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Tamar Ridge Estates

Leading producer of Tasmanian cool climate table wines under the Tamar Ridge and Devil's Corner brands, with sales in every State and a growing list of export markets.

The benchmark wines forming the core of the Tamar Ridge brand include Tamar Ridge Riesling,Tamar Ridge Pinot Noir and Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc.

Contact name Will Adkins
Phone 03 6394 1111
Email Will.Adkins@tasmanianestates.com.au
Website www.tamarridge.com.au

Tamar Valley Hazelnuts

Fresh hazelnuts are sweet and tasty. Tamar Valley Hazelnuts are committed to selling our hazelnut in the season in which they are grown to ensure maximum flavour.

We are a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated family agribusiness. We have an orchard of over 5,000 trees in Glengarry and an onsite cracking and processing facility. Partnering with other local growers, we had our first commercial crop in 2018 of 4T in shell and are growing in volume every year. We sell in shell hazelnuts, natural and roasted hazelnut kernel and hazelnut butter. Predominately a wholesale business we sell to grocers, health food shops, bakers and confectioners in Tasmania and interstate. We also sell direct to the consumer through our online shop and local festivals and markets. We also operate a hazelnut nursery selling bare rooted orchard trees each winter.

Contact name Carol Bracken
Phone 0423 255 776
Email carol.bracken@internode.on.net
Website www.hazelnut.net.au

Tamar Valley Truffles

Tamar Valley Truffles is Australia’s largest Privately owned boutique trufferie.

Situated around Lake Trevallyn Dam in the Tamar Valley, Tamar Valley Truffles produce unique aroma & flavour - just like the Cool Climate Wines. We supply the major chefs around Australia, & export to Singapore, Japan, Germany, USA & France.

Contact name John Baily
Phone 0408 343 888
Email john@tamarvalleytruffles.com.au
Website www.tamarvalleytruffles.com.au

Tarkine Tiger Mineral Water

Premium - Pristine Tasmanian Natural and Sparkling Mineral Water From The Heart Of The Tarkine Wilderness

Tarkine Tiger Mineral Water is sourced from the depths of the Tarkine in far North West Tasmania. It continually filters through 40 meters of dolomite rock to finally surface within 1 kilometer of the Southern Ocean and 22 kilometers from the Cape Grim Weather Station, known to have the cleanest air in the world. This results in a healthy mineral water with naturally high levels of calcium and magnesium.

Contact name Gordon Kelly
Phone 0459 999 229
Email sales@tarkinetiger.com.au
Website www.tarkinetiger.com.au

TAS Essential Services

TAS Essential Services supports a range of family owned businesses in Tasmania to grow and thrive.

Acting as a corporate shared services Hub for Tasmanian family-owned businesses, we provide financial, marketing, sales, operations and HR support services.

The businesses operate in a broad range of sectors including food services, agriculture, manufacturing, irrigation, marketing, hospitality, building and construction.

Contact name Lesley Aitken
Phone 03 6319 6384
Email admin@tasessentialservices.com.au

Tas Prime Oysters Pty Ltd

Tas Prime Oysters is committed to selling quality oysters throughout Australia and Asia. Buy direct from the farmers who live by the tide.

When buying Tasmanian Pacific Oysters from us, you are purchasing direct from the farm. Each one of our farmers is a director of the company and committed to supplying you with the freshest plumpest oysters of the sea.

We have five farms spread from Smithton (Duck Bay) in the North of the state, to Island Inlet and Pittwater near Hobart, Blackmans Bay in the South. Just like a good wine, our oysters have different taste and texture from each different region. 

Our focus is on Quality of meat and shell shape. Good farming practice over all of our farms ensures we achieve this standard every time.

Tas Prime Oysters also has its own AQIS approved Export packing facility located at one of our farms, ensuring the freshest oysters are harvested and packed direct for Export markets throughout Asia.

Contact name Jane Kenane
Phone 0409 234 304
Email tasprimeoysters@bigpond.com
Website www.tasprimeoysters.com

Tas-Saff saffron

Tasmanian Saffron Pty. Ltd. Trading as Tas-Saff is the industry leader in growing and marketing Australian saffron.

Tas-Saff commenced operation in April 1990 and is a family company, wholly owned and operated by Terry and Nicky Noonan. Tas-Saff is situated at Glaziers Bay in the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania.

Tas-Saff is the first and only commercial network of saffron growers in Australia and the major network in New Zealand.

Saffron is the three-pronged dried, red stigma of the Crocus sativus corm (bulb). Saffron is the oldest, most expensive spice in the world and has been highly prized over the centuries.

Approximately 180,000 - 220,000 flowers make one kilogram of Tas-Saff saffron.

Saffron is a spice that adds flavour, colour and aroma to many foods such as bouillabaisse and paella. Its flavour cannot be copied.

The distribution for Tas-Saff saffron is via specialist food retailers and wholesalers, restaurants, supermarkets, farm gate and export.

Contact name Nicky Noonan
Phone 03 6295 1921
Email tas-saff@bigpond.com.au
Website www.tas-saff.com.au


Tas-SANG grows the valuable American ginseng roots (Panax quinquifolium) on its idyllic property on the Meander River floodplain, Deloraine.

The ginseng is grown on the deep well-drained alluvial soils under the canopy of Silver Wattle trees which provide the excellent mulch for ginseng.

The perfect growing conditions allows a wild simulated method of culture using established organic practices. No synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are needed or used.

Our oldest roots are now 17 years old and show the  wild features of the best ginseng in the world. Many roots have more than two stems per plant and each have at least 4 prongs per stem. Some of our roots are in excess of 400g fresh weight. We market either fresh roots or dried presentation roots.

We have C.I.T.E.S. permits to export anywhere in the world. More information and videos can be found on our webpage.

Contact name Don Schumacher
Phone 03 6362 3317
Email tas_sang@bigpond.com
Website www.tas-sang.com.au

Tas’Mania Fresh

Importer to Hong Kong and China of premium fresh produce, seafoods, wines and gourmet foods sourced from Tasmania for the high end F&B, premium supermarkets and home delivery markets.

Tasmania is well regarded in Asia as THE WORLD'S NATURAL LARDER - a source of high quality foods, products that are the result of passionate producers, rich soils, cleanest water, freshest air, that taste better and are more nutritious.

We are importer and distributor into Asia of Tasmanian sourced produce to international markets in Asia namely, Hong Kong and China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

The portfolio includes fresh and  frozen salmon, cold smoked salmon, mussels, abalone, oysters, cherries, apples, cider, milk & cheese, truffles, Manuka honey and others gourmet foods under the Brand Tasmanian grocer, as sourced from Tasmanian growers and producers for the high end F&B and premium retailers and online shops.

We source seasonal products direct from these producers for optimum freshness and quality and market them and their product stories in Asia under the brand umbrella of Tas'Mania ... together with a trust mark as to the source to attest to the authenticity of the produce.



Contact name David Meredith
Phone +852 9466 4570
Email david@tasmaniafresh.com
Website www.tasmaniafresh.com

TasFoods Ltd

The Tasmanian Food Co. (TasFoods Ltd) is an endorser brand for a stable of premium food brands made locally with a connection to provenance, sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

Lifting standards in the field and the kitchen, The Tasmanian Food Co. is committed to providing customers with produce made ethically, as they would expect, with a focus on animal welfare and creating naturally superior tasting products.

TasFoods is an ASX listed company, with headquarters in Launceston in the heart of Tasmania’s premium food bowl. Established in 2015 by a group of Tasmanian business leaders, TasFoods sees huge potential to build its business through acquiring and developing its stable of Tasmanian-sourced food products with stories of provenance to feed discerning tastes across the globe.

Contact name Freya Griffin
Phone + 613 6331 6983
Email admin@tasfoods.com.au
Website thetasmanianfoodco.com.au

Tashimi Fish Pty Ltd

Contact name Chieko Kamata
Phone 03 6344 3141
Email tashimi@iprimus.com.au
Website home.iprimus.com.au/tashimi

Tasman Sea Salt

The clean, nutrient rich waters of Tasmania provide the perfect environment to create our vibrant white sea salt flakes which pack incredible flavour and enhance the taste of any food.

Naturally harvested from the crystal clear waters on the east coast of Tasmania, Tasman Sea Salt is a delicious bright white sea salt flake which enhances the taste of any food. Containing trace minerals found in the seas around Tasmania, it has a unique depth of flavour that isn't found in other salts.

In a first for the sea salt industry, Tasman Sea Salt uses innovative technologies in its production process to harness sustainable energy sources including solar and thermal energy to ensure that their production processes minimise any impact on their surroundings.

Contact name Chris Manson
Phone 03 6257 8700
Email info@tasmanseasalt.com.au
Website www.tasmanseasalt.com

Tasmania Cherries

Family sheep farm and cherry orchards based near Campania in South East Tasmania

We have several varieties of cherries that ripen from around mid-December through to early February. We believe our edge is that we are a family owned and run farm and not a corporate agricultural business and it shows in the flavour and quality of our cherries. We are based near Campania which is consistently slightly warmer than the rest of Tasmania during the summer months which helps produce a great tasting gorgeous cherry. We have built a good reputation at Tasmanian markets over the last 10 years under the name of Ferniehurst Cherries.

Phone 0418 104 285
Email ferniehurstcherries@gmail.com
Website www.tasmaniacherries.com.au

Tasmania Feedlot

Contact name Andrew Thompson
Phone 03 6398 6244
Email arthompson@aeontfc.com

Tasmania Wild Biltong Company

Creators of gourmet snacks

I re-located my family to the lush, green isle of Tasmania 3yrs ago after coming on holiday and realising I could make the best Biltong I'd ever made here on account of the contented, flourishing livestock. We are now proud to say that we have achieved that very thing. Our future aim is to create employment and to promote Tasmania at every opportunity.

Tasmania Wild Biltong Company produces Biltong (a cured, air-dried beef snack high on protein, low on fat) using unique family recipes handed down from previous generations. Thriving Tasmanian livestock enable us to produce Biltong like no other that you can take fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding, you name it. Complement cheese platters and enjoy with any beer, cider or grace any canape and sip on some bubbly.

Within our production facility, we ensure our environmental impact is minimal and use recyclable equipment at all times. We have all current necessary accreditations for the industry we are in.

Contact name Clayton Waters
Phone 0409 117 240
Email sales@tasmaniawild.com.au
Website www.tasmaniawild.com.au

Tasmania’s Westhaven

Tasmania’s Westhaven is the manufacturer of a range of cows and goats milk yoghurt and cheese.

All milk used in the Tasmania’s Westhaven range of products are sourced from the clean, green environment of Northern Tasmania.

Hand made, with no colours, flavours or emulsifiers, the Tasmania’s Westhaven range includes Fetta, Marinated Fetta, Persian Fetta, Yoghurt, Chevre, Haloumi, Havarti, Gouda, Quark and Paneer.

Contact name Sean Kay
Phone 03 6331 9999
Email sean@tasmaniaswesthaven.com.au
Website www.tasmaniaswesthaven.com.au

Tasmanian Abalone Farms

Contact name Sara Fielding
Phone 03 6257 8403
Email tasabalonefarms@bigpond.com
Website www.tasab.com.au

Tasmanian Agricultural Producers Pty Ltd (TAP Agrico)

TAP Agrico are strategically placed to service the Tasmanian grains industry with storage and export packing facilities. TAP Agrico are an exporter of grains in their own right.

In January 2011, TAP Agrico made an important and strategic commitment to the Tasmanian grains industry with the purchase of grain storage facilities at Powranna, consisting of both upright metal corrugated aerated silos and bunker storages.

This provides TAP Agrico with a high degree of flexibility and a combined total storage capacity of 17,500 tonnes. Further additional storage is leased at Devonport providing access to feed grain for the North West Tasmanian stockfeed industry and malting grain for malt processing at Quoiba.

TAP Agrico is locally owned and operated with substantial support and supply from Tasmanian cereal and oilseed producers.

TAP aims to:

  • Provide services to the Tasmanian grain industry including grain marketing and trading
  • Allow growers to collectively market their agricultural produce
  • Improve existing and establish new grain markets
  • Provide a link between buyers and sellers of grain
  • Capitalise on Tasmania’s reputation of “clean and green” and Non-GMO products.
  • Develop export opportunities for Tasmanian farmers

Contact name David Skipper
Phone 03 6398 6122
Email david.skipper@tapagrico.com.au
Website www.tasagproducers.com.au

Tasmanian Bakeries

Tasmanian Bakeries is the maker of National Pies – the pie with the superior interior. The product range also includes other pastry goods, rolls, bread, cakes,muffins and salad rolls. The company is HACCP Food Safety accredited.

Contact name Ricky Smith
Phone 03 6211 3000
Email Ricky.Smith@tasmanianbakeries.com.au
Website www.tasmanianbakeries.com.au

Tasmanian Beekeepers Association

The Tasmanian Beekeepers' Association is the peak body of the Honey Industry in Tasmania. The TBA is managed by an Executive, made up of a President, a Vice President, six Committee Members and up to two delegates from each of the three Branches.

Approximately two-thirds of Tasmania's honey production is from leatherwood blossom. The remainder includes honey types such as clover, blackberry and gum. The leatherwood flow is from early January to April and is the basis of the commercial industry in Tasmania. Leatherwood grows in rainforests in the southern and western areas of the State largely within regions managed and controlled by State Government authorities as either production forests or the World Heritage Area. Leatherwood honey has a strong flavour and particularly distinctive aroma. It is unique to Tasmania and has established a worldwide reputation as a distinct honey type.

Tasmanian Leatherwood honey is seen as an icon for Tasmania's clean green image and food products. It is a natural food harvested from wilderness and wet forest areas that can be linked to other Tasmanian products and Tasmania's branding image. Honey production provides employment across all areas of the State.

Many of the horticultural and small seeds crops grown in Tasmania depend to varying degrees on the honey bee for pollination. The expansion of the seed industry and stone fruit industries will be dependent on viable pollination services.

Contact name Maxine Ewington
Phone 03 6442 3916
Email secretary@tasmanianbeekeepers.org.au
Website tasmanianbeekeepers.org.au

Tasmanian Blackcurrant Growers Assoc Inc

The Tasmanian Blackcurrant Growers Association Incorporated acts in the interests of the state’s blackcurrant farmers.

Producing 500 tonnes of blackcurrants a year, mainly in the Derwent and Huon valleys, Growers have a long-standing commercial relationship with a major processor, Cascade Beverage Co.

Contact name Richard Warner
Phone 03 6261 2031
Email rwarner@tassie.net.au

Tasmanian Butter Co

Butter: the way it was intended. Fresh, cultured, full and delicious. But mostly, to be enjoyed.

We produce small batch butter with cream from local, well-fed and content cows.

We culture the cream slowly using traditional methods churn, mix, salt, package each one by hand with methodical precision.

This is our labour of love, our ode to the savoury, the creamy, the mighty goodness of butter..

This is Tasmanian Butter Co

Contact name Olivia Morrison
Phone 0409 836 777
Email contact@tasmanianbutterco.com.au
Website www.tasmanianbutterco.com.au

Tasmanian by Nature

Tasmanian by Nature Pty Ltd is a family run company that operates out of Launceston and represents premium Tasmanian brands both in the local and international markets.

We work closely with our farmers and producers to ensure our customers receive the freshest, highest quality products Tasmania has on offer.  For our fresh produce, we deal directly with the farmers and ship same day to our mainland and international clients.  We have developed a robust cold chain process for both our local and international clientele who require both small quantities of products for home use as well as for our larger wholesale customers to ensure the longest shelf life possible without compromising on flavour.

 Tasmanian by Nature is proud to be the gateway for artisan and larger producers of fine food and Tasmanian products to be given the opportunity share their brand in a range of markets. 

 Our team works with customers ranging from the home delivery market, corporates, to the high end food and beverage sector within Tasmania, other Australian states and premium supermarkets in Asia.

Contact name Bronwin Ballantyne
Phone 0448 989 440
Email bron@tasmanianbynature.com.au
Website www.tasmanianbynature.com.au

Tasmanian Dairy Products

Contact name Peter Korpershowk
Phone 03 6452 1331
Email info@tasdairyproducts.com
Website www.tasdairyproducts.com

Tasmanian Eel Exporters

Live wild freshwater eel exporters (Anguila australis and Anguila rheinhardtii) both species native to Tasmania sent directly by air to Mainland Australia and overseas markets predominately in Japan, South Korea and China. Suppliers of hot smoked eel.

Contact name Kellie Finlayson
Phone 03 62 686 472
Email admin@tasmanianeelexporters.com.au
Website www.tasmanianeelexporters.com.au

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association

TFGA is the peak body representing the interests of the primary producers of Tasmania.

Contact name Peter Skillern
Phone 03 6332 1800
Email tfgainfo@bigpond.com
Website www.tfga.com.au

Tasmanian Flour Mills Pty Ltd

Tasmanian Flour Mills manufactures all it flour at the Launceston mill. The business history started with Monds & Afleck in 1860.

Contact name Darren Lee
Phone 03 6332 1900
Email dlee@tasflour.com.au
Website www.tasflour.com.au

Tasmanian Food Books

Tasmanian Food Books is a publishing business that produces high quality Tasmanian Food Books.

Tasmanian Food Books is an award- winning publisher that produces high quality Tasmanian Food Books. Award winning publications include The House of Oysters and Tasmania's Table.

Melbourne’s prestigious Books For Cooks listed their sesquicentennial reprint of Australia’s first cookbook and Companion as ‘Australia’s best cookbook of 2014’. Other best sellers include Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania and seasonal cookbook Island Harvest.

Current books in production and due in 2016 include Whisky Island: The Devil’s Share by Bernard Lloyd and Tasting the Huon by Elaine Reeves and Chef Steve Cumper.

A new book Tasmanian Whisky: The Devil’s Share  is due to be released November 2017.

Contact name Paul County
Phone 0400 822 678
Email info@tasfoodbooks.com
Website www.tasfoodbooks.com

Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts

Providing totally Tasmanian premium gift hampers, beautifully presented and express delivered Australia wide.

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality Tasmanian produce, and presenting impressive gift boxes and hampers for any occasion. Our selection of over 200 gourmet Tasmanian foods, wines, boutique beers and wines, timber gifts and beauty products are all produced by like minded local businesses and showcase Tasmania’s very best. Orders are delivered overnight to most areas, right to your door.

We have sought out our suppliers from across Tasmania and love to track down and support the small handcrafted producers. We are proud to be the first supplier for some of them in the state, outside their own kitchens and markets.

We have a unique "Create Your Own" section where you can choose from our diverse range of products to create your very own custom gift or choose from a selection of ready made hampers. All gifts are hand wrapped at time of order with care and love.

Corporate gifts are our speciality also and we can suggest the perfect choice for those important clients, valued employees or gifts for your next corporate event.

Contact name Melissa Agnew Scott
Phone 0403 158 094
Email sales@tasmaniangourmetgifts.com.au
Website www.tasmaniangourmetgifts.com.au

Tasmanian Gourmet Online

Tasmanian Gourmet Online is an online platform showcasing the finest Tasmanian produce. We represent over fifty Tasmanian producers and we deliver a Taste of Tasmania to homes across Australia.

The online business is a one stop online platform for Tasmanian food and wine.

All the products presented on our website are made and produced in Tasmania. We have carefully selected our products from all the different regions of Tasmania from the far North West region to the Huon Valley south of Hobart.

Many of the products come from small artisan producers scattered in remote areas and small towns across Tasmania. Some of the products we have listed have previously only been available at small farmers markets or the local corner store so we are excited about the opportunity of taking these products through our online platform to homes across Australia.

The diversity of products produced is quite amazing and it shows that Tasmania’s strong food culture is continuing.

The award winning Wellington Apiary honey whose bee hives are scatted across the foothills of kunanyi / Mount Wellington to the Pyengana Cheese Company who have been making cheddars in North East Tasmania for over a 100 years. These are two very good examples of the National recognition some of Tasmania products have continued to gain in recent years.

We have developed a number of gourmet food hampers including hot smoked salmon to a wide selection of cheeses from five different cheese makers. We have included in the hampers a selection of the many

Included on the website is a section on Tasmanian food and cooking books which tell the story of our food history an diversity along a section which showcases some of the wonderful products produced by crafts persons from our native timbers often salvaged from ancient lakes in the South West.

Contact name Duncan Garvey
Phone 0419 341 906
Email info@tasmaniangourmetonline.com.au
Website tasmaniangourmetonline.com.au

Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company

Tasmania provides a wonderful variety of quality fruits, vegetables and fresh produce. The pristine air and cool climate intensifies the flavour of Tasmanian produce. We at the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company are privileged to be able to have access to this delicious fresh produce. 

Our philosophy for the more than 20 years we have been operating, has been to support Tasmanian growers and as a result of this, we are able to access the best of Tasmania’s fruit and vegetable harvest . Our products are all natural with no added colours, artificial flavours, fillers or preservatives.

We showcase fresh, natural Tasmanian ingredients including, honey, pepperberries, berry fruits , stone fruits, tomatoes, vegetables , single malt whisky, vinegars and, indeed, showcase the art of home made preserves in our custom built kitchen near historic Evandale.

Our entire production operation is HACCP certified to international standards.

Contact name Tim Barbour
Phone 03 6391 8437
Email sales@gourmetsauce.com.au
Website www.gourmetsauce.com.au

Tasmanian Heritage

Tasmanian Heritage brand, owned by National Foods Ltd, produces a range of specialty cheeses made from the freshest Tasmanian ingredients and derived from European cheese-making technologies.

Tasmanian Heritage products have won the top award at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards and have also been awarded the world's best camembert at the Wisconsin cheese contest.

Phone 03 6433 9200
Email consumers@lionco.com
Website www.tasmanianheritage.com.au

Tasmanian Inn Cider – North West Bay Cider

Contact name David Bennett
Phone 0419 309 589
Email inncider@internode.on.net
Website www.inncider.com.au

Tasmanian Live Abalone

Contact name Mark Daft
Phone 03 6245 1744
Email info@tasliveabalone.com
Website www.tasliveabalone.com.au

Tasmanian Mountain Waters

Tasmanian Mountain Waters is an exporter of premuium Tasmanian Spring water

TMWE sell premium spring water in Bag in Box packaging to Tasmanian supermarkets and to our newly developed export market in China. We also produce still and sparkling water in glass for sale to restaurants and on premise outlets

Contact name Jason Jones
Phone 0427 048 398
Email jason@tmwe.com.au
Website www.tasmanianmountainwaters.com.au

Tasmanian Octopus Products

Contact name Michael, Jan and Craig Hardy
Phone 03 6458 1278
Email octopustas@bigpond.com

Tasmanian Olive Council

The TOC is a Tasmanian sub-branch of the Australian Olive Association. We represent olive growers in all regions of the state, and are the sole Tasmanian olive industry association.

Olives grown in varying climates have different fatty acid profiles. Cool climate Tasmanian extra virgin olive oils have amongst the world's highest proportion (81-83%) of oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat. Correspondingly, our oil has very low levels of saturated fat. These factors make our olive oil highly nutritious. Tasmania extra virgin olive oils are now winning best of class/best of show in Australia's premier tasting events.

Contact name Robert Goddard
Phone 03 6268 1101
Email info@olivestasmania.com
Website www.australianolives.com.au/blog-detail/tasmanian-olive-council

Tasmanian Pate

An iconic 20 year Tasmanian brand producing pate that is sold around the country.

Tasmanian Pate is a well established local brand that processes and packages some of the states finest ingredients into pates which are shipped across the nation. The pates made come in a variety of flavours from traditional to more contemporary.

Contact name Justin Plummer
Phone 03 6231 4233
Email office@taspate.com.au
Website www.taspate.com.au

Tasmanian Quality Meats

Contact name Brian Oliver
Phone 03 6397 6593
Email admin@tasquality.com.au
Website www.tasmanianqualitymeats.com

Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association (TRLFA)

The Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association is a not for profit organisation formed in 1985 to represent the interests of rock lobster fisherss

The TRLFA Ltd is the Government recognised peak representative body for the commercial rock lobster fishery in Tasmania. Its role is to represent,advocate and promote the rights, best interests and views of its members to Government, regulatory bodies and non-government organisations. This role includes the promotion of the Tasmanian rock lobster fishery and southern rock lobster(jasus edwardsii) both nationally and internationally

Contact name John Sansom
Phone 0427 477 284
Email johnsansom1@bigpond.com
Website www.tasrocklobster.com

Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council

The Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council (TSIC) is the peak body representing the interests of wild capture fishers, marine farmers and seafood processors in Tasmania.

Tasmania is the largest producer of seafood by value in Australia and is a supplier of high quality fresh and frozen seafood produce to the 8 out of 10 Australians who buy seafood and to valuable export markets, principally in South-east Asia.

The Council works in conjunction with the industry sector groups to ensure that all sectors of industry are ecologically sustainable and make an ongoing economic contribution to the Tasmanian economy, particularly in regional areas.

The activities of the Council are overseen by a Board that is elected biannually by TSIC members. While the primary focus of TSIC as an industry representative organisation is on the generic issues that are 'cross sectoral' in nature, the industry sector groups focus more closely on the issues that are of concern specifically to their sector. Issues include management arrangements, compliance, research and market access.

Contact name Julian Harrington
Phone 03 6224 2332
Email tsic@tsic.org.au
Website www.tsic.org.au

Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd

Allen Hansen is a former US Marine Corps Captain, whose hobby of abalone diving while living in California attracted him to Tasmania where he pioneered the commercial abalone export trade of Australia. He is responsible for establishing Tasmanian Seafoods Pty. Ltd. which, since its modest beginnings in 1969, has grown to be the largest processor of abalone in Australia.

Currently, the processing of abalone is conducted in three factories, located at Smithton and Margate in Tasmania. Tasmanian Seafoods depots are well positioned to assist in providing the freshest abalone for export as it is sourced from Australia’s southern oceans surrounding Tasmania, the south coast of Victoria and Western Australia. The result is a well organised network, which maintains supplies of abalone to be processed for export on a regular basis.

Contact name Allen Hansen
Phone 03 6452 1275
Email smithton@tasmanianseafoods.com.au
Website www.tasmanianseafoods.com.au

Tasmanian Whisky Academy

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy is an education experience celebrating the growing distilling and brewing industries in Tasmania. 

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy runs whisky distilling courses in Tasmania, which celebrate the emerging craft distilling and brewing scene in Tasmania. This includes the General Certificate of Distilling with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, and the Introduction to Distilling course - run at the internationally celebrated Sullivans Cove Distillery and the Moo Brew Brewery, students are guided through the process from grain, to brewing, to distilling to barrel to bottle.

The Academy holds a range of courses, and the Tasmanian Introduction to Distilling is designed as the ideal starting point for people at all stages of whisky interest. Run over 1-2 days, the course showcases Tasmanian whisky and visits iconic distilleries, including Sullivans Cove and Nonesuch Distilleries and the landscapes around Hobart.


The Tasmanian Whisky Academy provides a pathway for people interested in learning about distilling in the Asia-Pacific region. Courses are available for beginners, enthusiasts and industry people who want to learn distilling skills or improve their position in the industry. The Academy also provides a link to the Tasmanian distilling industry and is proud to provide connection to the Tasmanian and Australian whisky industry.

Contact name Anne Gigney
Phone 0419 431 280
Email Info@whiskyacademy.com.au
Website www.whiskyacademy.com.au

Tasmanian Whisky Tours

Tasmanian Whisky Tours gives you the opportunity to visit 3-4 distilleries in a single day.  

Taste up to ten Tasmanian single malt whiskies, meet the whisky makers and  go behind the scenes of the distillation process. All while being guided and driven through spectacular Tasmanian landscapes from the Derwent Valley to the Central Highlands to the Tasman Peninsula. Seven of the nine distilleries are in Southern Tasmanian and on each tour you will have the opportunity to visit the estates, tour the distilleries and enjoy an inclusive picnic lunch of seasonal local Tasmanian produce from the famous Wursthaus Kitchen.

Contact name Brett Steel
Phone 0412 099 933
Email brett@tasmanianwhiskytours.com.au
Website www.tasmanianwhiskytours.com.au

Tassal Group Ltd

For over 28 years, Tassal has been bringing delicious, fresh and healthy Tasmanian Atlantic salmon from our pristine waters to your table.

Tassal commenced operations in 1986 and today is Australia’s largest aquaculture company with over 800 employees who are committed to providing Australians with sustainably and responsibly sourced salmon. Tassal produces fresh, smoked, canned and frozen salmon products and sell through Australian grocery and wholesale markets under the Tassal and Superior Gold brands. With passion and years of innovation and knowledge, the company is committed to bringing you the world’s most delicious salmon along with cooking tips and easy recipe ideas for every season and occasion.

Contact name Dale Williams
Phone 1300 827 725
Email tassal@tassal.com.au
Website www.tassal.com.au

Tassie Pure

Tassie Pure® sells a curated range of 100% premium Tasmanian food, beauty, wellness and lifestyle items and tailored g corporate/private gift sets.

Tassie Pure® is a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated business selling a curated range of premium Tasmanian food, beauty, wellness, lifestyle and gift items via a bilingual (Chinese/English) online store. We also sell a bespoke range of high-end gift sets for corporate (M.I.C.E) and private (weddings) functions. We offer the largest selection (300 and counting!) of Tasmanian items anywhere on the web and are the only store selling worldwide and in Mandarin Chinese. Our customers come from as close as Melbourne and as far away as Calgary. We offer a 'true taste of Tasmania'.

Contact name Candice Rafferty
Phone 0467 337 550
Email admin@tassiepure.com
Website www.tassiepure.com

Tassie Tallow

We manufacture grass fed tasmanian dripping for the gourmet food industry

Locally sourced fats made using traditional artisan production methods

Contact name Martin Waldhoff
Phone 0422 426 065
Email martinwaldhoff67@gmail.com
Website www.tassietallow.com.au

The Art of Tea

Tasmanian quality loose leaf tea specialists, with 130+ varieties of tea and herbal infusions.

Established in 2000, the Art of Tea is a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated business that provides artisan loose leaf teas and tisanes to tea lovers throughout Australia. We offer over 130 varieties for your health and enjoyment, which range from classic single estate teas to our award-winning signature blends. We like to source local ingredients wherever possible, and even offer a range of Tasmanian grown tea from the southernmost tea plantation in the world! All our products are created by hand at our warehouse in Kingston. Find us at our Bouteaque retail store in Battery Point, the Salamanca Markets every Saturday, our warehouse shop and online. We also supply our tea wholesale to numerous cafes, restaurants, providores and accommodation, and offer custom labels for special events and gifts!

Contact name Samantha Brown
Phone 03 6229 3136
Email teainfo@artoftea.com.au
Website www.artoftea.com.au

The Fudge A’Fare

Contact name Dannielle Quinn
Phone 03 6273 0531
Email thefudge@bigpond.net.au

The Lady Bakes

The Lady Bakes - a one lady show.  Utilising the state's abundant produce to create delicious cakes and timeless biscuits. 

Tasmanian products such as Callington Mill's Stoneground Spelt flour; Kate's Berry Farm Raspberry Jam; Piper's River free range eggs; Perth's honey; Duck River butter and Swansea's Walnuts.  Freshly baked to order in Swansea on Tasmania's East Coast.

Contact name Michaela Storer
Phone 0457 418 486
Email theladybakestasmania@gmail.com

The Local

The LOCAL is a food store and cafe using, promoting and supporting Tasmanian and in particular, Huon Valley region produce and products.

The Local sells a wide range of Tasmanian produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, chutneys, cheeses, and other gourmet products. We pride ourselves on building relationships directly with small scale producers, giving them a regular retail outlet for their goods. In the cafe, we try to use Tasmanian produce where possible. For example, we have chosen locally roasted Villino beans for our coffee, and Ashgrove for our milk, butter and cheese. We see ourselves as a destination for tourists, who want access to the amazing produce Tasmania has to offer, but also we encourage locals to shop local - to support the small producers in their community.

Contact name Daniel Green
Phone 0484 326 907
Email thelocalfoodstore@yahoo.com
Website www.facebook.com/thelocalhuonville

The Small Concern Whisky Distillery

Contact name David MacLennan
Phone 03 6424 7337
Email davidmaclennan@bigpond.com
Website www.tasmanianwhisky.com.au

The Tasmanian Honey Company

From the ancient forests of Tasmania our Leatherwood honey is sought after by connoisseurs all over the world. 

The Tasmanian Honey Company invites you to taste our raw, natural, wild and hand-crafted honey.  

Showcasing our Manuka, Meadow, Christmas Bush and Eucalyptus tastings as well as a few special honey that are only available from our showroom. 

Taste honey as it should “Bee” and learn all about where honey comes from and how it is processed.  The story is incredible.

Contact name Julian Wolfhagen
Phone 03 6398 2666
Email admin@tasmanianhoney.com
Website www.tasmanianhoney.com

The Two Metre Tall Company

Fiercely independent, we seek flavour, sustainability & truth of origin in the food we grow & make!

We are farmers brewing farmhouse ales & ciders in unique batches using farm grown ingredients from our own 600ha property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania as well as ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the state.

 Barrel aging, spontaneous fermentations, experimentation and everything in between. Fruit in ale, sour cherries and more. 

Charlemont' is the name of our 600 ha farm on the banks of the Derwent River in southern Tasmania.  Just a short 40 minute drive from the heart of Hobart along the road towards the north west.  With just 20 inches average annual rainfall, our farm provides some rural challenges. Fortunately the plentiful Derwent River provides a bountiful water supply.

 We are a stone's throw from the historic hop fields at Bushy Park.

 We grow grain, hops & raise our herd of Black Angus/Wagyu cattle.

The old shearing shed was converted to house our brewery back in 2008.  The brewhouse itself used to be the St. Ives brewery in Battery Point, Hobart, installed back in the late 1980s. Rehoused on our farm, the old kettle & tanks are lovingly nurtured to life to help us on our journey to find a unique estate brewed beer.




Contact name Ashley and Jane Huntington
Phone 03 6261 1930
Email vertigo@2mt.com.au
Website 2mt.com.au

Thorpe Farm Produce

Thorpe Farm is a highly diversified broad acre, niche and boutique farming operation that has been run by seven generations of the Bignell family.

We are large scale commodity producers of wool and prime lambs running approximately 12,000 sheep on 2600ha and this is the financial base of our business. There is a nucleus flock of 150 milking ewes for a sheep milking and cheese making operation which also contribute maternal genetics to the crossbred meat flock.

The business runs a 140ha overhead irrigation scheme with the primary focus on growing poppies, lamb fodder crops and cereals for dairy farmers in the region. We also have 85ha of flood irrigation growing summer pasture which allows us to produce lambs for the premium mid-winter market. The business has heavily diversified over the last 40 years and been a key player in developing new industries for Tasmanian and Australian agriculture. John was a pioneer in developing deer farming techniques and the venison industry in Australia and was one of the first 4 people granted a deer farming permit.

In the late 80s we diversified again and moved into crossbred sheep breeds for meat and milk production. John built Tasmanians first sheep dairy and a farmhouse cheesery on the property and using his chef contacts and his experiences in France developed the very successful and award winning Tasmanian Highland Cheeses range of sheep and goat milk cheeses and yoghurts. The business also diversified into intensive horticulture and grew certified strawberry runners with our peak output being 2 million runners a year. Due to certification requirements the crop has to be rotated annually and to control weeds alternative crops were investigated post strawberry growing. We decided to focus on root vegetables and capitalize on our environmental advantages. European Horseradish, White Salsify, Schorzonera and Jerusalem Artichokes for the fresh veg market were chosen.

Thorpe Farm was also a pioneer in aquatic wasabi growing and helped promote a culture of sharing knowledge, growing techniques and collaboration to import superior genetics amongst interested growers. In the last five years some intensive research and evaluation of garlic varieties has been undertaken and we are now one of the state’s largest growers with an expected harvest of 12 tons this year.

Thorpe Farm is home to Australia’s oldest working watermill and we run the mill for tour groups and also have a second 180 year old stone mill used to grind flour for local bakers and wholefood stores around Hobart. As part of this business we also grow and mentor other growers to produce specialty grains for the milling sector with a focus on Spelt and Ryecorn.

Thorpe Farm has also been active in the food services sector running Paddock to Plate catering events, gastronomic tours and attending many food festivals across the state.

Contact name Will Bignell
Phone 0418 216 780
Email will@thorpefarm.com
Website www.thorpefarm.com

Three Peaks Organics

Organically Certified Blueberry Farm situated at Holwell in northern Tasmania.

The farms produces organically certified blueberries.

You can buy direct from the farm at the farmgate.

Contact name Trish Macfarlane
Phone 03 6396 3230
Email threepeaksorganics@gmail.com
Website www.facebook.com/threepeaksorganics

Tongola Cheese / Tongola Goat Products

We produce cheese from the milk of our goats, who have been raised on our farm, Leap Farm, located in the idyllic hills of the lower east coast of Tasmania. Our priorities are happy, healthy animals, which makes our cheese taste better. We are commit

Our goats cheese is handmade, on farm, from the milk of our Swiss Toggenburg goats, raised on Leap Farm. We focus on producing a small selection of traditional, european-style cheeses which are sold to the public for direct consumption and also to an extensive list of restaurants in Tasmania. Some cheese are also sold to restaurants interstate, occasionally.

Contact name Iain Field
Phone 0427 355 879
Email leap.farm@yahoo.com.au
Website www.tongola.com.au

Top Qual

Contact name Chris Knapek
Phone 03 6223 5999
Email chrisknapek@topqual.com.au
Website www.topqual.com.au

Trevallyn Grocer

The Trevallyn Grocer and delicatessen is located on Gorge Rd, Trevallyn on route to the famous and striking Cataract Gorge and only a quick 3 minute drive from the Launceston CBD.

We stock fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products and fine foods from Tasmania, the mainland and around the world (we also specialise in South African products) plus everyday supermarket lines... we also have a great range of Tasmanian wines, beers, ciders and spirits.
We have a fully serviced in house delicatessen with specialty cheeses, smallgoods, seafood and salads. Our store also offers a secure ATM, prepaid phone and internet top ups, Aurora PAYG and is an agent for Daisy Fresh Drycleaners.
So whether you are someone who delights in finding exciting and different foods - including a growing organic range, a tourist looking for some Tasmanian produce to take home, or a local resident who can’t face the trip to the big supermarket... we think you will be delighted with our store.
We are open: 8am – 7pm Mon – Fri
8am – 6pm Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Contact name Jo McBain
Phone 03 6334 9588
Email info@trevallyngrocer.com
Website www.trevallyngrocer.com

Trio of Dips – Tasmania

Trio of Dips is a Tasmanian owned and operated business specialising in the production of Dips, Pestos and Sharing Plate Accessories using Tasmanian grown and produced ingredients. Trio of Dips takes particular pride in the use of locally grown products of which the majority are sourced from our local Harvest Farmers Market (Launceston).

Trio of Dips is a Tasmanian owned and operated business specialising in the production of Dips, Pestos and Sharing Plate Accessories using Tasmanian grown and produced ingredients. Trio of Dips takes particular pride in the use of locally grown products of which the majority are sourced from our local Harvest Farmers Market (Launceston).

Trio of Dips founder Sandy’s dip inspiration began in her childhood with her grandma’s ‘Liptauer’. A cheese and sweet paprika treat that would be thickly spread onto warm fresh bread. As it melted its aroma filled the household as well as a young girl’s imagination. A career as a flight attendant gave Sandy the opportunity to travel to many beautiful destinations and taste amazing food. But after ten years it was time for her wings to be clipped and with her husband Tristan, returned to her beloved homeland of Tasmania. With a dream and a list of delicious dips in hand Sandy and Tristan created their nest in Launceston, and in 2012 Trio of Dips was born. Trio of Dips offers customers a variety of delicious fresh dips proudly made using locally sourced produce.

Their own “urban garden” provides many of the ingredients for their delicious dips, including fresh herbs, citrus, zucchinis and cucumbers all of which influence their seasonal selections. All good things come in threes so you’ll find the smiling amigos, Sandy, Tristan and Magda weekly at Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market offering free tastings and of course take home tubs.

Why not pop over and follow them on Facebook @Trio of Dips – Tasmania, you’ll be able to check out a special deals they have for pre orders exclusive to their followers.

So whether you’re entertaining friends, sharing a picnic with family or just enjoying a deliciously indulgent snack Trio of Dips has you covered.



Contact name Sandy & Tristan Stroud
Email trioofdips.tas@gmail.com
Website trioofdipstas.wix.com/trioofdips

Truffles Australis

Tasmania Truffle is an agribusiness based on the propagation of European black truffles in Tasmania, where counter-seasonal advantages create export potential in the Northern Hemisphere for the high-value, gourmet fungus.

Tasmanian Truffles is committed to producing the finest. Our products have been developed through years of experience and experimentation, alongside a dedicated team of food technicians. All our creations are hand crafted for outstanding quality and unparalleled flavour to deliver the ultimate truffle experience.

Based in Tasmania’s remote north, Tasmanian Truffles Pty Ltd is the home of Australia’s first black truffle. The cool climate and pristine environment set amongst the foothills of the Great Western Tiers mountain range provides ideal conditions. The result is a slow grown truffle, rich in aroma and expressing flavours unique as the surrounding environment – delivering truffle of a world class standard.

Contact name Tim Terry
Phone 03 6363 6194
Email tim@tastruffles.com.au
Website www.tastruffles.com.au

Turners Beach Berry Patch

A family owned berry farm and cafe in North West Tasmania.

We are located 10 minutes from Devonport on the Bass Highway. Our farm shop and cafe is open 7 days a week with lots of delicious treats. We are well known for our wood fired pizzas and our berry ice creams. We have lots of kids activities and room to play. A sandpit, hay maze, gumboot throwing, sack races and a calendar of events will keep everyone occupied. During season we have a large range of berries that can be bought pre picked or you can pick your own.

Contact name Craig Morris
Phone 03 6428 3967
Email craig@theberrypatch.com.au
Website www.theberrypatch.com.au

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Edition 200_KateAndAlex

Seafood seduces iconic chef

One of the world’s top chefs, Brazilian Alex Atala, has ‘been seduced’ by Tasmania’s seafood during a day on the water cruising the beautiful D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

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Farming success

When they set up their salmon business as a side hobby, Frances and Peter Bender – the founders of Huon Aquaculture – could never have imagined they would create history by becoming the first fish farmers to be named Australian Farmer of the Year.

9 November 2018

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Man on a mission

David Meredith is on a mission. He owns a collection of Hobart upmarket establishments – including the iconic Islington Hotel – and has now scored a coup for Tasmania in Hong Kong’s supermarkets.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

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Arras sparkles on world stage

Tasmania’s sparkling wines glittered in London, when House of Arras winemaker, Ed Carr, was bestowed with one of the most prestigious international honours.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tetsuya is number one - again!

The restaurant of iconic chef – and Brand Tasmania Ambassador – Tetsuya Wakuda, has once again been named as the best in Australia. And, fittingly it was the backdrop for a major investment dinner recently hosted by Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman, in conjunction with Brand Tasmania. Tetsuya’s eponymous Sydney establishment has just won Restaurant of the Year at the Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence. The prestigious award is the latest in a long list of accolades that Tetsuya has collected since opening in 1989, and he told Restaurant and Catering Magazine it is a reflection of those around him: “I congratulate my staff. The team won this, not me. A good restaurant is a team effort.” Meantime, Tetsuya has long been a champion of Tasmania which he describes as “beyond organic,” and his restaurant hosted a special dinner showcasing the finest from the island state to potential investors. Premier Will Hodgman led the guest list at Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner: From Sky to Land and Sea’, which featured such exquisite combinations as: Cold Green Pea Soup with Bitter Chocolate Sorbet; Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Salad of Apple and Witlof; Poached Lobster in Vanilla with Cannellini Beans and Coffee Vinaigrette; and Chocolate Stone with Fortunato No 4. It was a stunning menu, and further proof that Tetsuya’s really does deserve the title of Australia’s best restaurant.

Watch the video to sample Tetsuya’s ‘Taste of Tasmania Dinner’ at his Sydney restaurant

video still Tetsuya tastes
Watch video on YouTube

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Tolpuddle chardonnay shines

A Tasmanian vineyard has shone at the 2018 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards. Tolpuddle Vineyard won four major trophies, with its 2017 chardonnay picking up three of the awards: Best Young White Wine; Best Chardonnay; and Best Single Vineyard. Tolpuddle winemaker, Adam Wadewitz said: “I guess we always knew the 2017 vintage was pretty special in Tasmania. The season was astonishing; late and cool, and it produces wines with that rarely seen ‘balance and intensity’ combination.” Tolpuddle Vineyard is located in the Coal River Valley and was established in 1988. It is planted solely with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Other Tasmanian winners in Melbourne were: The Bay of Fires winery which won the James Halliday Trophy for best pinot noir with its 2017 release; the House of Arras, named Best Sparkling for its chardonnay/pinot noir Grand Vintage 2008; and Eddystone Point, awarded Best Riesling for its 2018 vintage.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

New Moo Brew a stout order

As artisan foods and beverages continue to boom across the Island State, a new barrel-aged stout has been launched onto the market, just in time for the festive season. This rich, dense beer has been created by Tasmania’s Moo Brew, that says it will only get better with age. The Moo Brew Imperial Stout – made in collaboration with Sydney’s Archie Rose Distilling Company – has been aged in single malt whisky and ex-bourbon American oak barrels and weighs in at an imposing 10.8% alcohol level. Moo Brew are getting ready for an enthusiastic response. “It’s big,” Moo Brew head brewer Dave Macgill said. “We encourage people to enjoy this beer now, but those partial to cellaring will be rewarded. This stout has a rich, dense palate thanks to the ex-bourbon barrels and Archie Rose whisky, high residual sugar and specialty roasted malts.”

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Taste of Tasmania birthday cake-off

The Taste of Tasmania is gearing up to celebrate a milestone birthday with cake – lots of it! The iconic Hobart festival turns thirty this year and is celebrating with a special bake-off. The Great Tasmanian Cake Off will attract the best bakers in the state all vying for the honour of producing the ultimate cake. Along with a stunning array of Victoria Sponges presented to the judges, the waterside event will also present a cross-section of other food and beverages from the island state. This festive season well-known chef, Luke Burgess, will be serving up an array of dishes. He will be joined by Templo’s Matt Breen, who is slated to present a masterclass in Italian peasant food. The Taste of Tasmania runs from December 28 to January 3 at Hobart’s Princes Wharf, and a full festival program will be released later this month.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Bicheno prepares for gourmet extravaganza

As the weather heats up, Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast is the place to be, and for lovers of gourmet delights, next weekend is the time to visit. The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival is the region’s biggest event and is now in its 12th year. The festival is again expected to draw bumper crowds seeking out the finest local food, wine, and beer, with highlights including cooking classes run by top chefs, and wine appreciation lessons. All the wonderful local fare aside, the scenery alone would be enough of a drawcard, with the three-day celebration overlooking beautiful Waubs Bay. And as befits the location, this year’s festival will also feature a display of classic surfboards. The Bicheno Food and Wine Festival runs from November 16 – 18.

9 November 2018, Edition 200

Edition 199_TetsuyaDavid

Chefs' masterpiece

Call it a major culinary event. Two great chefs cooking up a degustation feast showcasing Tasmania’s freshest premium produce.

14 October 2018, Edition 199

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26 October 2018

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