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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Food and Beverage sector:

Landscape, Agrarian on elite list

Landscape Restaurant and Grill in the Henry Jones Art Hotel and the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery at New Norfolk have both been included in the latest Gourmet Traveller Australia top 100. Landscape Executive Chef, Oli Mellers, said the recognition was unexpected given it was early days for his 10-month-old operation. “We do old-school flame and smoke cooking. We’re not trying to change the wheel; and it’s why we’re in the top 100,” he said. “Tasmania is small enough that restaurants can have a relationship with their farmers and other suppliers, which is absolutely critical.” Landscape’s asado grill is fired by surplus whisky casks provided by local distilleries, ensuring a distinctive taste. The magazine also named its Top 10 Tasmanian: 1. Landscape; 2. Agrarian Kitchen Eatery; 3. Templo; 4. Aloft; 5. Stillwater; 6. Dier Makr; 7. Fico; 8. The Source; 9. Me Wah; and 10. Three Japanese.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

Taste House opens at Woodbridge

Edition 188_Smokehouse

The Woodbridge Smokehouse, famed for its traditionally smoked ocean trout and salmon, has opened a Taste House for the coming tourism season.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

All parties tick salmon rules

Edition 188_Seal

New laws to police Tasmania’s salmon industry were approved by all parties in the Lower House of Parliament in September.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

Levy plan for nature’s abalone

Edition 188_Lisson

Close involvement in the Chinese market and a levy-funded marketing effort to promote the virtues of wild abalone are keys to the future of a charismatic Tasmanian industry.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

A ‘great’ vintage is looming

Edition 188_Van der Reeste

The local wine industry had a good story to tell about this year’s vintage at Wine Tasmania’s recent VIN Diemen 2017 promotions in Sydney and Melbourne.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

Lobster hatchery to lead world

Edition 188_Heywood Smith

The world’s first commercial rock lobster hatchery will be built in Tasmania following a $10 million deal between Hobart-based aquaculture supplier PFG Group and the University of Tasmania.

3 October 2017, Edition 188

Attention all Tasmanian food and beverage producers!

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12 September 2017

Honey taster buys the lot

6 September 2017, Edition 187

Double cream top of show

Meander Valley Dairy’s double cream won the Richard Langdon Trophy for Best Exhibit in Show at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards in August. The Tasmanian Food Co product was also named Champion Dairy (Other Product). Dairy Production Manager, Tommy Madsen, told The Advocate: “Our creams are produced by hand in a traditional style using the best of natural ingredients. Meander Valley Double Cream is a luscious, high-fat pure cream produced in small batches. In fact we maintain 56 per cent milk fat in this product, so it is very rich, decadent and silky smooth.” The double cream had previously won a gold medal at the 2017 Australian Food Awards. Another Tasmanian Food Co product, Robur Farm Dairy Marinated Goat Feta, won the Champion Sheep & Goat Product category at the Hobart awards. Chief Executive, Jane Bennett, said: “We are seeing a growing demand for these products across Australia which is great news for the value consumers put on the provenance of Tasmanian produce and we aim to continue lifting standards in the field and the kitchen … We believe our environment and our passionate people make the best tasting food for the world stage and these awards go a long way to affirming that belief.” Australian Honey Products won nine gold medals across three categories.

6 September 2017, Edition 187

Ale to aid of giant lobsters

Tasmanian brewer Moo Brew is launching a $20,000 crowd-funding campaign in collaboration with the Wilderness Society Tasmania (WST) to create a beer — Giant Lobster Ale — to help save the world’s largest freshwater invertebrate. Giant Tasmanian freshwater lobsters can grow to the size of a small dog, live for 40 years and are only found in north-flowing steams in northern Tasmania. The species is listed as vulnerable under Federal and State law. A new National Lobster Recovery Plan, including additional safe havens, was signed by the State and Federal governments in August. The initiative was welcomed by the WST. Todd Walsh, who has spent more than 20 years studying lobsters, said: “The world’s largest animal without a backbone in any river. Just think about that. There’s nothing like this in the Nile, the Amazon or anywhere else and we’re just letting them go down the tube.” The Wilderness Society’s National Creative Director, Rob Beamish, said: “We believe Aussie beer drinkers will embrace the win-win situation where drinking a refreshing ale is also helping to save a legendary Australian beastie.”

6 September 2017, Edition 187

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