyards.com.au

Home Hill Wines

Rosemary & Terry Bennett, the proprietors of Home Hill, look down on the vineyard from their home, pinch themselves, and wonder how their relaxing hobby farm of six rows of vines has turned into an award winning vineyard that produces some of Australia’s top quality Pinot Noir.

Apples were once produced on the site of the vineyard, along with memories of the years gone by when their three young children were placed in bulk bins to entertain themselves while they harvested their crops of apples.

Now their youngest son, Sean, assists Terry with the careful planning and assiduous cropping levels of the 6 hectare vineyard. Daughter Kelly left her profession as a nurse and teamed up with the family to assist in the marketing of wine and managing of the Restaurant.

The family members now love to share their beautiful property with visitors. They consider Home Hill to be the perfect place to celebrate the good things in life.

Contact name Terry Bennett
Phone 03 6264 1200
Email rosemary@homehillwines.com.au
Website www.homehillwines.com.au

Honey Tasmania – The Beehive

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Come taste uniquely different varieties of pure raw honey made by millions of industrious bees.

Watch the queen laying eggs, see a new baby emerge from a cell and experience the delight of the bees communicating through their waggle dance from two wonderful new display beehives.

Sample unique honey alcohol, as well as Tasmanian whisky and gin. Discover beauty products made from honey and beeswax, honey- and bee-related handmade gifts, books on bees and honey, as well as many more honeybee focused products.

Come enjoy a delicious honey ice cream in the garden while watching the bees fly amongst the flowers.

Contact name Rebecca Campbell
Phone 03 6331 9300
Email honey@honeytasmania.com
Website www.honeytasmania.com

House of Fudge Pty Ltd

A national award winning Port Arthur based business with a focus on Tasmanian branding and exceptional taste.

Our Port Arthur based business focuses on producing high quality fudge, complemented by exceptional packaging and branding. We would like the fudge to soon be sold in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.

Contact name Eben Smith
Phone 0456 209 821
Email info@houseoffudge.com.au
Website www.houseoffudge.com.au

Houstons Farm

Houston's Farm quality baby salad leaves. Nestled in the picturesque Coal River Valley, in southern Tasmania, Houston’s Farm is the proud grower and producer of the finest baby salad leaves for retail and food service.

Grown with careful preparation and environmentally sustainable farming practices, our baby leaves are sort after both locally and throughout Australia for their freshness and quality.

Essentially a family business, now with more than 20 years of experience, Houston’s Farm has developed a range of high quality washed and ready to eat single leaf and mixed baby leaf salads in addition to salad based meals which come with dressing and condiments. These are sold both in in our own brand and under private label to independent and major retailers.

In the constant search to improve our products and build our business, we seek out industry expertise and acquire knowledge, skills and standards. This allows us to compete with far larger operations whilst still maintaining a hands-on, quality focused approach.

Contact name Russ Smith
Phone 03 6248 5233
Email rsmith@houstonsfarm.com.au
Website www.houstonsfarm.com.au

Huon Aquaculture Company Pty Ltd

Based in Hideaway Bay, near the mouth of the Huon River, Huon Aquaculture is Australia’s second largest producer of Atlantic salmon.

Huon Aquaculture supplies national and international markets with consistently high quality head-on, gilled and gutted salmon.

Contact name Peter Bender
Phone 03 6295 8111
Email huonaqua@huonaqua.com.au
Website www.huonaqua.com.au

Huon Valley Seafoods Pty Ltd

Seafood Processing Plant including blast freezing facilities

Welcome to Huon Valley Seafood's

A privately owned seafood processing and packaging business, Huon Valley Seafood's Pty Ltd was established in 2000.

Located in Huonville, the gateway to the beautiful Huon Valley in Tasmania, our team is committed to delivering the best...and we have fun doing it! We are passionate about service and being viewed as the benchmark in seafood processing.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers' needs through timely delivery, providing the best value for money with efficient and courteous service and superior reliable quality products.

We are committed to:
•Understanding and responding to our customers' needs and expectations
•Providing outstanding quality
•Improving systems and/or production to generate continuous high quality and productivity levels
•Developing a trained and motivated workforce with full accountability and responsibility
•Establishing long-term relationships with suppliers and customers.

Contact name Ambrose Coad & Stephen Oates
Phone 03 6264 1700
Email acoad@huonvalleyseafoods.com.au
Website www.huonvalleyseafoods.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Edition 200_KateAndAlex

Seafood seduces iconic chef

One of the world’s top chefs, Brazilian Alex Atala, has ‘been seduced’ by Tasmania’s seafood during a day on the water cruising the beautiful D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Edition 200_FrancesPeterBender

Farming success

When they set up their salmon business as a side hobby, Frances and Peter Bender – the founders of Huon Aquaculture – could never have imagined they would create history by becoming the first fish farmers to be named Australian Farmer of the Year.

9 November 2018

Edition 200_Meredith_Yung

Man on a mission

David Meredith is on a mission. He owns a collection of Hobart upmarket establishments – including the iconic Islington Hotel – and has now scored a coup for Tasmania in Hong Kong’s supermarkets.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Edition 200_EdCarr

Arras sparkles on world stage

Tasmania’s sparkling wines glittered in London, when House of Arras winemaker, Ed Carr, was bestowed with one of the most prestigious international honours.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tetsuya is number one - again!

The restaurant of iconic chef – and Brand Tasmania Ambassador – Tetsuya Wakuda, has once again been named as the best in Australia. And, fittingly it was the backdrop for a major investment dinner recently hosted by Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, in conjunction with Brand Tasmania. Tetsuya’s eponymous Sydney establishment has just won Restaurant of the Year at the Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence. The prestigious award is the latest in a long list of accolades that Tetsuya has collected since opening in 1989, and he told Restaurant and Catering Magazine it is a reflection of those around him: “I congratulate my staff. The team won this, not me. A good restaurant is a team effort.” Meantime, Tetsuya has long been a champion of Tasmania which he describes as “beyond organic,” and his restaurant hosted a special dinner showcasing the finest from the island state to potential investors. Premier Will Hodgman led the guest list at Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner: From Sky to Land and Sea’, which featured such exquisite combinations as: Cold Green Pea Soup with Bitter Chocolate Sorbet; Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Salad of Apple and Witlof; Poached Lobster in Vanilla with Cannellini Beans and Coffee Vinaigrette; and Chocolate Stone with Fortunato No 4. It was a stunning menu, and further proof that Tetsuya’s really does deserve the title of Australia’s best restaurant.

Watch the video to sample Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner’ at his Sydney restaurant

video still Tetsuya tastes
Watch video on YouTube

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tolpuddle chardonnay shines

A Tasmanian vineyard has shone at the 2018 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards. Tolpuddle Vineyard won four major trophies, with its 2017 chardonnay picking up three of the awards: Best Young White Wine; Best Chardonnay; and Best Single Vineyard. Tolpuddle winemaker, Adam Wadewitz said: “I guess we always knew the 2017 vintage was pretty special in Tasmania. The season was astonishing; late and cool, and it produces wines with that rarely seen ‘balance and intensity’ combination.” Tolpuddle Vineyard is located in the Coal River Valley and was established in 1988. It is planted solely with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Other Tasmanian winners in Melbourne were: The Bay of Fires winery which won the James Halliday Trophy for best pinot noir with its 2017 release; the House of Arras, named Best Sparkling for its chardonnay/pinot noir Grand Vintage 2008; and Eddystone Point, awarded Best Riesling for its 2018 vintage.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

New Moo Brew a stout order

As artisan foods and beverages continue to boom across the Island State, a new barrel-aged stout has been launched onto the market, just in time for the festive season. This rich, dense beer has been created by Tasmania’s Moo Brew, that says it will only get better with age. The Moo Brew Imperial Stout – made in collaboration with Sydney’s Archie Rose Distilling Company – has been aged in single malt whisky and ex-bourbon American oak barrels and weighs in at an imposing 10.8% alcohol level. Moo Brew are getting ready for an enthusiastic response. “It’s big,” Moo Brew head brewer Dave Macgill said. “We encourage people to enjoy this beer now, but those partial to cellaring will be rewarded. This stout has a rich, dense palate thanks to the ex-bourbon barrels and Archie Rose whisky, high residual sugar and specialty roasted malts.”

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Taste of Tasmania birthday cake-off

The Taste of Tasmania is gearing up to celebrate a milestone birthday with cake – lots of it! The iconic Hobart festival turns thirty this year and is celebrating with a special bake-off. The Great Tasmanian Cake Off will attract the best bakers in the state all vying for the honour of producing the ultimate cake. Along with a stunning array of Victoria Sponges presented to the judges, the waterside event will also present a cross-section of other food and beverages from the island state. This festive season well-known chef, Luke Burgess, will be serving up an array of dishes. He will be joined by Templo’s Matt Breen, who is slated to present a masterclass in Italian peasant food. The Taste of Tasmania runs from December 28 to January 3 at Hobart’s Princes Wharf, and a full festival program will be released later this month.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Bicheno prepares for gourmet extravaganza

As the weather heats up, Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast is the place to be, and for lovers of gourmet delights, next weekend is the time to visit. The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival is the region’s biggest event and is now in its 12th year. The festival is again expected to draw bumper crowds seeking out the finest local food, wine, and beer, with highlights including cooking classes run by top chefs, and wine appreciation lessons. All the wonderful local fare aside, the scenery alone would be enough of a drawcard, with the three-day celebration overlooking beautiful Waubs Bay. And as befits the location, this year’s festival will also feature a display of classic surfboards. The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival runs from November 16 – 18.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Edition 199_TetsuyaDavid

Chefs' masterpiece

Call it a major culinary event. Two great chefs cooking up a degustation feast showcasing Tasmania’s freshest premium produce.

14 October 2018, Edition 199

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26 October 2018

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