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Manufacturing partners

Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd

We are team of highly qualified marine scientists who specialise in the management of biofouling and invasive marine species.

Our services cover the broad range of scientific, professional and technical skills required to effectively manage biofouling and invasive marine species (IMS). We specialise in pragmatic management of IMS risks via reducing the potential for their transport and introduction. We have specific expertise in managing biofouling on man-made surfaces including a wide range of immersible infrastructure, the external surfaces of a diverse array of complex vessels and within internal seawater systems.

Contact name Ashley Coutts
Phone 03 6229 2334
Email admin@biofoulingsolutions.com.au
Website www.biofoulingsolutions.com.au

Cawthorn Welding Pty Ltd

Metal fabrication and boat building business located south of Hobart at Electrona Industrial Estate. Established in 1993.

Cawthorn Welding has diverse workforce with a varying range of ages, skill sets and years of experience.
We undertake steel, aluminium and stainless fabrication
Boat building, work barges, pontoons
Vessel modifications and refits
Work for the aquaculture and fishing industry
Truck trays
Chipper bin bodies
Hooklift bins and waste bins
Water tankers
Grain bins
Structural steelwork
Earthmoving equipment repairs, mudbuckets, grabs, etc

Phone 03 6267 9305
Email admin@cawthornwelding.com.au
Website www.cawthornwelding.com.au

CBG Systems Pty. Ltd.

CBG Systems is an Australian company specialising in the design, development, supply and installation of fire, thermal and acoustic insulation systems for a range of marine, industrial, commercial and defence projects.

For more than 30 years, we have been a leading innovator, setting the benchmark in the marine insulation and lightweight passive fire protection industry.

Our products and services are designed to save lives and property whilst fostering efficiencies.

CBG Systems has extensive experience in managing projects around the globe. Our ability to deliver against project milestones is supported by one of the largest permanent work forces in the insulation industry, as well as a network of national and international expert contractors.

CBG Systems' core strength is our ability to combine conceptual understanding of critical project elements and translate them into practical solutions that work.

Our main competencies are:

Marine Fire Divisions
- Expert assistance and advice in the design and installation of fire divisions;
- Access to an extensive knowledge database on insulation issues associated with critical areas such as engine rooms, vehicle decks, bulkheads, deckheads and penetrations;
- Whole of life vessel support and maintenance arrangements for fire divisions;
- Supply and installation of other fire boundary devices such as doors, dampers and removable insulation jackets;
- Supply and installation of high temperature exhaust insulation systems to classification society standards;
- Supply and installation of profile wrap fire divisions;
- Design and installation of modular panel systems;
- Active research and development programs;
- Extensive experience within conventional marine and high-speed craft industry developing insulation solutions for structural fire protection to meet stringent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and military standards;
- Major project experience with knowledge developed through installation of systems across more than 100 new built vessels; and
- Management of large remote teams with experience in deployment of personnel internationally and nationally.

Industrial Insulation
- Installation of thermal insulation and cladding to high and low temperature piping;
- Installation of Standing Seam Panel tank insulation systems;
- Installing insulation to containment vessels and exhaust systems;
- Plant shut-down assistance;
- Maintenance of insulated plant and equipment;
- Acoustic insulation solutions;
- Passive fire protection to commercial buildings;
- Light gauge metal fabrication; and
- HVAC ducting and extraction systems.

Contact name Javier Herbon
Phone 03 6272 6105
Email info@cbgsystems.com
Website www.cbgsystems.com

Daly Potato Company

Home cooked ready-to-eat meals.

We’re passionate about bringing you a quality product you can enjoy with your family and friends. And, because we know you’re busy, we now offer an exciting range of ready-to-eat products. Hearty and home-style, you’ll feel like you’ve made them yourself. We love what we do - and we hope you will too!

Contact name Susie Daly
Phone 0417 337 274
Email russell@dalypotatoco.com
Website www.facebook.com/tasmanianpotatosalad

Denman Marine

Denman Marine specialises in Wooden boat construction, repair and restoration using Tasmania's world renowned boat building timbers.

Kettering based Denman Marine was founded by Andrew Denman in 2005 and since establishment, Denman Marine has built or restored nearly 50 vessels, which are now spread throughout Tasmania, mainland Australia and overseas.

Denman Marine utilises both traditional and modern timber boat building methods and is renowned for their high levels of finish and ability to custom build vessels to suit client needs.

Denman Marine has experience in providing vessels for film and television production - an example of which was the production of custom vessels for the Hollywood film Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Denman Marine also holds exclusive agencies for the following international companies;
• Swallow Boats(UK)
• Barton Marine Products (UK)
• Bruynzeel Plywood (France)
• Chesapeake Light Craft (USA) – the world’s largest kit boat producer

Although one of Australia’s southern most boat builders, transport of completed vessels is easily arranged to any mainland or worldwide destination.

Contact name Andrew Denman
Phone 0413 765 984
Email andrew@denmanmarine.com.au
Website www.denmanmarine.com.au

Divine Soaps Australia

Divine Soaps( and so much more) is a small family owned business in Tasmania.We offer a natural range of soaps and skincare that clean and nourish your skin.

Divine Soaps and skincare are handmade to delight your senses . Our philosophy is of providing naturally handcrafted products made the highest quality Tasmanian ingredients.In that sourcing many of the ingredients from here in Tasmania,the ancient and greenest place on the Earth. Enriched with Tasmanian organic botanicals,Tasmanian spring water,and Organic cold pressed Tasmanian Olive oil our Divine Soaps offer a unique brand of skincare,soaps,laundry products and pet soap.

Contact name Mrs Jan T Dixson
Phone 0418 105 515
Email divine.soaps@bigpond.com
Website www.divinesoapsaustralia.com

Elphinstone Pty Ltd

Elphinstone Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer of quality products for the global underground and surface mining industries. Elphinstone Pty Ltd forms part of the Elphinstone Group.

Based in Tasmania, Australia, Elphinstone Pty Ltd is an established Caterpillar Original Equipment Manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience in the mining industry. Elphinstone specialises in the design, manufacture and support of quality equipment for the global underground, surface mining and rail maintenance industries.

Current products include the Haulmax extended distance, off-highway haul truck; the technologically advanced Railmax road-rail excavator and Elphinstone underground mining support vehicles. As an authorised Caterpillar Original Equipment Manufacturer, all Elphinstone products are sold and supported via the global Cat dealer network.

Contact name Kelly Elphinstone
Phone 03 6442 7777
Email kelphinstone@elphinstone.com
Website www.elphinstone.com

Engineers Australia (Tasmania Division)

Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the profession. We are the global home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.

Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of our members. With over 100,000 members embracing all disciplines of the engineering team, Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in Australia. Engineers Australia Tasmania Division is based in Hobart and has approximately 1300 members statewide. The Tasmania Division advocates for the recognition of the role Engineering plays in the Tasmanian economy and community and provides opportunities to advance knowledge to the benefit of the state

Contact name Paul Hurworth
Phone 0419 549 931
Email phurworth@engineersaustralia.org.au
Website www.engineersaustralia.org.au

Essential Oils of Tasmania

Essential Oils of Tasmania is a fully integrated business that produces a diverse range of pure essential oils and fine plant extracts for the flavor, fragrance and aromatherapy markets across the world.

Essential Oils of Tasmania (EOT) has, for over 30 years, produced a diverse range of pure essential oils, supplying the international food, flavor, fragrance and aromatherapy markets. Being located in Tasmania, we are privileged with an unspoilt environment, warm dry summers and cool wet winters making it an ideal region to grow a range of essential oil crops and native plants. EOT is a fully integrated business from growing crops to manufacturing the finished oils, with a range of extraction and processing systems to tailor products to customer requirements.

Contact name Lisa Lods
Phone 03 6229 4222
Email info@eotasmania.com.au
Website www.eotasmania.com.au

Honey Tasmania – The Beehive

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.

Come taste uniquely different varieties of pure raw honey made by millions of industrious bees.

Watch the queen laying eggs, see a new baby emerge from a cell and experience the delight of the bees communicating through their waggle dance from two wonderful new display beehives.

Sample unique honey alcohol, as well as Tasmanian whisky and gin. Discover beauty products made from honey and beeswax, honey- and bee-related handmade gifts, books on bees and honey, as well as many more honeybee focused products.

Come enjoy a delicious honey ice cream in the garden while watching the bees fly amongst the flowers.

Contact name Rebecca Campbell
Phone 03 6331 9300
Email honey@honeytasmania.com
Website www.honeytasmania.com


Fast ferries on the move A light ship cluster has evolved from a shipbuilding revival led by Incat - designer and builder of some of the world's fastest ocean-going vehicle and passenger ferries.

Incat's origins lie in a Hobart disaster in 1975, when an accident caused the collapse of the Tasman Bridge - linking the city's eastern and western shores. Founder Robert Clifford's existing river ferry company stepped in to meet the three-year demand for river crossings during the repairs. His business became the modern group that is Incat. The company has built more than 30 catamarans since 1989 and they operate in countries including Britain, Channel Islands, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Canada, the United States, Argentina, New Zealand and Korea. An 86-metre vessel, HMAS Jervis Bay, provides high-speed capability for the Royal Australian Navy. Incat holds The Hales Trophy for the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing by a passenger ship.

Contact name Kim Clifford
Phone 03 6273 0677
Email incat@incat.com.au
Website www.incat.com.au

Joanna Gair Paper

Tasmanian handmade paper studio, specialising in Tasmanian botanical and recycled textile papers

Handmade in Tasmania by artisan papermaker Joanna Gair (of Roo Poo Paper fame) this tiny, eco friendly paper mill specialises in papers made from Tasmanian plant fibres blended with recycled cotton.*

Using first century techniques and traditional equipment, each sheet of paper is made entirely by hand with the utmost dedication to environmental practices. Offering a core range of wholesale greeting cards and fine art prints, as well as specialty corporate ranges such as Whisky Paper for Lark's distillery and Beer Paper for Boags Brewery. Joanna also makes bespoke paper products, and includes Tetsuya Wakuda, Sean Connery and as clients.

*Recycled cotton sourced and processed by Vincent Industries, an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Contact name Joanna Gair
Phone 0405 742 174
Email info@joannagairpaper.com
Website www.joannagairpaper.com

Liferaft Systems Australia

Liferaft design on a grand scale… A Tasmanian specialist in marine evacuation systems has impressed northern Europe with an innovative self-righting liferaft.

Liferaft Systems sold its first production run within days of the new liferaft passing approval testing with flying colours. The sale, to one of Norway’s biggest domestic ferry operators, kicked off other sales to Norway, as well as the Canary Islands and Britain.

International regulations introduced in 2000 for existing conventional passenger ferries have created a strong demand for the 100-person, self-righting liferaft. As part of a marine evacuation system the liferaft enables full evacuation in less than four minutes and can be launched by a single crew member.

“The complete marine evacuation system design has been a breakthrough, with a unique concept that is lighter, smaller and features faster evacuation time,” says the Managing Director, Michael Grainger. The company is one of the few world-wide to specialise in the manufacture of medium to large evacuation systems for passenger vessels. Its services include installation and crew training.

It has recently established a market in Greece, equipping 18 conventional passenger and freight vessels with evacuation systems. Although Liferaft Systems' main market is northern Europe, the company also markets into North America and is exploring demand in Japan. Its multi-million sales in marine evacuation systems are a far cry from 1995 when it made its first international sale, to Spain.

These days 93 percent of the company's products are exported, with the remainder produced for fast ferry builder, Incat Australia Pty Ltd, located literally around the block. It was the demand for reliable, locally produced evacuation systems that provided the original impetus for establishment of Liferaft Systems in 1992. “Tasmania works well as our base. It couldn’t be more convenient – a good economy, a myriad of suppliers, easy access to waterways for testing and approval processes and a marine base that means we can get a skilled labour force,” Mr Grainger said.

Liferaft Systems has a European office and a worldwide network of certified service agents. It is a founding member of the Tasmanian Maritime Network.

Contact name Michael Grainger
Phone 03 6273 9277
Email info@lsames.com
Website www.lsames.com

Linii Tasmania

Boutique Souvenirs made from finely milled Huon Pine

The brand has been developed around the last five letters of its botanical name. LAGOSTROBOS FRANKLINII.

The Huon Pine is Australia's oldest living tree and is endemic to Tasmania.

Linii Tasmania sell innovative boutique finely milled packaged Huon Pine. We are Tasmanian owned and operated; all raw product is legally sourced from the West Coast.

It has been certified Australian Made.

With our main product packaged in 70gm and 285gm Jute Bags with contemporary screen printing, information tags and “ON POINT” presentation.

The product is vacuum packed to ensure it is as fresh as the day it left the sawmill. Our products have traveled through several international ports and have always cleared customs.

Our range offers generous profit margins and will add product diversity and new customer engagement to any business stocking Linii.

Our manufacturing process supports people with intellectual disabilities.

Contact name Joris Roell
Phone 0414 612 580
Email linii.tasmania@gmail.com
Website www.linii.com.au


MarineDirectory.net was formed to promote Tasmania's recreational marine capability and provide timely information on products and services to boatowners.

Tasmania has many small recreational marine businesses producing great products and services, but often they fail to promote what they can do for the growing number of local and interstate boat owners.

MarineDirectory.net was formed to connect boat owners with timely information about quality marine products and services in Tasmania. It supplies information and articles to attract boat owners to visit Tasmania, and has produced a series Sailing to Tasmania for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF) newsletter.

This information is also being promoted through other national community groups with high boat ownership.

About Tim: a volunteer for the AWBF, Tim manages the Maritime Marketplace for the festival. Since 2009 he has built the marketplace from ten exhibition booths to over seventy and has already secured revenue of over $140,000 for commercial display spaces for AWBF 2015. Tim manages a marina and is currently completing a Diploma in Business.

Contact name Tim Oxley
Phone 0412 883 071
Email oxley.tim@gmail.com
Website MarineDirectory.net

Mayben Artisan Jeweller

Award winning designer and jeweller Shauna Mayben offers tourists and locals the opportunity to experience a unique visit to Tasmania by attending a jewellery workshop and making their own wedding bands - a truly Mayben experience.

Shauna is also available for commissions and specialises in engagement rings, lockets and other bespoke jewellery.

MAYBEN ARTISAN JEWELLER was born out of a desire to create beautiful bespoke jewellery using the finest Tasmanian materials as well as stones collected from around the world.

A third-generation jeweller with a background in design and fine arts, goldsmith Shauna Mayben has created a studio in Moonah, Tasmania which at its heart has an ethos based on connection, sentiment and originality.

Shauna has always had a passion for beautiful objects. Her enthusiasm to share her knowledge with those who have an appreciation for the handcrafted coupled with the desire to create makes the Mayben experience truly one of a kind. She opened her studio in 2017 to teach students the craft of silversmithing and loves to share the experience of couples wanting to make their very own wedding bands.

At the core of MAYBEN ARTISAN JEWELLER is the desire to create collections which combine personal, precious and fine jewellery with fashion-forward statement pieces that will be valued throughout the owner’s lifetime.

Contact name Shauna Mayben
Phone 0400 985 665
Email shaunamayben@gmail.com
Website www.mayben.com.au

Maynot Pty Ltd

Organically and natural ingredients made into skin care. Natural product manufacturing.

We are a small scale manufacturing and retail company who manufacture and sell organically and naturally derived skin care products, in Waverley, Tasmania.
We principally sell these products online and at our Primary Complementary Medicine Clinics in "Limbo" http://limboptyltd.com/
Clinics are located at:
'Holyman House' Level 3, Suite 51, 52-54 Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania, 7250.
'Brunswick Business Incubator', 420 Victoria Street, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056.

Contact name Dr (Osteo) Nick Dawkins
Phone 0417 430 433
Email maynotptyltd@gmail.com
Website maynot.com.au

Muir Engineering

Award-winning Tasmanian business, Muir Winches and Windlasses, the trading name for Muir Engineering is riding high on a boom wave in international pleasure yacht construction.

It exports precision deck equipment to more than 50 countries and supplies 80 percent of all production boatbuilders in Australia - and it all began with a gap in the local market.

Opportunity knocked when founder John Muir realised his family boatyard, established by his father Jock - a boatbuilder, designer and one of Australia's leading blue water yachtsmen - was repairing an increasing quantity of winch gear on large commercial and recreational boats.

“Imported pleasure boat winches were not designed for Tasmanian conditions. There was a real need for reliable anchor winches,” John says.

Muir has designed and manufactured anchoring systems for a large number of well-known vessels over the years. Some of the more recent one have included the 'Constellation', 'Stargate I' & 'Stargate II', 'Trick', 'Thunder', 'La Baronessa', 'Adix' and the sail catamaran 'Douce France'.

Contact name Grant Asher
Phone 03 6211 8811
Email grant.asher@muir.com.au
Website www.muir.com.au

Naturally Millie Ma

Artisan Handmade Natural Soaps and Creams. Rich oils, butters, pure Tasmanian spring water and Tasmanian Olive Oil and incorporating as much Tasmanian content as possible.

Local Small Business that manufactures handmade and high quality body & bath products that are full of rich Tasmanian content. Naturally Millie Ma's products are available all over Tasmania in selected shops, Salamanca Market and other local markets and online.
Discounts offered to all Members of the Australian Defense Force.

Contact name Rowena Brazzill
Phone 0437 484 311
Email rowena@milliesmaa.com.au
Website www.milliema.com.au

Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP)

NSFP is one of the largest and most advanced processor of sustainable regrowth forest and wood products in Australia, specialising in one of the world's most beautiful and durable cool climate timbers, Tasmanian Oak.

Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) is a family owned and vertically integrated enterprise operating within Tasmania.

NSFP's Tasmanian footprint consists of two individual forest and wood processing businesses, located at each end of the state of Tasmania. They are a purpose built green mill designed to process smaller regrowth hardwood logs located in the Southern Forest (south of Huonville) and a Millworks operation in the north of the state (Launceston) that specialises in the drying, reconditioning and machining of the green timber sourced from the southern green mill.

These businesses operate with a collective goal of maximising the value of Tasmania's most sustainable and renewable resource: regrowth Tasmanian Oak logs.

NSFP's core business of processing and manufacturing high value appearance grade timber products for the interior design and home decor market is one of the largest in Australia, supplying both domestic and overseas markets.

NSFP employs 70 staff across Tasmania and has been operating within the Timber industry since 1924.

Contact name Drew Freeman
Phone 03 6326 1181
Email drewf@nsfpgroup.com.au
Website www.nevillesmithfp.com.au

Olive & Ash

At Olive Oil Soaps & Skincare our products are made from Tasmanian Olive Oil, locally grown Herbs & Spices. All of our products are made for the most sensitive of skin so everyone can enjoy them.

Olive & Ash (formerly Natures Path) is now in its 10th year in manufacturing its premium quality pure olive oil soaps & skincare and sold at markets both locally & Interstate & internationally through our e-commerce site.
By following the traditional method of using only olive oil in our soap making which is the original process from the 8th century we are not diluting the benefits of the olive and all of its wonderful nutrients that are as beneficial for the skin as they are internally therefore the outcomes that are achieved in supporting all skin types and conditions like dry skin, eczema & psoriasis.
What we love about manufacturing in a place like Tasmania it is easy to develop relationships with your growers and suppliers and helping each other out to succeed in our business but also knowing where the ingredients come from and the ethic of the supplier meets ours so we can confidently tell our customers the story of the origin of our products. That is why we do not want to grow our own olives but support small growers so we can all prosper. There is much more that comes from Tasmanian foods as value adding and we are a testament of that.

Contact name Deb
Phone 03 6254 1263
Email info@oliveandash.com.au
Website oliveandash.com.au/contact


PANTAZIS is a small Tasmanian distillery owned by Amalia Pantazis that produces essential oil and hydrosol.

PANTAZIS Tasmania is a pure handcrafted aromatic water extracted from the distillation of botanicals. Using fresh and blessed Tasmanian spring water, it is a body mist that refreshes, revives and realigns.  An aromatic water: an aroma, a fragrance. A daily ritual, harnessing the scent of Tasmania including these species: Blackheart Sassafras (Atherosperma), Saffron Flower (Crocus sativus), Lavender (Lavandula) and Mountain Pepper Leaf (Tasmannia lanceolata). FLOWER. LEAF. RESIN. WOOD. HERB. SPICE. 

Contact name Amalia Pantazis
Phone 0438 636 116
Email panamatasmania@gmail.com
Website pantazis.com.au

Penguin Composites

We are a local company specialising in Composite product primarily incorporating fibreglass. We also manufacture a range of slideon campers and caravans under the brand Islander Campers

Penguin Composites is a Tasmanian-owned private company operating on the North West Coast of Tasmania (Australia) since 1976.

We employ an average of 40 fulltime staff, with skills in Composite Reinforced Plastics, CAD Design, Welding, Engineering, and Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing.

The firm has developed considerable expertise in the application of GRP product in a number of environments including industrial, mining, defense, marine and recreational areas. Staff are regularly involved with customers in product design and customisation.

Components manufactured by Penguin Composites are exporting to many interstate and international destinations.

Contact name David Mercer
Phone 03 6437 2791
Email ceo@penguincomposites.com.au
Website penguincomposites.com.au

PFG Group

The PFG Group Pty Ltd (PFG) is a Tasmanian owned and operated company with almost four decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic solutions and commercial products

The PFG Group Pty Ltd (PFG) is a Tasmanian owned and operated company with almost four decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic solutions and commercial products to the marine, aquaculture, mining, civil construction, industrial services and agriculture sectors. PFG also owns and operates Prairie Signs, Tasmania’s only statewide graphics company.
PFG currently has three factories in Tasmania and two in South Australia and we distribute products and services globally. Our head office is located on the waterfront in Goodwood and with factory/warehouse infrastructure exceeding 12,000 square metres, we have the facilities and logistical expertise to service the local Tasmania market while further expanding our national and international opportunities. PFG employ approximately 50 staff across all sites.

Contact name Rob Miley
Phone 03 6274 0222
Email robm@pfg-group.com.au
Website www.pfg-group.com.au

Richardson Devine Marine Construction

High performance catamarans and monohulls, RDM are experts in the construction of lightweight, high-performance, aluminium catamarans and monohulls for the passenger ferry market and associated marine industries.

The vessels are tailored to individual requirements and can range in size between 12 to 40 metres. Recent vessels have been low-wash catamarans specifically for tourist passenger operations in protected river areas. Other vessels have been for limited offshore requirements in Australian and the United States west coast.

Contact name Roger Janes
Phone 03 6272 7800
Email roger.janes@rdm.com.au
Website www.rdm.com.au

Soapology Tasmania

Makers and sellers of handmade cold process soaps and body butters.

We create and manufacture our soaps and body butters to our uniquely designed formulas and recipes using local and imported ingredients. Our soaps and body butters contain all-natural plant based oils and butters and are totally vegan by design. We sell our soap products via our online shop and regularly attend local farmers' markets and craft fairs throughout the North West coast of Tasmania. We welcome special order enquiries.

Contact name Mal Thorpe
Phone 0428 521 164
Email sales@soapologytasmania.com.au
Website soapologytasmania.com.au


STOREMASTA is an organisation of dangerous goods experts that specialise in providing end to end dangerous goods storage and management solutions.

STOREMASTA is an organisation of dangerous goods experts that specialise in providing end to end dangerous goods storage and management solutions. We deliver compliance through the execution of our dangerous goods management methodology.

STOREMASTA methodology: Identify - Assess - Control - Sustain

By executing our methodology, we help organisations reduce risk and improve efficiencies in the storage and management of dangerous goods. We do this by using our distinctive capabilities of service excellence, advanced manufacturing ability and legislative knowledge.

With a national network of field specialists, we provide services such as dangerous goods risk assessments and onsite compliance audits. When it comes to implementing controls to mitigate the risks associated with hazardous chemicals, we design and manufacture tailored solutions in our Australian based manufacturing facility. We also provide standard dangerous goods storage products, maintenance services and scheduled compliance audits to help you sustain your regulatory compliance.

Contact name Walter Ingles
Phone 03 6430 3400
Email walter@storemasta.com.au
Website storemasta.com.au

TAS Essential Services

TAS Essential Services supports a range of family owned businesses in Tasmania to grow and thrive.

Acting as a corporate shared services Hub for Tasmanian family-owned businesses, we provide financial, marketing, sales, operations and HR support services.

The businesses operate in a broad range of sectors including food services, agriculture, manufacturing, irrigation, marketing, hospitality, building and construction.

Contact name Lesley Aitken
Phone 03 6319 6384
Email admin@tasessentialservices.com.au

Tasmania Maritime Network

The Tasmania Maritime Network comprises the heart of the maritime industry, boasting innovative and world leading companies with leading edge products, technology and services, supported by highly adaptive and skilled workforces.

Contact name Richard Lowrie
Phone 0419 504 227
Email rlowrie@incat.com.au
Website www.tmn.org.au

Taylor Brothers

Taylor Bros has become a specialist in outfit-accommodation services to the marine industry, building a formidable reputation as well as an enviable order book over recent years.

The Hobart-based business has undertaken major contracts for the Australian and New Zealand navies, the offshore oil and gas industry and Antarctic expeditioners, among others.

Established in 1936, Taylor Bros originally built timber yachts and small coastal and river craft. It now operates as a diversified 21st century engineering company with a highly skilled workforce delivering fabrication, electrical and mechanical services to clients throughout Australia and also overseas. The company utilises a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Contact name Phillip Taylor
Phone 03 6273 3700
Email phillip@taylorbros.com.au
Website www.taylorbros.com.au

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The lure of export success

The Tasmanian Export Awards have just celebrated their 25th anniversary, and a local company that makes just one product – a fishing lure that has reached cult status across the globe – has been there from the very start.

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The wild rivers and pioneering spirit of Tasmania are the inspiration behind the first major beer launch in more than a decade at Australia’s oldest brewery site.

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Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing sector has experienced a major turnaround over the past two years, with niche specialist companies – such as Storemasta – leading the way.

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Best defence

Momentum is building to have Prince of Wales Bay officially recognised as a defence precinct, reflecting Tasmania’s growing reputation as a leading sector supplier.

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Scoot Boots is a ‘shoe-in’

A company that produces innovative protective shoes for horses' hooves – allowing them to forgo steel horse shoes – has been named the Telstra Tasmanian business of the year. Scoot Boots is a one-piece hoof boot that is both simple and light and aims to support a natural approach to horse care by promoting a barefoot way of caring for hooves. It is the brainchild of Dave MacDonald – who has been working with horses as a farrier and trainer for more than 30 years – who says: “Our Scoot Boots allow horses to virtually go barefoot, an option that is much more suitable to their overall health.” Scoot Boots, which is based at Acton Park near Hobart, is the only Australian manufacturer of protective equine hoof boots and now has more than 400 stockists worldwide.

13 August 2018, Edition 197

Defence contract a Tassie win

The news that BAE Systems has won the contract to build nine Australian naval frigates in Adelaide is also a big win for Tasmania with a number of local advanced manufacturing companies in line as suppliers. Hobart-based Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) is the first to announce it has secured a contract with the British naval ship-builder. In a 10-year, $10 million deal, LSA will provide advanced Marine Evacuation Systems – liferafts and evacuation slides – for the Hunter Class global combat ships. LSA will most likely increase its full-time workforce, from 70 to 80 employees, as a result. Other Tasmanian companies are also primed to secure lucrative contracts with BAE Systems. These include naval interior fit-out specialists Taylor Brothers; fire-barrier manufacturer CBG Systems; and metal components company Direct Edge. Tasmania Maritime Network Chairman, Rob Miley, said: “The BAE announcement is great news for the state, as a number of Tasmanian advanced manufacturers have built-up strong relationships with the British naval ship-builder, and are likely to secure defence supply work as a result.” He added that “it is a natural development for our advanced manufacturing sector to move into the defence industry supply chain”. The Tasmanian Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries, Jeremy Rockliff pointed out, with LSA having secured the contract with BAE Systems, “it demonstrates to the broader global business community that the Tasmanian advanced manufacturing sector can deliver advanced products of high quality that are globally competitive for large-scale, high-value, defence contracts".

10 July 2018, Edition 196

Mission accomplished for delegation

Representatives of an important Tasmanian Government trade mission to the US have returned confident important doors have been opened, which will help grow the State’s defence industries sector. Tasmania has about 30 businesses already operating in the defence sector generating sales revenues of $340 million a year, in areas including design and manufacture. Tasmanian businesses are also involved in the service of maritime parts for naval ships and submarines for the Australian, New Zealand, Singapore, US and Israeli defence forces. Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff led the trade mission, accompanied by representatives from these companies, including Pivot Maritime International, which manufactures state-of-the-art simulation systems. The group attended the Sea Air Space Expo in Washington. They also held private meetings with key US Defence representatives, including US Navy Under-Secretary Thomas Modly: “The United States spends trillions of dollars on defence capability and the opportunities for Tasmanian businesses are virtually limitless, especially when it comes to the United States Navy,” Mr Rockliff said. An invitation has been extended to Mr Modly to visit Tasmania and tour the State’s ports and advanced manufacturing facilities.

3 May 2018, Edition 194

Edition 192_Plantation

Burnie wins $190m timber mill

Construction of Australia's biggest hardwood mill — to be fed with plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens — will begin in Burnie by the end of this year.

8 March 2018, Edition 192

Edition 191_Miley

Our brand has 'come of age'

Tasmania's brand has come of age and the future is looking positive, according to the new head of the Tasmanian Maritime Network, Robert Miley.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

Edition 191_Incat

National fillip for marine sector

Tasmania's maritime engineering capability has been given valuable national exposure following a Brand Tasmania-backed visit to the State by magazine editor and specialist writer Simon Enticknap.

8 February 2018, Edition 191

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Tasmania's Stories Edition 201

Edition 201_TasKanga

Our final newsletter for the year kicks off on the footy field, as Tasmania’s first AFL team prepares for its historic curtain-raiser match. Thank you all for your continued support throughout 2018, and we wish you, and your families, a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

16 December 2018, Edition 201

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