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The following stories relate to Tasmania’s Tourism sector:

Breath of fresh ideas!

Breath of fresh ideas - Sam Neill

When a Tassie film festival attracts the likes of star, Sam Neill, you know it’s having a big impact. And, that’s exactly what BOFA is doing – inspiring community change through ideas.

22 May 2019, Edition 205

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland - bonfire

Bang on a beanie. Pull out the puffer. Get ready to hit the streets as Tassie’s quirky winter festivities fire up.

22 May 2019, Edition 205

High help

Our giant sea eagles, and other magnificent raptors, capture imaginations. But Tasmania’s birds of prey are also under threat. However, happily they are now on the radar of a global travel giant who has stepped in to help. 

18 May 2019, Edition 205

Pennicott milestone

It was celebrations all round, as the latest addition to the Pennicott fleet was launched by Premier Will Hodgman earlier this month. The action happened on Hobart’s waterfront, but it’s the Tasman Peninsula and Port Arthur region that are really celebrating this tourism boost.

18 May 2019, Edition 205

Central Highlands powers ahead

There is a tourism boost in the Central Highlands, with upgrades to the historic Waddamana Power Station underway. New interpretive signs at the historic site give visitors the opportunity to tour the original turbine hall, and experience Tasmania’s first large scale power scheme. This complements the Highlands Power Trail, which is a self-drive journey through the Great Lake Power Scheme that was launched in 2017. The Waddamana upgrades are expected to attract more visitors to the region, hard hit by last summer’s devastating fires. They are also a welcome tourist attraction, just months before the Highlands is thrust into the global spotlight when international anglers flock to the region in November for the World Fly Fishing Championships.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

West Coast flights take-off

Regular passenger flights to Tasmania’s West Coast are set for take-off. From May 13, Par Avion will operate three return flights every week between Hobart and Strahan. The two-year trial will determine whether an ongoing passenger service is viable on this route. It is hoped the air service will help boost visitor numbers to the region, by providing an alternative to the three-hour drive between Hobart and Strahan. The West Coast has seen steady visitation growth over the last few years as the region reinvents itself from a community dependent on the mining industry to one increasingly focused on tourism. In the past three years, visitor nights at Strahan have increased by 26 per cent.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Fagus fields of gold

One of autumn’s most colourful spectacles – The Turning of the Fagus - is about to unfold in Tasmania’s national parks attracting thousands of visitors. For a short time from late April, the fagus, a small ground-hugging tree found only in Tasmania, turns incredible hues of gold, orange and red before dropping its leaves. And, there is evidence that Australia's only cold climate winter deciduous tree has been part of Tasmania’s landscape for some 40 million years. The ‘Turning of the Fagus’ is an annual pilgrimage for many, with Cradle Mountain and Mount Field the two fagus viewing hotspots. In fact, on April 27 and 28 the fagus will be celebrated at Mount Field with live music and roaming rangers on hand to educate visitors. The best spots for viewing this spectacle on foot at Mount Field is at the Tarn Shelf, and at Lake Fenton, where glacial lakes will be fringed with ‘fagus gold’, or if you prefer the comfort of your heated car, head to Lake Dobson.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Dark Mofo goes underground

As the temperature drops, the heat rises around Tasmania’s hugely popular subversive winter festival – Dark Mofo. The recently released program for the three-week June event, Dark Mofo’s seventh outing, includes an underground twist.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Farm food adventures

Edition 204_MushroomTunnel

Do you fancy picking mushrooms in an old railway tunnel? Or perhaps taking part in a truffle hunt? Well now you can, thanks to a new ‘on-farm’ food experience.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

Flying high!

Edition 204_LibertyBalloon

After a long absence, hot air balloons are once again floating above the Tasmanian countryside – another sign that our tourism sector continues to fly high.

23 April 2019, Edition 204

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