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Food and beverage stories

The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Food and Beverage sector:

Food journals laud Tetsuya

Tasmanian Brand Ambassador Tetsuya Wakuda’s Sydney restaurant, Tetsuya’s, is among five Australian restaurants listed in Elite Traveller’s 2015 Top 100 Restaurants in the World. Tetsuya’s ranks 64 in this year’s list, while Waku Ghin, the super chef’s Singapore operation, is at 37 and was named recently in San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Tetsuya’s masterful fusion cuisine is included as one of the top 10 flavours of Asia in an article by culinary experts at Zee News.

4 May 2015, Edition 160

Vineyards prove up an old adage

Edition160 New signage at Pooley Wines incorporates the Brand Tasmania symbol

Home Hill and Pooley Wines have recently received awards for the quality of their vineyards and their viticultural regimes and practices. Food and Wine Writer Graeme Phillips re-examines the oft-repeated adage that wine is made in the vineyard.

4 May 2015, Edition 160

Food’s key in Devonport makeover

Edition160 Artist's impression of Devonport's planned food market. Image courtesy of the Devonport City Council

Devonport is getting out its party clothes in a timely dress-up to take advantage of the tourism boom sweeping the State.

4 May 2015, Edition 160

Ready, set, grow says Rabobank

Edition160 Irrigation schemes are transforming the rural landscape.

Rabobank believes Tasmania is set for massive potential growth in its agricultural and seafood industries.

4 May 2015, Edition 160

Second serving of Ben’s Menu

Top-rating TV series Ben’s Menu will be extended by 90 episodes showcasing Tasmania and its premium produce to a national audience of about 500,000 a day.

16 April 2015

Local saffron makes comeback

Edition159 tas saff

Locally grown saffron made a comeback to supermarket shelves in March as a result of a partnership between pioneering Tasmanian business Tas-Saff and Ward McKenzie, one of Australia’s oldest family-owned food manufacturers and distributors.

2 April 2015, Edition 159

Raise a glass, our time has come!

Edition159 Moores Hill Aug14

In the weeks leading up to the 2015 vintage, Food and Wine Writer, Graeme Phillips noted that our wine industry has received some telling media accolades.

2 April 2015, Edition 159

Lark joins Whisky Hall of Fame

Edition159 Bill Lark World whisky Award

Tasmania’s distilling pioneer Bill Lark was inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame in London in March, while Sullivans Cove was named the global industry’s Craft Distiller of the Year.

2 April 2015, Edition 159

Fish farmers accept probe

Tasmanian salmon farmers say a Senate inquiry into their $500 million industry is unnecessary, but they have promised to co-operate. Tasmania’s Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson initiated the inquiry into the sustainability of the State’s fish farms because of information he had received that salmon farms were causing environmental problems in south-east Tasmania and Macquarie Harbour. The industry has impressive environmental accreditation and the Premier, Will Hodgman, likened the coming inquiry to “a witch hunt” during a debate in State Parliament.

2 April 2015, Edition 159

Great Hall honour for Hodgman

Edition159 Hodgman meeting Vice Mayor Shanghai

The Tasmanian Premier, Will Hodgman, was a guest of China’s President, Xi Jinping, at a state banquet in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in March.

2 April 2015, Edition 159

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