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McCain Foods

Contact name Mike Dawson
Phone 03 9840 5600
Email mdawson@mccain.com.au
Website www.mccain.com

McHenry Distillery

McHenry Distillery is the southern-most whisky distillery in Australia.

McHenry Distillery is the southern-most whisky distillery and one of the most dynamic distilleries in Australia. Located in Tasmania, its southern location takes advantage of the cool, moist maritime environment which provides perfect conditions for whisky making. The distillery uses its own abundant clear spring water, which flows off Mount Arthur directly into the distillery and becomes the heart of the developing spirit. We specialise in hand-made single malt Tasmanian whisky and other high quality products like our PUER Vodka, and have a wide range of Gins including Aged Gin, London Dry Gin and Sloe Gin. We take pride in our range of products.

Contact name William McHenry
Phone 0417 559 967
Email wfm@mchenrydistillery.com.au
Website mchenrydistillery.com.au

Melrose Wholesale Meats Pty Ltd

Buying livestock from farms and markets all product will be killed in Tasmania then supplied to a niche market of quality butchers in Queensland.

Tasmanian Lambs and Beef will be marketed as a 'Tasmanian Royal' product with a branded approach to the market. We will be offering posters, window wobblers, ect. To aid in-store with possible DVD promotions on the clean green Tasmanian produce.

Contact name Dominick Melrose
Phone 07 3379 2499
Email dom@royalchefselection.com
Website www.royalchefselection.com

Melshell Oysters

Melshell Oysters provide a superior oyster experience from the waters of Great Oyster Bay. Premium Oysters are sold at our farm gate at Yellow Sandbanks, Dolphin Sands Tasmania. 

We are encouraging the hunter gatherers visiting the east coast to come to our farm and get some of the freshest oysters available.

Visitors have described our produce as “Blindingly Fresh” and “Dolly Parton Plump”. Another customer claimed “Melshell Oyster has no peer in our region and possibly in the whole of Tasmania. A big claim, to be sure, however I can personally vouch they were superb”.

We now have ½ shell oysters and live oysters available.

Contact name Cassandra Melrose
Phone 03 6257 0269
Email admin@melshelloysters.com.au
Website www.melshelloysters.com.au

Melshell Sea Farms

Contact name Cassie Melrose
Phone 03 6257 0269
Email admin@melshelloysters.com.au
Website melshelloysters.com.au

Miellerie The House of Honey

Miellerie means “the house of honey” in French. Yves Ginat, a Frenchman now living in Tasmania has a love for bees, honey and Tasmanian native flora.

Yves began keeping bees as a young boy in France. He has brought his techniques with him, and says of our honey, “it is a subtle marriage of French tradition and Tasmanian flowers”. Miellerie honey is pure, natural, raw honey: unprocessed and unheated, maintaining optimum natural aroma, health qualities, and characteristic crystals. Yves applies biodynamic beekeeping principles to nurture the harmony of bees and nature, composing exquisite aromas, flavour and vitality into lustrous honey.

Contact name Yves Ginat
Phone 03 6267 4011
Email miellerietas@gmail.com
Website www.miellerie.com.au


Handmade popsicles made from fresh Tasmanian fruit.

Popsicles sold through the Launceston Harvest Market from a custom-made pink tricycle.

Core business belief is to support local Tasmanian farmers by using their fresh products as key ingredients for the popsicles.

Contact name Erin at Mmm..Yum
Phone 0487 245 543
Email erinemilyjackson@gmail.com
Website www.facebook.com/pages/MmmYum/485803361492999

Modo Mio Naked Ltd

Artisan bakery in Spreyton producing multi award winning, couverture chocolate brownies for the food service industry.

Modo Mio Naked ltd. is HACCP accredited.  We developed our business from using a 500g bar of chocolate and an experimental recipe, to moving .75 tonne in one week (December 2015). Our suppliers include Kindred Organics, Pure Food Eggs, Anvers, Fonterra, Hazelbrea Hazelnuts, - basically we incorporate as much Tasmanian produce into our product, even the whisky we use is Tasmanian. We also supply to David Jones after attending a tasting day at Joseph Chromy organised by State Growth

Contact name Susanne Dobrowski
Phone 0405 625 032
Email naked@modomio.com.au
Website www.modomio.com.au

Mondelez International

Mondelez International has a large portfolio of brands including Cadbury, Vegemite, The Natural Confectionery Co, Oreo and Philadelphia.

One of Its most trusted brands, Cadbury, has been manufacturing in Tasmania for more nearly 100 years and is an icon of Tasmania's industrial history. Cadbury has always been an active community member and recognises that supporting Brand Tasmania will continue to grow its relationship with the community, while supporting the food & tourism industries of Tasmania.

Cadbury has a unique ability to be able to take Tasmania's food story to more people via partnering with its multimedia network and potentially link it directly with Cadbury marketing.

Phone 1800 033 275
Website www.cadbury.com.au

Moo Brew

Moo Brew is an urbane confluence of art, style, great beers and downright confusing contradictions.

The original brewery was built on the lush grounds of the Moorilla winery on the banks of the River Derwent – now the site of MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art).  In 2010, a new brewery was built at Bridgewater, ten minutes north of the hatchling site. The architecturally-designed building houses a modern brewing facility, previously described as the best-appointed microbrewery in Australia. Established in 2005, Moo Brew is now the state’s largest locally-owned brewery. The Moo Brew labels display the works of Australian artist John Kelly. 

Backed by this blending of beer and art, Moo Brew's brewers continue to architect a beer style and brand which purposefully seeks out authentic connections with the palettes of all those who appreciate the art of fine craft beer.


Contact name Dave Macgill
Phone 03 6263 7773
Email info@moobrew.com.au
Website www.moobrew.com.au

Moores Hill Estate

We're a small, family owned vineyard in the Tamar Valley.

From handpicking in the vineyard to small batch winemaking for quality, we produce delicious wines of depth, purity and personality. Sparkling, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Merlot and Sweet Riesling. They are wines that taste of where they're from.

Contact name Fiona Weller
Phone 03 6394 7649
Email enquiries@mooreshill.com.au
Website www.mooreshill.com.au

Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd

Moorilla Estate pioneered the modern Tasmanian wine industry with the establishment of a quality-oriented vineyard on the banks of the River Derwent 50 years ago.

Moorilla has now diversified, adding 5-star accommodation, a world-class museum of antiquities and modern art, a restaurant, catering, functions, tastings and boutique beer production.

Contact name Maria Lurighi
Phone 03 6277 9900
Email maria@mona.net.au
Website www.moorilla.com.au

Mount Gnomon Farm

Contact name Guy Robertson & Eliza Wood
Phone 03 6437 1106
Email mountgnomonfarm@activ8.net.au
Website mountgnomonfarm.blogspot.com.au

Mountain River Yoghurt

Mountain River Yoghurt was established in early 2011 and began trading at local growers' markets in Southern Tasmania.

Mountain River Yoghurt is Tasmania's only pot-set yoghurt. Made in the pristine Huon Valley south of Hobart, our yoghurt is hand-made using non-homogenised cow's milk.

Our award winning yoghurt is available in over 20 retail outlets across Southern Tasmania and is used by over a dozen chefs in cafes and restaurants.

Mountain River Yoghurt is proudly family owned and operated.

Contact name Chris and Barbara Pippos
Phone 0423 027 195
Email mountainriveryoghurt@ymail.com
Website www.mountainriveryoghurt.com

Ms. Jo Ross

Patisseries & Catering - REAL FOOD - just for you, just the way you like it.

For the love of cooking and creating food that ranges from plain and simple, through to over-the-top decadent; for a one-off meal to catering for a crowd; from a delicious single dessert to filling a cafe's cake display... whatever you can think of, it can probably be made -- just for you, just the way you like it.
The food is prepared by hand from scratch using real butter, free-range eggs and high quality ingredients, which are all sourced from Tasmania where possible. There are no packets or premixes. Just real food!

The Patisseries et al include:
* Slices - a specialty and award winning
* Cakes
* Muffins
* Biscuits
* Desserts
* Ice creams
* Confectionery
* Pies and tarts
* Exquisite jams, sauces and syrups from hand-picked fruit grown (chemical free) on my little patch of mountain paradise.

Some items are suitable to post interstate.

Contact name Ms Jo Ross
Phone 0429 004 417
Email artisanofthekitchen@gmail.com

Mt Direction Olives

Specialists in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In 1999 in the Tippogoree Hills of the Tamar Valley, Sean and Chrissie Ahern planted 2000 olive trees. About 1400 Frantoio [a Tuscan variety] and 600 Manzanillo [a Spanish variety] now form the basis for mount Direction's olive oil production. Early harvest produces a robust Frantoio and a more mellow, buttery Manzanillo but as harvest progresses both oils develop more fruity characteristics .These late season oils lend themselves to flavouring. Our garlic and chilli infused oils are among our most popular whilst our Lime Agrumato is mostly presold to last years customers. Oil production takes place at our own mill. Our vertically integrated company [ from paddock to package] allows us to make the claim: "from tree to tank in three hours".

Contact name Sean Ahern
Phone 0417 161 549
Email relode2000@bigpond.com
Website www.mtdirectionolives.com.au

Mt Elephant Fudge

Contact name Liz Dean
Phone 03 6372 2034
Email lizdean@hotmail.com

Mures Fish Centre

Jill & George Mure opened Tasmania's first licensed seafood restaurant, Mures Fish House, in 1973 in Hobart. When they struggled to source quality, fresh, local seafood, George went fishing.

More than 40 years on, now owned by Will & Judy Mure, Mures remains a favourite of locals and visitors alike, located in Hobart's working fishing port at Victoria Dock.

Downstairs is Lower Deck where you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood from the licensed Bistro, including Mures' own line caught blue eye trevalla, as you take in the sights and sounds of the waterfront.

Check out the vast array of Australian seafood at the Fishmongers including rock lobster, salmon, scallops and mussels, where you can order freshly shucked Tasmanian oysters from the Oyster Bar. Finish off with a local roasted coffee or an ice cream from the Cafe.

Upstairs is Upper Deck for a more sassier affair with expansive dockside views and a la carte dishes, often changing daily with the freshest catch, featuring the finest seafood and very best local produce. Perfectly complement your meal with their award-winning exclusively Tasmanian wine list.

Contact name Will Mure
Phone 03 6231 2121
Email reception@mures.com.au
Website www.mures.com.au

Mures Fishing

Mures is an iconic Tasmanian family business that offers customers a variety of quality seafood which is sustainably caught and sourced with an emphasis on Australian wild catch.

Mures has an excellent selection of seafood most of which is caught abroad their own line fishing vessel, Diana, as well as a variety of wild catch and farmed species.

The Mures affinity for the sea and fishing spans over 40 years where their seafood is delivered in a timely and professional manner, reflecting the exceptional standard that Mures is famous for.

Local seafood is smoked, spiced, cured and pickled to produce Mures award-winning gourmet product range using original recipes, time honoured techniques and the care that only comes from long family tradition. The range includes traditional smoked salmon and trout, pates and terrines, sauces, soups and a unique range of European delicacies. Their fish are smoked in small batches using Tasmanian Oak and sliced by hand. Such attention to detail imparts the refined flavour and texture unique to Mures and ensures superior quality and consistency with every product.

Contact name Tristan Baker
Phone 03 6231 2121
Email fishing@mures.com.au
Website www.mures.com.au

Murray Valley Meat Trading Company Tas

Meat Wholesaler

Phone 0499 662 222
Email greg@beef.com.au

Read stories from our partners

Edition 201_TasteOfTas

Festive fun begins with birthday bash

Tasmania is gearing up for a summer of festivities, spear-headed by an iconic event which is ready to celebrate a milestone birthday – with a new look.

11 December 2018, Edition 201

Edition 201_SteveKons

‘Tasting’ a whisky world record

A treat is on the way for connoisseurs of the golden tipple, with the world’s largest whisky tasting room, planned for Tasmania’s north west.

11 December 2018, Edition 201

Edition 201_Arras

What a year!

It’s been a great year for Tasmania. David Attenborough showcased our stunning island to a global audience of millions, a deal was struck for new Bass Strait ferries, while our whisky and wine shone on the world stage… and that’s just the start.

11 December 2018, Edition 201

Coffee Liqueur warms Xmas spirits

A new boutique beverage will have coffee and spirits lovers rejoicing. Two of Tasmania’s top artisan producers have collaborated to bring a premium coffee liqueur to the market just in time for some festive cheer. Hellfire Bluff Distillery, based at Boomer Bay, and Hobart speciality coffee roaster, Zimmah Coffee, created the delicious tipple. Ruby Daly of Hellfire Bluff Distillery said: “We were so excited for the opportunity to work with another great Tasmanian brand to expand our range of locally produced spirits, and create a new premium product for our customers, here and throughout Australia.” She added Zimmah chose to use the ‘Son of a Gun’ blend – a full-bodied mix of Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans – to deliver delicious flavours with rich and bold caramel and milk chocolate notes. Hellfire Coffee Liqueur is available at Salamanca market and other boutique liquor stores.

7 December 2018, Edition 201

Salad days for Houston’s Farm

Another tick of confidence for Tasmania’s booming agricultural sector, with Houston’s Farm unveiling a new $5.8 million facility in the south of the state. The leading salad producer has just opened a new state-of-the-art, custom built, baby leaf production centre at its Forcett farm. The 80-hectare production unit will underpin growth in the company’s national supermarket supply contracts. Houston’s Farm, which was represented at the recent State Government trade mission to Asia, is seeking to expand export markets to Hong Kong, and this new facility is central to those plans. The new facility will also create 15 full time jobs. Houston’s has been creating innovative products for almost 30 years and has pioneered many practices and techniques that now see Tasmanian salads on shop shelves across Australia.

7 December 2018, Edition 201

Edition 200_FrancesPeterBender

Farming success

When they set up their salmon business as a side hobby, Frances and Peter Bender – the founders of Huon Aquaculture – could never have imagined they would create history by becoming the first fish farmers to be named Australian Farmer of the Year.

9 November 2018

Edition 200_Meredith_Yung

Man on a mission

David Meredith is on a mission. He owns a collection of Hobart upmarket establishments – including the iconic Islington Hotel – and has now scored a coup for Tasmania in Hong Kong’s supermarkets.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Edition 200_EdCarr

Arras sparkles on world stage

Tasmania’s sparkling wines glittered in London, when House of Arras winemaker, Ed Carr, was bestowed with one of the most prestigious international honours.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tetsuya is number one - again!

The restaurant of iconic chef – and Brand Tasmania Ambassador – Tetsuya Wakuda, has once again been named as the best in Australia. And, fittingly it was the backdrop for a major investment dinner recently hosted by Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, in conjunction with Brand Tasmania. Tetsuya’s eponymous Sydney establishment has just won Restaurant of the Year at the Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence. The prestigious award is the latest in a long list of accolades that Tetsuya has collected since opening in 1989, and he told Restaurant and Catering Magazine it is a reflection of those around him: “I congratulate my staff. The team won this, not me. A good restaurant is a team effort.” Meantime, Tetsuya has long been a champion of Tasmania which he describes as “beyond organic,” and his restaurant hosted a special dinner showcasing the finest from the island state to potential investors. Premier Will Hodgman led the guest list at Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner: From Sky to Land and Sea’, which featured such exquisite combinations as: Cold Green Pea Soup with Bitter Chocolate Sorbet; Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Salad of Apple and Witlof; Poached Lobster in Vanilla with Cannellini Beans and Coffee Vinaigrette; and Chocolate Stone with Fortunato No 4. It was a stunning menu, and further proof that Tetsuya’s really does deserve the title of Australia’s best restaurant.

Watch the video to sample Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner’ at his Sydney restaurant

video still Tetsuya tastes
Watch video on YouTube

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tolpuddle chardonnay shines

A Tasmanian vineyard has shone at the 2018 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards. Tolpuddle Vineyard won four major trophies, with its 2017 chardonnay picking up three of the awards: Best Young White Wine; Best Chardonnay; and Best Single Vineyard. Tolpuddle winemaker, Adam Wadewitz said: “I guess we always knew the 2017 vintage was pretty special in Tasmania. The season was astonishing; late and cool, and it produces wines with that rarely seen ‘balance and intensity’ combination.” Tolpuddle Vineyard is located in the Coal River Valley and was established in 1988. It is planted solely with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Other Tasmanian winners in Melbourne were: The Bay of Fires winery which won the James Halliday Trophy for best pinot noir with its 2017 release; the House of Arras, named Best Sparkling for its chardonnay/pinot noir Grand Vintage 2008; and Eddystone Point, awarded Best Riesling for its 2018 vintage.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

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Tassie Kangaroos bounce into history

Edition 201_TasKanga

No Christmas rest for the stars of Tasmania’s first AFL team – The North Melbourne Tassie Kangaroos – with training in full swing as they get ready to create history in the New Year.

11 December 2018, Edition 201

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