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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Information & Communications Technology sector:

Golf inspires a PlayStation entry

Start-up business Giant Margarita’s Party Golf became the first Tasmanian-made PlayStation game in October. It had its origins when UTAS technology lecturer Ian Lewis took part in a challenge last year to build a playable video game in 48 hours. Dr Lewis, Dr Kristy de Salas and other friends enjoyed the golf-based creation so much they decided to refine it. Months of moonlighting, a $14,000 leg-up from Kickstarter and lots of player feedback made their game console-ready. Party Golf is a sort of golfing free-for-all in which other players are the participants’ principle handicap. “It’s not turn based, like traditional golf,” Dr de Salas told The Mercury. “There’s a lot of sabotage. There’s lots of crazy balls.” The success of the game as a digital download will determine whether or not it becomes a boxed offering sold on shelves, and whether the Hobart team can self-fund future projects. “The things that we’ve learned … have allowed us to gain this portfolio of experience that we’re more than happy to share to anybody who asks,” Dr de Salas said.

3 November 2016, Tasmania’s Stories Edition 177

Spirit passengers to be connected

Spirit of Tasmania ferry passengers will be able to stay connected during Bass Strait crossings following the introduction of satellite data streaming services. Consumer data services will be delivered alongside telemetry services. Optus spokesperson Paul Sheridan said: “The two-pronged technology deal will see service delivery … to keep the ferry and staff in communication, as well as additional capacity provided to allow passengers to connect to the Internet. The addition of wideband Internet via satellite to these newly refurbished vessels is an exciting development and opens up a wide range of possible commercial services for TT Line.” The new service is delivered through a partnership between Optus Satellite and Electrotech Australia.

1 March 2016, Tasmania’s Stories Edition 169

$40m data centre for Hobart

Tasmania’s cool climate has convinced investors from Western Australia to build a $40 million data centre in Hobart. Perth-based Red Cloud announced plans in October to build the centre by the middle of next year. Red Cloud’s Chief Executive, Carl Woodbridge, said: “Computers exhaust a lot of heat and one of the highest operating costs for a data centre is power – not just in the power that’s consumed by working computers but in the power needed to cool computers. One of the advantages in siting data centres in areas of low temperature is that you can capitalise on what’s known as free air cooling, so we will consume a lot less power having a data centre in Tasmania than we would on the mainland.” The centre will enable faster development of new software applications and provide local businesses with unprecedented levels of data storage. It will create 17 direct jobs.

3 November 2015, Edition 166

UXC to create 50 new jobs

Sydney-based ICT business UXC will create 50 new jobs in Hobart following a $1.7 million grant by the Tasmanian Government. Australia’s largest locally owned ICT company, UXC employs 12 people in Hobart at present. It considered regional NSW and overseas locations for a planned expansion, but was drawn to Hobart by the city’s 'IT-friendly environment’ and better government support. The Premier, Will Hodgman, said “To ensure UXC expanded into Hobart … the Government has agreed to provide $1.7 million over five years for a new customer support centre. The Department of State Growth is working with UXC to find appropriate office space, as well as exploring opportunities for a collaborative graduate employment program with UTAS.”

2 June 2015, Edition 161

$500,000 for free Wi-Fi rollout

The Tasmanian Government has committed $500,000 to set up free Wi-Fi in approximately 50 locations across Tasmania. The Premier, Will Hodgman, said: “The Wi-Fi rollout will enhance the visitor experience and give tourists the opportunity to create and share their experience of Tasmania online. It will support local communities by allowing local businesses to provide online information about attractions and opportunities in the area directly to tourists while they are in the region.” The Government has issued a Request for Proposals seeking a single operator to build, operate and maintain the network.

2 June 2015, Edition 161

Blue Rocket achieves animation orbit

Edition158 Blue rocket

Innovative animation business Blue Rocket Productions has secured international sales for a recent children’s series and signed up to work on another with a $6.5 million budget.

5 March 2015, Edition 158

Hobart earns Qantas jobs bonanza

Edition 150 Call Centre

Qantas plans to close two interstate call centres and move as many as 450 jobs to Hobart after reaching an agreement with the Tasmanian Government.

10 June 2014, Edition 150

Art app wows the world

Edition 150 James Cuda Savage Interactive

One product – a super art-studio app for iPad users – has rewarded a bold business gamble and created a global reputation for Hobart-based Savage Interactive.

10 June 2014, Edition 150

Visitor-oriented apps win awards

Launceston-based app developer Bappy Golder has won the $4,000 Individual’s GoSouth App Award for developing a Tas Explorer app that promises to make exploring the State easier and more enjoyable.Hobartcompany Secret Lab won the $1,000 Business Award for a SnapTas app that enables visitors to share their trip and showcase the best ofTasmaniaon a single site for the first time.

14 April 2014

Huon Aquaculture reports on-line

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon producer, Huon Aquaculture, has unveiled an interactive sustainability dashboard and plans to do away with annual hard-copy reports in favor of online information.

12 March 2014, Issue 147

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